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I am proud to be a speaker in this upcoming event, Living your Intentions in Joy and Abundance.

Living your Intentions

Brendah Ndebele has just pulled together 25 experts, for a 25-day life-changing Global Virtual Summit: Living Your Intentions- In Joy and Abundance – which will go live on Monday 14th May – Sunday 10th June, 2018.

The experts will share their top secrets on how you can create the life you have always wanted. The key themes are:

  • Abundance V Finance
  • Adversity and Manifestation
  • Brilliance
  • Embodiment
  • Gratitude
  • Loving Yourself
  • Mindset is First
  • Transformation
  • Wellness

You are in for a treat with this line-up.

Learn more about each speaker here

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What’s absolutely crazy, is that this whole event is FREE! And it doesn’t just end there as speakers have made available free amazing gifts for you.

I can confirm that I will also be one of the guest speakers!

This exciting Global Virtual Summit is filled with sessions that will keep your toes, with awesome nuggets of wisdom, strategies and tips to change your life.

I am speaking on May 28.

DON’T MISS OUT! Save your spot by registering at:


 gut3gut guide 1

Happening NOW  May 21-June 4

The gut is the source of health and the source of disease.  Its very important to do everything you can to have a healthy gut.

There are 28 speakers in this event, all sharing their knowledge about the gut for free.  This is a must listen to event.  Your health and your life might depend upon the information that will be shared.

I am proud to be a speaker on, yes, toxins and how they disrupt the gut and cause leaky gut.

Toxins= Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut=Inflammation

Eliminating inflammation= return to health.

Why the recent buzz about GUT HEALTH? It’s finally here, an answer that is easy to digest. Many different perspectives, with the same message, there is HOPE. No matter your symptoms, you can repair your gut, and restore your life. We dive into the complexities of the digestive system and offer valuable tools for success. Listen in as 25 Speakers share their stories of their health became a priority, and a passion that after years of experience, education, and research, became solutions for you.

Absorb the Gut GUIDE, event for FREE:


To see the lineup of speakers and what they will be discussing go here:

This Online Show, hosted by Rosanna Lincecum, LMP, Certified Structural Integrator, Founder of Inside Story Source, and Gut Health Nerd, will air May 21st.

Episodes will cover many of the ways gut balance is disturbed such as toxic load, antibiotics, SAD diet, and stress. We will discuss how gut health is related to everything, including sugar addiction, weight issues, psoriasis, hormonal balance, anxiety, allergies, chronic disease, autoimmune disorders and more!

From slight brain fog or mid-day fatigue, to Crohn’s, or IBS, we have success stories and solutions to share. Our Goal is to help you feel great, so you can live life to the fullest.


I’ve partnered with Rosanna and her phenomenal team to help spread this IMPORTANT MESSAGE, along with 20+ other experts who are committed to supporting you on your health journey.  I am honored to be a speaker in this event.

Take advantage of this opportunity-Sign-up at the link below!

The Gut GUIDE Interview Series is a simple and enjoyable way to DISCOVER DIGESTIVE HEALTH.

           . FREE for limited time

           . Online May 21st-June 4th and again for a short REPLAY PERIOD. After that time it will be available for purchase, LISTEN and SHARE while episodes are available!

           . Gut GUIDE includes over 20 hours of WISDOM FOR WELLNESS.

           . Two Episodes will be aired each day, with a few bonus interviews included.

           . Each Speaker offers generous FREE GIFTS.

·         Absorb each episode conveniently from ANY computer or mobile device!

Let’s inspire generations of Healthy Humans by SHARING this message. If you’re ready to change the story, and take control of your health, join us at this event.

Register for FREE now at the following link:

You will see me there!

PS: Join Inside Story Source facebook group for continued Support.

Please email Rosanna Lincecum at with questions or comments.


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Come hear me speak  Burbank June 14 5:30-9 PM

Coming soon.  Join me and 3 other inspired speakers who want to share insights that will improve your life and your health.  I will be speaking on Chronic illness, inflammation and toxins.  It will be an incredible opportunity to meet each of us and ask your questions directly to the author.  I am proud to be a speaker in this event, and  would love for you to come and meet me.  Order your tickets today.  Tickets are FREE.

To learn more about these 4 fantastic speakers, and what you will learn when you attend, click here:

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