It’s time for Christmas cookies.

People ask me all the time, aren’t I deprived eating healthy?

When my husband hears the question, he laughs. He says he never ate so well or felt this good.

Christmas time can be a daily challenge to eat well and thrive. The recipes I am listing below are the ones I use when I bake at the Holiday season. They do have a form of sugar in them, so they are occasional treats, but Christmas is the perfect time to share the love that goes into baking. These cookie recipes are amazing. Enjoy!!

A couple of notes

I generally bake with Ghee, which is clarified butter. Dairy is a kryptonite food for me, but the milk solids are removed from ghee, and as a result, the remaining oil has health benefits and my reaction to the dairy product is eliminated.

Chocolate is an antioxidant (thank goodness) so its good for you. The rule is that it needs to be 70% or higher so that you aren’t also getting a big dose of sugar. And, for sugar, maple syrup (or maple sugar) coconut sugar and honey are better choices. Don’t use agave, its hard on the liver. Cut the sweet down in any regular recipe that you want to make, you won’t miss it. And the sugars I note above are not for everyday treats. They do add trace elements of things that your body needs. For holiday baking (treats that go away in the new year) they are a healthier choice.

I use almond flour when I bake, and I like Honeyville because it is blanched and fine. I don’t miss the wheat flour. Unless your wheat flour is organic, it also comes with a healthy dose of Glyphosate which is considered a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization , and by the State of California. I don’t want to eat massive amounts of herbicide. How about you? Glyposate does all kinds of nasty things to our bodies. You won’t miss it.

Finally, I bake on unbleached parchment paper. No aluminum foil, no waxed paper, they have chemicals.

Happy eating. (Enjoy not being deprived. *smile*)
I make Danielle Walker shortbread cookies substituting Ghee. If you want to use butter, make it grass fed organic butter. These are as good as the Walker brand shortbread cookies. Make them even fancier by melting Enjoy Life Chocolate morsels in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then dipping 1/2 the cookie in the, placing them on unbleached parchment paper..

Again from Danielle Walker, her real deal chocolate chip cookies.…/real-deal-chocolate-chip-coo…/
I use ghee, and Enjoy Life morsels and Enjoy Life chunks. They are soy lecithin free (and 90% of soy is GMO). They are also 69% dark chocolate. The rule for chocolate is over 70%, so these are close enough. Notice that the sweetener is honey and coconut sugar. They are still sugar, but they do have elements of nutrients in them. Again I use ghee.

Ok, this is not my Mother’s fudge, but its still darned delicious. This is a great recipe to add a “healthier” fudge to your cookie plate for the holidays.

This is the new rocky road….and its yummy, and relatively clean. Its a treat for all to enjoy.

Finally what could be yummier than Chocolate nuts. Again, I use ghee instead of butter. If you want to use butter it should be organic butter. And, be careful, these are addictive.…/

Finally, my cookie cheat. I found this cookie mix when I first started cooking everything myself. My family loves the cookies that I make from this mix and the mix is just coconut sugar and almond flour. I add ghee and then separate it into batches, I add oatmeal and raisins to the first batch, enjoy life morsels and pecans to the second batch, and Enjoy Life morsels and walnuts into the last batch. Something for everyone. And fast and easy. It’s a delicious way to go.…/our-favourite-almond-flour-baki…

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Merry Merry everyone. Big hugs Cheryl