Testimonials from Two Sugar Detoxes 2021

This was posted by Amanda Tullos on Facebook July  30, 2021.  She was in my June 21 class.



I have lost another 20 pounds since taking your detox.  I have no interest in eating processed foods or sugar.  I would have sworn that this wouldn’t have been possible.  I feel fantastic.

For anyone who has struggled with weight over the course of their life, take Cheryl’s sugar detox class.  Its fun, you will get tons of support and for the first time in your life, you will WIN at losing weight and gaining back your health.



You can kick sugar to the curb! It helps to have support when doing a sugar    detox to keep you motivated. That’s why I joined the Kick Sugar to the Curb class. Cheryl Meyer is an award winning Health Coach and Author who loves supporting people to clean up what they eat for a healthy body and life. Her expertise is top notch, filled with facts, fun and even healthy recipes.

Being Vegan, I still had a sweet tooth. I learned so much in this course. Cheryl Meyer teaches a huge wealth of important information, supporting you to kick sugar to the curb. During this four-week sugar detox we were fully supported with weekly Zoom calls. We learned that when you have a craving for sugar, it might actually mean your body needs something else! Then you can choose to eat something else that gives your body what it needs.


In week three of the sugar detox I noticed I no longer thought about or craved sugar! My body simply did not want it anymore. Going grocery shopping now has transformed our cart into healthy, whole, vibrant foods as we no longer buy processed junk. Fruit is our candy, and it is so healthy! We are trying new recipes, finding new food favorites, and enjoying adventures in cooking healthy.

Cheryl also taught us about the Standard American Diet (SAD) and how choosing to eat the Green Living American Diet (GLAD) which taught me that by simply choosing to eat whole, healthier foods means a healthier body and lifestyle.


I highly recommend this class if you want to kick sugar to the curb with support, lose weight in the process, and change the way you eat. It’s fantastic!




Val’s History  April 28,. 2021


Val and her hubby did a sugar detox with my round 1- 2 years ago.

Her children and Grandchildren were unhappy that when they came to grandma’s house, she cooked healthy, and there was a fair amount of pushback.

Her husband was very resistant in the beginning, but we traded out things to make him happy without the sugar and the chemicals.  His favorite yogurt became full fat yogurt with defrosted organic berries. He loved it.

One year later, he ended up in the hospital with sepsis.  The doctor didn’t think he would make it, but he came through with flying colors.  Their MD was impressed with how healthy they were eating.  Carl, the hubby, now understood the importance of ditching the SAD and adopting the GLAD diet.

Pretty funny Carl often picks up groceries for VAL who did the sugar detox and will NOT purchase anything that’s not organic or with sugary. If he can change his lifestyle and attitude towards food ANYONE can. He would rather be healthy! He was raised as the oldest of 6 and his mother cut orders by filling up tummies with carbs and sugar. Way more than usual. Those are very hard lifelong habits to overcome. But it becomes a healthy lifestyle. I personally feel the cleansing when I go to the garbage with food items that happen to sneak into the cupboards. Carl just laughs when he see that stuff in the


So, Val says.  we do our best

Grandkids are used to grandma not having cookies in the cookies jar lol Apples are great treat.

I will just sort of telling you my life as it is today

Thank You. It’s a work in progress.

Her children and their families have gone from being upset that Val wasn’t cooking family favorites on Sunday to adopting healthier eating now as well.  Their children and grandchildren are growing up eating fruits and veggies.  Val became the big influencer in the family without pushing it, just by being the example.  When the family went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, they ate healthy food.

The family credits me, for all of their health successes.  Val’s brother who has cancer has my books too. You can’t get him to touch sugar at all!

He will ask if there is sugar in something if he isn’t sure. His doctors are very happy with his progress

Val took my April 2021 Sugar detox to get the latest information.  She is now a big believer in the power of eating organic real food.


 When you finish sugary detox sweets will not call to you like they use too (maybe not at all) It’s so worth it!  You sleep better too.



Dr. Stone’s written Testimonial for the sugar detox

I am Dr. Suki Stone with sugar cravings no more. Thanks to attending Cheryl Meyer’s Sugar Detox classes, I don’t have sugar cravings anymore. That’s just after 3 days after the beginning of Cheryl’s class. Cheryl was not just an amazing teacher of nutritional information, but shared particular statistics, ingredients, and new ways of eating that changed my life. Before her class, I would reach for my favorite Oreo cookies whether or not I was hungry. Because of her information she shared, I was able to understand why I had these cravings. She spoke about her own journey in discovering her autoimmune disease and the pain she experienced. Cheryl was brilliantly researching the right reasons we have craving for sugar and sharing her information of not only how to free myself of those cravings, but start a new journey of substituting sugar for food that is more nutritious for me. I learned so much that I am now making my own cashew milk and have substituted my cream cheese with almond cream cheese. Cheryl also explained how to make traditional meals (those that add sugar, because they come from processed foods we buy) into nutritious meals with no sugar. Her class was so informative, doable, and trustworthy, I have signed up for future classes she is teaching. I have not gone on a diet rather changed my lifestyle and know my choices and the way I cook will help me live a sugar craving free life.  Contact Cheryl at cherylmhealthmuse.com




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