All About Halloween and Your Children’s Health Part 1 of 3

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I have 3 posts to make about Halloween.
The next one are purchased candies that are organic and less harmful for your children, and the last one is what actually is in Halloween candy written by a FUNCTIONAL NUTRITIONIST that I follow.
Mine starts with what to do instead.  You can make Halloween an event, make it super healthy and delight your children in other ways.
This post will be a little bit different because I want you to think about Halloween and children. Halloween is just around the corner, so its the perfect time to think about it and to plan.
Truly, you do not want them out picking up candy all over town. Plan a fun event with other Mothers, and make it great fun but without the fructose and chemicals. Make it about fun and about health at the same time.
I just read a new study that discussed fructose and how much worse it is for our body function than we ever imagined. Knowledge is power. SO now that we know, you don’t want kids eating it. Period.
Soy lechtin and all the other ingredients that you can’t pronounce and don’t know what they are are also harming your children.
I don’t share that to make you feel like a bad mother. I share that to raise awareness. 53% of our children have a chronic illness ALREADY. Geeze. So let’s noodle and find a better way.
Have a party and create healthy snacks for the kids. Make fruit waters, I have an entire post on that on this page. You don’t need coke or diet coke or even fruit juices that are loaded with fructose and corn syrup all of which is gut rot. You can have chocolate, but make it organic 70% chocolate. Bake using almond flour and I enjoy chocolate morsals. Find fun Halloween games. Have your children help plan.
The kids will still dress up in costumes, but the food won’t be CRAP from Big Food, instead it will be yummy and you will control the ingredients.
Since more thought will go into it, it also has the potential to be more fun for the mothers, the children and you.
And you will be feeding their future health. What could be better than that?
Experiment with different taste sensations. Experiment with different visual sensations. You could never find something like this out of a box made with real food all the way through, and you would never get this many health benefits from a processed food.
Learn to prepare all of the wondrous plant foods available. They all have different gifts.
I want to change the way America eats.

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