Fresh Inspirations in Burbank June 14, 2018 Speakers and Information Join Us

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Give, Love, Dream, Strength, Laugh … 

What is a word or words that inspire you?

These words describe this group of speakers and authors that will be at the Burbank location on May 10th starting at 5:30PM. 

This night is created for connection and inspiration to implement into life and business.  Rhonda, Sheryl, Steffi Jo, and Cheryl are bringing a special raffle present for the lucky winners.  Make sure to sign in and grab your FREE raffle ticket for the night and enjoy the refreshments.

Here are the details and reserve your FREE ticket(s) before you leave this page: 

Event: Fresh Inspiration – Professional Talks & Book Signings 2018 Tour Burbank
Date: June 14th, Thursday
Time: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: 820 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

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The schedule for the evening

5:30-5:45 Networking, refreshments

5:45-6:00 Our MC for the night kicks things off- Sheryl Bernstein

6:00-6:30  Cheryl Meyer- It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate  Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel Great  Again

6:40-7:10 Steffi Jo

7:20-7:50 Rhonda Liebig

7:50-8:20 Sheryl Bernstein- summarizing connection and inspiration together


These are the talented and heart centered entrepreneurs that will be speaking, book signing and sharing their products to inspire you:


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Cheryl Meyer

Award winning author of “It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again” 

cover paperback

When was the last time you felt good?  Take your life back today.  What are you waiting for?

What people are saying:

“Amazing!  Amazing! Amazing! I first want to say thank you and (big hugs).  Your book may have saved my life.  I’m 45 years old and have been struggling with unanswered symptoms for at least 5 years and all conventional doctors want to do is wash me away with medication.  You have saved some of the best years of my life with your information.  Thank you so much.”  Lisa


What you will learn

  • What is inflammation, and why it is important to recognize it now
  • What chronic conditions does inflammation cause
  • What is toxic load Where are the toxins  What are they doing to our health
  • What is leaky gut and why it is the root cause of inflammation.
  • You don’t need to live a life of pain and pills Age does not need to come with pain
  • There is no magic pill.  But if you own your own health and eliminate the toxins, you can change your health

Cheryl is funny, witty and highly educated about how toxins can affect your entire world from mindset to physical pains.  Be ready to be lifted with Cheryl’s fun energy and mission to create a healthy lifestyle for you.
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Steffi Jo


Author and speaker   “F*ck that Little Black Dress”

fuck that little black dress


Your clothing plays a crucial part of your full expression.

When you are dressed in your essence you are fully expressed and people see the whole you. 

“Let the Beauty you feel be the Path that You Follow.”

Steffi is  passionate about helping women to connect, create and cultivate their own unique essence brand.


What people are saying:

Fun and playful read.  Interesting concept that is different than most fashion books.


What you will learn:

  • How to have confidence in what you wear every time you walk out your door!
  • How do you make sense of your authentic style, without getting lost in the process?
  • Authentic Style starts with your Essence, how to get to know yours.
  • Why does your Essence matter when you want to dress to impress?
  • How to love yourself, one outfit at a time.


Steffi Jo will share with you a vulnerable story about standing at her closet door and feeling confused in what to wear and to the point of tears.  She will share with you textures and colors to give you insight into her world in how she dresses people to live in their essence.


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Rhonda Liebig

Best Selling author and creator of Fresh Inspiration – Professional Talks & Book Signings Author, “The FITT Solution” & “14 Days to a Flat Belly”


rhonda book              rhonda book 2


Rhonda is an Energy Revitalizer & Mindset Mentor who connects you all the way to your nervous system and shares how you can re-balance your body within a few minutes.

What people are saying

“After working with Rhonda I have less sabotage moments now that I am aware!”

Samantha Person

What you will learn:

Hear your energy ROAR(c)!

  • Stop the Feelings that something is holding you back
  • Stop the anxiety in believing that everything has to be 100% or you failed
  • Finally be seen and realize that you are not alone in your emotional daily struggles
  • Identify what you are secretly saying to yourself that’s stopping you
  • Learn how you can unburden yourself and stop living a compromised life!


The wrong mindset will steal your energy lifeline.  I want to bring awareness to your thought patterns so that you will

  • Double your energy!
  • Feel vibrant and awake
  • Increase productivity!
  • Bring a flow of mind clarity!


Rhonda talks about her #1 Best Selling book on Amazon and shares with you a vulnerable story about her dad who died at age 57 young as her baby girl was in her belly ready to be born.  She will share what motivated her years later to write her latest book and how it felt as if dad was right there guiding her writing the Flat Belly Food Formula.




Sheryl Bernstein    Our MC for the evening


Sheryl will bring the final flow of connection and inspiration for the night as the MC for the evening and as a Visionary Strategist

Part Fairy Godmother, part Intuitive Success Guide, Sheryl Bernstein is a Visionary Strategist & Creative Clarity Coach, helping you to reach new stars and become one. 

Creator of The Think Up/Light Up Method, her L.I.G.H.T. system will help you reach whatever it is you want to achieve, and create your success.

Specializing in your Best Authentic You everywhere you show up, having over three decades in Show Biz, (performing, producing, directing), vast Marketing experience, and her Law of Attraction Certification, (she calls it the Law of AttractACTION) Sheryl knows the creative process, and what it takes.

She knows how to make things happen, simple and in flow.  And she helps others harness that power and leapfrog in their business. 

Clear Thought + Inspired Action + High Vibe = Results

Sheryl believes your journey can and should be a joy, and her light (but powerful) approach to work & life makes it so. 

Favorite lines: 

If this were easy, what would it look like?

What would make this fun?

Listen for your inner guidance, ‘the tap’…and take inspired action.

Make every day delightful.