La Crescenta, CA The Foothills Healing Arts Fair

The Foothills Holistic Faire

Spring Foothills Healing Faire, hosted by the Center for Spiritual Living, 4845 Dunsmore Avenue, La Crescenta, CA  91214,


I am a participant in the Foothills Healing Arts Fair.  Come join me and lets talk health.  *smile*  There will be participants from all aspects of the Holistic Health Movement.  Shamans, Psychics, card readings, Health practitioners, spiritual crystals and jewelry and more !

La Crescenta and Montrose, is a darling area, so come and make it a day.  Montrose, one stop down the freeway, is one of the hidden jewels of our neck of the woods.

My booth will be really fun.  I will be selling my book and talking health, I will have free Dirty Dozen/ Clean 15 purse cards to hand out,  and another great gift for coming by and visiting. (It’s a surprise)

My book is It Feels Good to Feel Good, and is all about the toxins in your life, in your food, your cosmetics, your home, your water, your drugs and I share what I found and what I replaced them all with.  Check out my book here and download a free chapter.


I am a local health coach, and will be making appointments for a FREE  1 hour Tell Me Your Story Session, where you can share your health history with me, and I will “hear”  you.  Then we can decide if we should work with each other and we can discuss how to move forward.

I can also be scheduled to come and talk to your group.  I do lunch and learns, talks at churches and hospitals, and do independent speaking engagements.  I can cover a variety of subjects.  Let’s talk.



I will be introducing Aura Readings. 

I have a machine that will take a photo of your aura, and then my husband or I will give you a 15 minute reading about what your aura means with recommendations for you to get all of your Chakras in balance.  We will talk the food you need, and how to balance all aspects of your Chakras.   A 10 minute reading will cost $20.00.



There is a little reflection on these from my window in the room, but you get the gist of what a chakra reading looks like.  Photo and 10 minute reading $20.00



Join Us

So make sure that you put the Foothill Healing Arts Faire on your calendar.  We are going to have a lot of fun, and we will be talking health to give you and your family a better future.


Saturday, June 9th, 10 a.m-4 p.m.

Many amazing healers, vendors, artists, live entertainment, fabulous raffle prizes graciously donated by the vendors, healers an artists, face painting and more!

I hope you’ll join us!

Akashic Records
Alchemy session
Alphabiotic practitioner
Angel Card reader
Astrology and Numerology mini sessions
Aura and Chakra Imaging reports
Aura Cleansing/energy balancing
Aura sprays
Bath salts
Bells and chimes
Bemer mat healing sessions
Bengston Method-Hands on healing – good for aggressive diseases and cancer
Chakra Life Readings
Chiron Energy
Clothing and products from Nepal
Coaching Small Business Support
Copper Meditation Towers
Creative Therapy Sessions
Crystal bath soaks
Crystal Face Grid Kits
Crystal Roller balls
Crystal Unicorn Grid Kits
Custom Body Work 60 Minutes
Decorative arts
Designer soaps and lotions
DoTerra essential oils
EFT Practitioner
Embroidered crafts
Essential oils
Fertility Specialist
Flower Essences
Fossil Point pendulums
Frameable art cards and prints
Group Mandala Creations
Handmade jewelry
Handmade Vegan soaps
Healing energy from Mother Earth and the Five Elements
Healing essential oils crystal rollerballs
Hemp and organic clothing
IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)
items from India, Bali, Infinichi Qi-Gong healing supplements, teas & lotions
Life Coach
Magnetic jewelry
Massage Therapy
Medical Intuitive
Medical Medium
Natural hair products by Monat
Not Made in China handmade women’s clothing
Nutritional supplements
Original pen and ink drawings
Past Life Karma Clearing
Personalized Meditations
Plant medicine
Psychic Medium
Relaxation and Meditation Instructor
Smudging items
Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Healing
Sound Healing
Tai Chi Master
Tarot Card Readings
Tuning Fork Therapy
Singing bowls
Smudge sprays
Soul Retrievals
Space Clearing
Voice Alignment and Physical Mechanics
VOX Soxx
Wall hangings
Water color portraits
Wellness Coach

Vegan food

The Storytellers Band
Tujunga Trading Company Band

Great raffle prizes graciously donated by many of the vendors!

Here is a small sample of raffle prizes that will be given away if you are the LUCKY winner:

Alphabiotic Alignment
Access Bars session
Certificate for a free Tapping/EFT session
$20 Gift Certificate to Guiding Spirit store in La Crescenta
Two weeks of unlimited yoga $30 value
Crystal bath soak, smudge spray & roller kit with set intention, plus 30 min Angel card reading or in person, $70 value


See you there!  *smile*