Holistic Corner at the Monrovia Music Fest

monrovia music fest

Sunday June 3, 2018  Monrovia Music Fest

Monrovia music fest 2


Join us for a fun Sunday in Monrovia, California at the Annual Music Fest , June 3, 2018. 

This year, they are going to have a Holistic Corner for the holistic arts.  I am a Health Coach, and an award winning author.  I will be talking about toxins and selling my book, and will have free handouts and a surprise gift for stopping by.  Come meet me and lets talk health!   You can sign up for a free 1 hour “Tell Me Your Story” session so that you can come and share your health history with me, and we can decide if we are right to work together.


There will be lots of vendors at the fair, with food and products to sell.  This event will be fun for the entire family.

And this is the perfect time to explore Old Town Monrovia, the darling city where I have my health coaching business.  Monrovia has been used for filming TV shows, movies and commercials.  We are a little slice of the MidWest in the middle of the San Gabriel Valley, adjacent to Arcadia (where the LA County Arboteum is) and close to Pasadena (where the Rose Parade is held every year on New Years Day and where the Huntington Gardens are).  Monrovia was founded in 1887 and has a thriving DT area with tons of great restaurants, and shops for you to peruse and enjoy.  Come make a day of it.  *smile*

A fun day of music, eating and exploring, so don’t miss out.  The city has lots of free parking, and its perfect place to relax to hear the music or to walk around and explore.

Stop by and say Hi.  I am the friendly neighborhood health coach, and want to inspire you to a healthier life.