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Finding foods that I can eat has become a treasure hunt.  There are a few that I dearly love.

Our favorite is the cookie mix from JK Gourmet. I can make Chocolate chip or oatmeal using this base.  I use Ghee.  Family doesn’t realize that I made cookies from a mix, and that the mix is almond flour.  There are great cookie recipes in Against all Grain, and in Deliciously Organic, but this mix is quick and easy, and healthy.

I don’t eat gluten, so finding a hamburger bun that we can eat hamburgers on has been a blessing. Fox Hills Kitchens are great.  I also use their croutons to make meatballs and meatloaf.  If you buy 6, not 5 and not 7, they ship for free.  Fits perfectly into a shipping box.

I found an almond flour pasta from Capellos.  They also do a plain pizza crust, so we have pizza nights, which are fun.  We bought a steel pizza board to bake on and we get a crisp crust.

The pastas are now available at Whole Foods, but not the pizza crusts.  Maybe someday.

  • Spaghetti and Pizza Sauce

I use Raos marinara, and pizza sauce.  Clean, only real ingredients and close to my mothers sauce  You can buy this at Sprouts or Whole Foods.  Also available at Thrive.

  • Bone Broth

I have tried dozens.  I love OSO Good products, and they have lots of gelatin and terrific flavor, good enough to sip.  To make soups and sauces, I use Kettle and Fire, there is no carmel coloring (which is toxic) and it has lovely flavor.  I can keep it on the shelf in my pantry, whereas I have to keep the OSO Good in my freezer.  They both fill purposes in my cooking.

Thrive Market now has their own brand of Bone Broth and I prefer it to Kettle and FIre, and bonus, its less expensive.  A better choic.

I only use beef and bison since I am sensitive to Chicken.  I am sure the chicken is also a quality product.  I will write a blog about all of the fantastic qualities of bone broth, but use it, drink it and enjoy it often.  It will heal your gut.

  • Vegetables and fruit

We go to our local farmers market every Sat morning for organic farm fresh vegies and fruits.  We are buying local and usually produce picked the day before.  I am fortunate in that I can also get fabulous fresh wild caught fish at our farmers market, and her family has been in the business for 60 years.

I just found a place to have veggies delivered, and if they are in your area, this ocmpany will save you a lot of money.  They are called Imperfect Produce, and I got fantastic veggies that were either imperfect, but fresh and beautiful or they were excess that they bought up at a fraction of the cost.  This is a photo of what I got for $30.  Fantastic.  And they deliver.  What’s not to like?


Buy vegetables from growers that live closest to you.  There are tremendous health benefits from buying local.  There are also health benefits from Farm to table….just in terms of nutrients from less travel time.

  • Meat

In the summer, I can get grass fed, grass finished Neimen Ranch beef from Whole foods.  Sprouts carries 100%% grass fed ground beef from somewhere in S. America all year round.  I only buy antibiotic free, hormone free, free run pork, and all lamb is grass fed and I believe hormone free.  You want level 4 chickens from Whole Foods.  In the Fall/Winter and Spring I buy from Wellness Meat in MO.  If I buy enough they ship for free.  The owner is accessible if you have questions, and the quality of all their meats is excellent.

  • Eggs

Since I live in the big city, it is impossible to go to the farm.  I buy Vital Farms eggs, they have the happiest girls on the planet.  *smile*  They now have eggs under several brands, which makes them easier to find.  Whole foods carries a couple.  Sprouts carries one of the brands.  I have seen them now at Vons, Pavilions and Ralphs.

  • Milk

I use Almond Milk by Califia Farms.  They have removed the evil Carrageen.  I use the unsweetened. Available at Sprouts and Whole Foods, and even conventional grocery stores now.

You can also make your own, but you have to buy the almonds from the farmers market or they are processed with chemicals in some disgusting way.  I also found it very messy.

We also used canned coconut milk and cream for cooking and we whip it for deserts and on berries.  I prefer Native Forest, non GMO, and the cans don’t have the chemicals that are harmful.

  • Almond Flour

Honeyville I like the consistency, a finer flour that available from other sources.

  • Other flours

Bobs Red Mill    I use their coconut flour, their arrowroot.  Also love their new Muesli.  A great alternative to Gluten Free Oatmeal, and sugar loaded conventional cereals.  I was loving Cream of Buckwheat, until I discovered it was one of my food sensitivities.  You should try it.  Quite yummy.

Ghee  I usually buy it from Thrive to save money.  I like Organic Valley, and use it everywhere I would have used Butter before I discovered I was so sensitive to Milk proteins.

Ghee is clarified butter, which means it has had the casein and whey removed, which were my sensitivities.  It can tolerate a high heat when cooking, and has that delicious butter taste.


