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Reduce the toxins in their lives. Fighting Dr. Poison and the Duke of Deception.

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Testimonial  From Ginger H.

Cheryl spoke to an audience of 40 people at a seminar I held on Education and Awareness about Food Quality. Cheryl spoke specifically about toxins in our food. Ive also been a student of one of her webinars. She gets right to the facts of how all the toxins we are exposed to are affecting our overall all health. She shares this research from her own journey of recovering from illness. Her own personal experiences of healing led her to write a book which I have and refer to regularly. It is a great reference source to change products I used daily that impacted me and my family, that I didn’t even realize were hurting us! I thank Cheryl for sharing all of her research and passionately making a difference in the world.



Your constituents can make lifestyle changes that will significantly improve their health and the health of their families.  This leads to fewer sick days and higher productivity.

This link holds all the information that you need to know about me to hire me as a speaker for your group or event:


  • My Speaker One Sheet
  • My bio, short, med and long
  • My photos
  • Questions to ask me
  • Three different powerpoint presentations as examples of what I speak about
  • I also have a series on why Food Quality Matters, which could be 5 classes or condensed into one overview.
  • I also have a 21 day sugar detox series.

The USA is 37th in the world in health

We are having a health care crisis in this country because we are being poisoned and deceived

Most staggering, 1 out of 2 of our children have a chronic illness that they will have for the rest of their lives.

We are having a health care crisis because of all of the toxins in our lives

I help others identify where the toxins are and what to replace them with to lower their toxic load.

I help people discover why Food Quality Matters.  You become what you eat, and your body needs Real Food.

My focus is on toxins in our world that are making us ill.

I am an autoimmune disease and chronic pain survivor. I reversed my own inflammation and chronic pain.

My talks help people live healthier lives.

teach people not to need medicine


I am on a mission to help people clean up their toxic load, whether they currently suffer from chronic pain, or are currently healthy and want to stay that way. I have spoken to cancer survivors; stroke survivors, corporate lunch and learns, and church groups. I am a compassionate coach that can guide you back to health.  I believe that toxins are one of the reasons that our healthcare system is broken and our insurance has become so expensive.

My speaking style is energetic, informative, powerful and eye opening. I push limits, thinking and beliefs to encourage others to have major breakthroughs in how they eat and live.

Key Note Presentation subjects:

  • Future Proof Your Health- 12 things to start doing today
  • Food Quality Matters- Breaking the Confusion About Food.  What SHOULD You Be Eating for Your Health and Your Families Health
  • If Only I Had Wonder Woman’s Super Powers- Fighting Dr. Poison and the Duke of Deception (Where are the poisons and toxins in your life?  What can your replace them with?)
  • The Top 15 Deceptions You Have Been Told that Impact Your Health
  • Lose Weight Without Dieting- Count Toxic Chemicals Not Calories and Learn the Keys to Unlock Weight Loss
  • 20 Hidden Signs of Inflammation- You are Not as Healthy as You Think
  • Toxic Stress- Simple Exercises to Significantly Reduce it

Audition for HerStory Worldewide conference in Sept 2019

I have had more views on their website than even the organized

I will be speaking with them from 2 stages this Fall.  One in Orange County, CA and the other at UCLA.




I am a finalist in

March 2019 Speaker Talent Search with Rebecca Hall Grutyer

I don’t think there actually was a definitive winner.  I did get offered my own podcast show on RHG TV Network and syndication on Voice America.  I plan to launch in Fall 2019.  We are going to do 2 shows, It Feels Good to Feel Good and Tell Me Your Story, the Health Muse is In.




My book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and feel great again was published April 2017. It has now won 13 awards .



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Live Speaking Events

6/21/17   7/12/17 I have spoken twice to Cancer Survivors at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.

8/3/17  lunch and learn at Mark Tolan and Associates.

8/9/17    lunch and learn to the clients of Mark Tolan and Associates.

9/27/17   lunch and learn at Holy Name of Mary Church

12/13/17  Stroke Survivors at Arcadia Methodist Hospital, and will be returning in 2018.

2/22/18  Stroke victims  California Mission Inn

6/14/18  Fresh Inspirations a womans speaking event in Burbank, CA

8/14/18 Natural Grocers Sedona, Arizona, toxins and 20 steps to healthy living

9/30/18 Food Quality Matters First Congressional Church of Long Beach