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(The broccoli is me. *smile*,  You can tell from the hair and the red lips!)

UPDATE ON PRESELL FOR MY BOOK,  Buy my book  It Feels Good To Feel Good and receive a fabulous bonus packet when it ships in May..

I am negotiating some amazing deals and coupons that will ship in a bonus packet when I ship books sold on presell. These are just a few of the deals. There will be more to come *smile*.

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The coupons that I am collecting will ship with each book purchased from me on presell and these deals will help you get started on a healthier tomorrow. I am still working on this, but these are just a few of the things in the goodie packet. Limited quantities, so you want to order early and not miss out.

I am making no money on these deals.  These are just companies that I love and buy from, and I wanted to introduce you to them.

10% off orders from US Wellness Meats. The finest of chicken, meats and fish from a very humane source. Grass fed, grass finished. They ship from MO. It comes frozen, and shipping is only $7.50. They run sales, so be on the lookout for the best deals.

A 1 free month membership from Thrive Market and 25% off your first purchase. Thrive is my go to store for many of the healthier products that I buy, and they are already 25% off from places like Whole Foods. There is a membership fee to shop there, so you get to try it for free. If you purchase over $49, they ship for free. It’s a win!

One free bottle of any beverage from Califia Farms. I buy their unsweetened almond milk, and again, it is carrageenan free. I think it tastes the best!

$15 off OSO Good Farms bone broth. Completely Grass-fed, grass-finished, great gelatin, super taste, my favorite of what is on the market.

Paleo On The Go a $20 off coupon. These are completely clean and healthy frozen dinners (and more). There are just times when you don’t want to cook, but you want to stay healthy. These meals, on occasion, are a huge win. They came in handy while I was consumed writing the book. And they are delicious.

Sample packets of DR. Brite Berry and Dr. Brite mint toothpaste. It is totally free of carrageenan and one of the only ones I could find that met this criterion.

20% off all supplements in Suzy Cohen’s RPh store. She is my favorite pharmacist and functional practitioner. I use many of her supplements and believe in her quality. Her Thyroid Script and Gluco Script have made a big difference in my numbers. But I also buy her magnesium, her Vitamin D, her Vitamin C, and her B vitamins. She also has the Catalase, which I discuss in my book, a powerful antioxidant, for hair and skin.

More incredible deals to follow.  *smile*  These coupons could make your purchase of my book a profitable expenditure for you.

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Hugs, Cheryl M Health Muse.

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