Are You Poisoning your Kids This Halloween? Halloween Part 3 Post

 I follow a functional nutritionist who specializes in childrens’ health.
Since 53% of our children have a chronic illness, I wrote an entire section in my second book about children. I have several blogs on my website about children’s health and wrote an article recently in Write Read Lead Magazine about childrens nutrition and its effect on their learning capabilities. Dr. Stone, who published the magazine, has a system to help dyslectic children overcome their inability to read via phonics, and I addressed nutrition to help support her children.
I have 2 posts recently on this Facebook page about Halloween. You can search for them by clicking on the three dots at the top of my Facebook page and searching for Halloween.
I wanted to share Dalia Cefai Aboulezz Nourishing Smarter Kids post today with all of you. She goes into depth about the hazards of Halloween Candy.
You still have time to get together with other Mothers and plan a super fun Halloween experience that does not include all the CRAP (carbonated, artificial, refined and processed) stuffs that are fed to kids. Make real treats. I have several suggestions in my earlier posts. Stop thinking about sugar as a reward. It is causing tremendous havoc in your children’s bodies and minds. Kids are little pitchers. They will follow what you do and share with them.
This is what Dalia Defai Aboulezz in Nourishing Smarter Kids wrote today:
I might ruffle a few feathers.
The much-awaited Halloween is a couple of days away and I am already feeling the hype from some families and children around it.
Halloween is not a healthy holiday by any means, however we can still turn this occasion around and use it as an excuse to get
together, have fun, laugh and enjoy each others’ company, without poisoning yourselves, your kids or your neighbourhood with “toxic” treats!
While walking through the aisles of the supermarket the other day, I couldn’t help but feel saddened by all the huge bags, buckets and tonnes of sweets, candy, treats and sticks lining up the shelves.
What most families might not know is what IS in those sweets and treats.
Have you actually read what’s in them?
Well, let me break it down to you:
→ Artificial Flavours
→ Artificial Colours
→ Preservatives
→ Synthetic Fillers
→ GMOs
→ Lots of Sugar
Ingredients are made from cheap, toxic chemicals derived from petroleum and plenty of research confirms they are culprits for *
hyperactivity in children
behaviour change
increased allergies, asthma, dermatitis and some cancers!
While there are some regulations in Europe on the use of such chemicals, unfortunately, in the US and other countries, they don’t.
Marketing at Children and making such rubbish appealing is their aim.. And they succeed brilliantly!
We need to understand that unless you, yes you, the parent, stops buying into this sh*t ( to say it mildly), these big companies will continue feeding you lies!
“It’s okay to have it once a year”.. Or so many might reiterate.
I disagree. Big time.
Why would you feed this poison to your child, even it’s for once a year? Many kids end up consuming the sweets for many weeks, if not months after halloween is over, so no, it’s not once a year. By which time comes Christmas, then Valentine’s, Easter and birthday parties along the years.
Not to mention food allergies which are skyrocketing and are putting kids at risk!
The scary ingredients and practices that are used to make these Halloween treats and candy need to stop.
We are lucky in a way that nowadays, there are plenty of other healthier, wholesome alternatives and non-food items that you can use instead of such harmful treats and candy for Halloween. If you’re stuck with ideas, get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help!
Let’s help each other and spread the word.
Share it with your fellow friends who will be buying Halloween candy!
Keep Nourishing Health,
Dalia X”

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