Living your intentions in joy and abundance

This is a FREE event  where you can listen to world class speakers share their intention of Joy and Abundance.

Monday May 14-June 10 2018

This is the line up of speakers.  One each day to inspire you to be your best self.  I know many of these speakers personally and can attest to the fact that they inspire me with their wisdom.  I am honored to be a speaker on May 28 and I hope that you join me.

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Founder of A Joyful Life Coaching, The Vitality Master Coach
LOA Coach , Health Coach, Speaker.
Global Virtual Summit.
I am a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, a Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, author & Mentor.
I have a holistic approach to working with people to improve their health & wellness.
I am the founder of A Joyful Life Coaching, whose mission is spreading joy in the world.
I am a world changer: I am the founder of the Living Your Intentions – In Joy and Abundance _ Global Virtual Summit, which I host each calendar year.
I work with high performing people, who have neglected their health & well being in the pursuit of career success. My clients have achieved awesome outcomes in particular heal longstanding digestive that the medics had told them their no solution weight loss of 90 lbs; insulin reduction of 80%; stop relying on pills for high blood -pressure and high-cholesterol – plus lots more and all my clients end up feeling and looking 10 years younger! Given that my clients are high achievers, by the end of the 90 Day Programme they are so much on Fire which translates into phenomenal success performance and outcomes for themselves personally as well as their professional lives/businesses.
I am a coach with a focus on Bouncing Back with Vitality and Self-Finding Through Passion and Purpose. Bouncing Back with Vitality is a programme inspired by the way I healed myself from debilitating arthritis. Therefore, I want to help others cope & live better with chronic pain. One of the programmes i run is “Conquer Emotional Eating, Forever – the 4 Secrets Experts Don’t Tell You.” Emotional Eating is associated with so many health challenges and medical conditions. For example, the more someone is stressed the more likelihood of them to use emotional eating a coping mechanism. I run several 90 Day programmes which address the different health and medical conditions my clients experience such Diabetes (Type 2); Brain & Mood Health; Hormone Imbalance and Heart Disease (my focus is on prevention of heart disease.)
As a coach and mentor, I believe my calling is to facilitate for people the process of connecting with their big ‘Why’. I enable people to clarify the intentions they have for their lives. I do this by assisting them to dig deeper into the reasons for their desires, then bring clarity of purpose to their life, which enables alignment with their beliefs and passion. I call this the true path to transformation.
With a wealth of business building, over 3 decades of entrepreneurial experience,
I incorporate spirituality and creative business experience to bring about transformation for my clients.
I’ve been interviewed on BBC, Radio and Television. My Background involves climbing the corporate ladder successfully managing multi million service departments for vulnerable children. Success in property investment enabled my escape from the corporate rat race, 4 years ago!
Founder of The Wellness Universe and CEO of Soul Ventures. International Speaker.
The Wellness Universe.
Day: 01
Mon 14th May, 2018

‘You are the center of the universe. You are a star shining bright. My hope and mission is for you to shine as brilliantly as you were meant to. Together, basking in the light of each other, we all shine brighter.’ – Anna Pereira

