Cheryl’s journey to sickness and how it might relate to yours

The birth of a Health Muse

My own journey will help you navigate your journey to health.

  • Are you a workaholic?  Stressed?

I am a recovering workaholic. I loved what I did for a living, and made many friendships that supported and sustained me thru the years.  I argued that stress moved me forward to greater results, and I wasn’t paying attention to the costs I would pay the piper down the line. I am also a smoker that now chooses not to smoke.

  • Do you have difficulty losing weight?

Losing weight has been a struggle, but I have learned that weight is not a lack of will power, but that there are lots of things about my body that aren’t functioning properly. Working 24/7 had a price, eating junk food and chemicals took their toll, and not taking care of me added its pound of flesh.

  • Do you suffer from ANTS? *

I have always been overweight, and it has been a lifelong battle, (causing continual “ANTS”- Automatic Negative Thoughts)*

My ANTS multiplied, I worried about everything and everyone. It was all under the surface.  To the world, I was completely under control.   Little did I know that this was an imbalance in my body.  Who’d of thunk?

  •  Do you have pain?

Cha bing cha bang,  I got really sick 4 years ago with what was called “Undefined Autoimmune Disease” and diabetes.  Throw in High blood pressure and all of a sudden I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, my body was riddled with pain.

  • Do you suffer from allergies and food sensitivities?

I was born allergic to Pittsburgh, PA, and I popped out allergic to everything. (You laugh, but my entire childhood, if I got within 50 miles of Pittsburgh I broke out in a rash from head to toe). My Dad also had allergies.

I remember the city oiling the streets in Ambridge where I was born, to keep the coal and steel soot, the toxic dirt, down on the ground.

My parents moved me to beautiful southern CA in the mid-50s (Yep I am 67).  I was 5.  They weren’t sure I would grow up if we stayed in the Pittsburgh Toxic area.

  • Did you take a lot of antibiotics as a child?

I was given antibiotics several times a year, had severe allergies to medications, even over the counter drugs,  and began to gain weight at age 8, when doctors put me on cortisone.  After a miserable year, I finally weaned off the steroids.

  • Have you suffered from heartbreaks?  Did it feed your work-alcoholic tendencies?

I married my high school sweetheart.  I graduated from UC Berkeley. I went into a dept. store retail program.  My hubby and I grew up to be different adults than we thought we would be and I was divorced 10 years later.

I spent 20 years of my career in retail.  The bad news of retail is it wants all of you, so it allowed me to hide.

The good news are the deep friendships you form from working side by side with other workaholics in your field.  My retail years ended with me being a General Store Manager at the Newport Beach Broadway, where I honed my coaching skills to have successful employees.

The next 20 years I spent in jewelry doing sales and product development.  15 years was in my own business, first as a partner and then on my own.  I designed product I loved, sold it to major retailers.  I stayed close to where my Mom lived, which was critical when she got ill. Other than no man in my life, I loved what I was doing and enjoyed my friends. I literally worked 24/7 unless a friend wanted to get together, or I needed to see my Mom.

 I didn’t take care of me, I didn’t refill my own cup, I thrived on stress, I didn’t make time for exercise, I didn’t find a man to share my life with and I worked all the time.

Does any of this sound like YOU?

  • Are you sick?

My house came tumbling down. I got sick, really sick.  I hurt so much when I woke up in the morning, I thought I had been beat up by a baseball bat.  I had diabetes.  I had high blood pressure, and NOW I hurt, really hurt.

When I went in search of help, my first doctor told me nothing was wrong, it was in my head.

The second doctor (an expert in autoimmune disease) suggested steroids.  I knew I was never going there again.  Yikes.

Then a holistic doctor (ND) actually said to me, I was a very sick girl, and he didn’t know how to help me.

  • Do you own your own health, your own life?

I saw the handwriting on the wall, and decided to get a life, (better late than never).  I decided to own my own health.


So off I went on my get well adventure.

From frazzled and sick to happy and well.

Today, 5 years later, I am a health in progress, married to a fabulous man, winding down my jewelry business and passionate about everything I have learned along the way.

I have a fabulous functional MD and she is getting to the root cause of my ailments.  Our relationship is a partnership.  I want to help others with what I have learned, which could fill volumes. I want to help people make simple lifestyle changes to dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

I want to coach you to be responsible for your own health and your own life.   I want you to have the same benefits of healthier living that I have found.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I can help you! 

I have read like a fiend.  I have gone back to school to become a Certified Health Coach through IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. I have tried dozens of different things in my own journey to a healthier, happier life.  I have researched all of the triggers of inflammation and autoimmune disease and I have written a book that is published on Amazon.

Let me join you on your journey to health.  I can help you get there!



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