These memes all address the benefits of breaking sugar addiction by your pain point

Sugar is an addiction.  As an addiction it will give resistance when you start to detox off of it.  To win, these all give you big why’s as to why it is important for you to get through withdrawal. 


To WIN at breaking the addiction you need a BIG WHY.  I created these cards so that you can find yours.  If you take my Ditch Your Diet- Kick the CRAP (carbonated, refined, artificial, processed) class,  pick your category and I will email you a clean card(s) to post on your mirror, your fridge door and any other place you want so that you are constantly reminded as to why its important to break the addiction.  Email me at

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Find the one that has the most benefits to help you and print it out.

I will continue making these up until my Sugar Detox begins.  To join us, go here


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