Here are 20 Signs that You’re Not as Healthy as You Think:

  1. You hurt. You are taking more and more over the counter medications to “mask” the pain.
  2. You just don’t feel well.
  3. You are more tired when you get up than when you went to bed, and you were tired then.
  4. You have anxiety and have tons of stress.
  5. You can’t lose weight.
  6. You are losing weight in spite of the high-calorie diet you are eating.
  7. You are bloated and puffy.
  8. You have GERD or other digestive problems.
  9. You have gas, all the time.
  10. You are constipated.
  11. You have skin problems, like eczema, psoriasis, or acne.
  12. It seems impossible to get a good night’s sleep.
  13. You snore.
  14. You have irregular periods.
  15. You are always hungry and crave sugar.
  16. You are getting more and more headaches.
  17. You have bad breath.
  18. You are getting lots of muscle cramps.
  19. You have terrible hay fever.
  20. You are losing your hair.


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