For a small membership fee, you can save on tons of healthy products, 25-40%  Buy  over $49 and they ship for free.  I buy my laundry detergent, my dishwasher detergent, my soap to wash dishes, my Ghee (Clarified butter) that I use instead of butter and love, my coconut oil, avocado oil, mayo with avocado oil, my bubble bath, my Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother there, and many more products.  A brilliant store.  They have started selling live food.  I haven’t ordered my vegies there yet, but sure I will down the line.


Fantastic Health store in So. Pasadena.  Very knowledgeable employees and owner.  They just opened to help us even though they had been closed for 1 1/2 hours.  I was looking for Slippery Elm powder; he had it and spent time with me as to how to use. it.  They carry lots of great products.  You can get the Super PAV there, almond ricotta cheese, almond Yogurt, almond pasta.  Knowledgeable about supplements.  They carry many great healthy food items.  Tortillas with Casava Flour or with Almond Flour, things not readily available elsewhere. (I lightly toast them in a little ghee, and that makes them flexible again.  We now enjoy Mexican food nights)  They also do presentations on some evenings to teach.  They are a find.  A health store with heart. Great little restaurant with super soups.  Limited hours so check website ahead.

A friend just treated me for my birthday, giving me protein bars from Shakti International.  These bars are organic, have no added sugar, and are delicious.  My favorites are Teff Brownie and 3 Seed.    They are packed with proteins, fiber, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients.  WIN.  They are working on their website, but you can order via email.

Cooks and fabulous Healthy Cookbooks

Where to find great recipes that will leave you healthy, and fulfilled.  Delicious personified. No deprivation here. *smile*

Danielle Walker is authentic and lovely.  She too almost died from something autoimmune, so she taught herself a new way to cook delicious food, while protecting her health.  She was named one of the most influential women under 30 by Forbes magazine last year.  She has several cookbooks all of which are worth owning.  From healthy entrees to fabulous deserts, to gluten free crackers, her recipes never fail. She has a new cookbook, Celebrations that is about to ship.

Carrie had Hashimotos disease and learned a new way to cook.  Her recipes are delicious and healthy.  She also makes other recommendations that are great for overall health,

I love Melissa, I get her food blog every week with 5 suggestions for meals with sides.  Her Well Fed I and Well Fed 2 cookbooks are easy to use, and use interesting seasonings to enhance your meal.  What I love most is that she will take a basic recipe and then on the side, she does “Did you know….” where she makes suggestions for lamb vs beef, for pork, telling you what seasonings to change to make a different fabulous meal from the same basic recipe.  She is a contributor to Paleo Magazine with wonderful additional recipes.  She has a 3rd cookbook on its way.  Again, she got really sick with Thyroid, which set her on this path.

Michele Tam again, has recipes that are easy to use for a healthy Paleo lifestyle.  Her pressure cooker Pork is the Bomb!  I use a lot of her holiday recipes.  Her food is inspired and fun.  Her live cooking on Facebook usually has her young boys in the background doing something silly. Pure joy, cooking great food.

Paleo Magazine, loaded with lots of recipes and lifestyle tips

For Vegans

Often recommended by the health care professionals that I follow.



Love this.  When I got married, decades ago, I was given a pressure cooker and then a lecture on how to not blow up the house using it.  Ha.  I never ever used it.

So along comes instant Pot.  Easy to use and safe.

My new favorite way to make meals.  So far, I have only done Pork in it, Kahlua Pig by Nom Nom Paleo (brilliant) and then I did Pork roast and Sauerkraut.  You put some garlic into the meat, sea salt it, throw it into the pot with water and walk away. Wowsie.  So easy.  90 minutes later, dinner is ready.  Steam a few veggies and you are ready to go.  Talk about healthy fast food.

Pots and Pans

  • Get rid of all of your coated surfaces.   Poison into your body and into your air
  • I threw mine out and am using all stainess steel and 2 cast iron skillets
  • Vitamix

A vitamix is essential.  I use mine several times a day.  Check around for price.  I bought mine from one of the shopping channels.  I use mine so much, I have bought several mixing containers in different sizes.  I make easy fast soups, sauces, breads, smoothies in mine.  Expensive, but you will use it, so it is well worth the expense

  • Cuisinart

Another essential for fast cooking.  Mine is ancient, but again used weekly.  Mincing, chopping, shredding, slicing.  Makes cooking a breeze.

  • Cuisinart mini chop

Another machine I love.  I chop garlic, onions, herbs, in this….so much easier. (I never liked chopping)  I often make small amounts of fresh salad dressing in my mini chop.


I bought a dehydrator when I was in am exexperimental  raw foods period.  Now that we eat Paleo, I find I rarely use it.  Other than making Kale Chips, I did not use it much. (The Kale Chips were fabulous.)