This describes my mission. It is to bring out the best in you! I have been a creative entrepreneur with a strong attachment to spirituality nearly my entire life. I call myself an ‘evolutionary catalyst’ to raise awareness and create positive change.
My background includes my own artistically based businesses in fashion and accessories handmade and manufactured, and corporate experience as head of a multimillion dollar division for a manufacturer of pet products.
As a motivational public figure, my inspirational posts are known worldwide. Through my Facebook page Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira, I have helped the lives of over 800K.
Following my calling to truly make a global change, I am involved in several epic projects to better the world. Most recently, I have founded The Wellness Universe, along with my partner Shari Alyse and our company is Soul Ventures Corp.
Focused on building the space for a flourishing network of heart-based entrepreneurs, as the leader of The Wellness Universe, it is rewarding helping modern day thought leaders and co-creators of change reach their goals personally and professionally. Through guidance and encouragement seeing world changers not only changing the world, but their world changing as well, is my life’s greatest reward.
Bringing people together in this one of a kind epic wellness resource for anyone browsing our site to find encouragement, help, love, inspiration, education, advice, products and support from trusted sources is a dream come true.
I encourage empowerment, authenticity and attachment to spirituality as core building blocks to achieve anything you dream. I believe maintaining a positive attitude sees you through a situation with success. Authenticity is the epicenter to long term joy and success.
Always be you ~ The best version of you!
Podcast Expert and Owner of Living Your Intentions. Co-Owner of Mind shift Domination & Female Growth Academy.
Day: 02
Tues 15th May, 2018
My name is Jennifer Matthews and I am a qualified naturopath, personal trainer, coach and podcaster who has spent the last 6 years online focusing on nutrition, publishing 7 books in the process and publishing 3 different podcasts. That was until November 2017 when I decided that I was going to give up all the hard work that I had devoted to this area and move towards what I am truly passionate about and that is mindset.
I have now started a podcast called Living Your Intentions where I interview mindset experts from all around the globe about how they have overcome challenges by altering their mindset and/or how they use it to push past limited beliefs, move out of their comfort zones and reach for the stars.
Being a mother of 2 amazing teenagers I also felt there were not really any podcasts devoted to parents of teens specifically so I decided to create one. Now I have also launched the podcast “Parenting Ambitious Teens” as well.
I have always been a positive person from as young as I can remember which I believe has enabled me to survive from life threatening bacterial meningitis as well as recover after losing 3 liters of blood during childbirth with my first born (without a transfusion by the way). It has kept me grounded as myself and my family moved every year or two between different aboriginal communities all over Australia and then it allowed me to go out and socialise when my husband and I moved to Germany (while only knowing the basic German). It also helped assist me when I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease in 2012 (which by the way is now in full remission).
I feel that my purpose in life is to empower others to discover and reach their purpose in life and to achieve ultimate fulfilment. I want to teach others to believe in themselves and believe in the power that they hold in creating the life they want to create upon their own blank canvas. This is why the law of attraction and the 12 universal laws are so important to me. I am living proof that these universal laws work as something surprising happens for me almost every single day.
Apart from the podcasts I aim to educate people through the many courses that I am bringing out (both free and premium) including “Your Turning Point”, “The Manifestation Manifesto”, “Your Growthpreneur Mindset”, “The Female Growth Academy” and as much other valuable content that I can muster up.


International speaker, Mentor. Host of the Internationally Acclaimed Empowered Living Show. Author-Claim Your Brilliance.
Claim Your Brilliance Doing Your Soul – Work.
Day: 03
Wed 16th May, 2018
Lisa Meisels is an Online Visibility Strategist for women who feel a calling to transform lives and make a positive impact in the world.
She believes that your uniqueness is your brilliance. She wants to help you get clear on your value, take a stand for what you believe and shine so brightly that you attract those people who have been waiting for YOU and dreaming of your services.
Her professional experience along with her personal life journey, her online business and broadcasting skills as the host of the Internationally Acclaimed Empowered Living show and the Expert Interview Series Live allow her to offer her clients a powerful combination of expertise and resources that help them stand out, get noticed online and become client magnets.
Creator and The Master of Voice & Vocal Reiki, Founder of Gift of Healiing TV.
The Key To Your Wealth is Loving Yourself.
Day: 04
Thurs 17th May, 2018
Sara Jane is the Master of Voice and creator of Vocal Reiki, founder of Gift of Healing TV, an International Speaker and Author.
She is based in Bournemouth, England, where she runs her own therapy practise and hosts workshops to help you connect with your inner child.
Sara is a Master Teacher & Practitioner of both Reiki & Vocal Reiki.
Sara draws on her own life experiences and healing journey to support those that attend her practise, courses and workshops.
She comes from a varied background having worked in retail, office and Public House management, as well as insurance.
A fun fact about Sara is that she has been a Trainee Handler with the Wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and felt honoured to interact with these amazing creatures.
She is also a voice for many friends from the Mythical Realm including the Dragons that guard over Earth’s Crystals.
Author of ‘The Gift of Adversity’, International Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, High Performance Coach.
The Gift Of Adversity.
Day: 05
Frid 18th May, 2018

‘Marcus Aurelius Anderson is an author, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker and High-Performance Coach.

While preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed. His world was turned upside down. In an instant, he went from preparing for war on the battlefield to a war within his own body and mind.

After dying on the operating table twice, the surgeons saved his life, but told him he’d never walk again.
Having no other option, Marcus started doing some brutally honest soul searching, looking for the lesson to be learned from his injury. Once he started seeing his Adversity as a gift instead of a curse, something miraculous began to happen…
Marcus now speaks, writes, and coaches others to overcome their own Adversities to actualize their personal definition of success and fulfillment.
His powerful TEDx talk “The Gift of Adversity” tells how to use Adversity as catalyst to make us better leaders, citizens and human beings.
Founder of ACA and Co-Author of 4 #1 international Best Selling books.
Day: 06
Sat 19th May, 2018

Susie Briscoe founded Acer Coaching Associates (ACA) in 2004, after graduating as a fully accredited Coach, Mentor and Supervisor with Coaching & Mentoring International (formerly The UK College of Life Coaching), and meticulously maintains her own CPD to remain at the cutting edge of current best practice. Headhunted by the Nightingale-Conant Corporation in 2008 to become their freelance Master Coach outside the US, Susie runs her International business whilst remaining an active Board and the charity she founded: Acer Foundation for Global Education & Welfare.

An enthusiastic Corporate and Executive motivator, Susie is fervent about facilitating the developmental growth of clients and colleagues. Susie brings a wealth of life and business experience to her Client relationships: from her 40+ years in increasingly senior roles within the Corporate, Educational, Health and Charity environment, (as well as working at Senior Director levels across a business spectrum that covers industry, commerce, academia, professional bodies and government institutions both at National and International levels) she is well used to appraising, managing people and projects, coaching/mentoring/supervising to enhance performance, implementing new programmes and facilitating learning.
She believes actions bring results: “By enabling natural talent and ability, we are able to produce outstanding results; focus, drive and enthusiasm, once released, allow us to achieve our full potential, enriching our lives and enhancing our businesses and careers.” Her coaching style has been described as intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate as well as motivating. Susie has a passion for people and for making a difference by offering a supportive environment for clients. She is a strategic and lateral thinker, with proven coaching, organisational and interpersonal skills, as well as excellent leadership, team and management experience.
Since implementing her own Leadership with Legacy ideas, Susie has joyfully declared her intention of “Finding the rainbows in all those business suits. Nothing is more pleasing than to hear the delight in client’s voices as they too discover their own passions.” Known by some as the Conscious Breakthrough and Transitional Mentor, this all comes together with her dynamic approach to working with her clients all around the world.
Mindset Coach/Trainer, Speaker, Expert-Generalist and Transformational Grandmaster. Author of Mind Your Own Fitness.
Mindset Transformer.
Day: 07
Sun 20th May, 2018
Bob is the host of The School of Transformation Podcast, the author of Mind Your Own Fitness and the forthcoming book, Develop the Champion Within. He is also the founder of Mind Hack Academy ( His articles on peak performance have been published in various publications and websites. He is known as the Transformational Grandmaster.
He’s appeared on both radio and TV, including KABC TalkRadio, Cosozo Radio Network, Sirrius Satellite Radio and Hypnosis Today TV Show.
Bob is a Marine Veteran and former LAPD Police Officer. He is also an accomplished martial artist with a 5th degree black belt in Kenpo, a Sr. Instructor in Jeet Kune Do and a Master Instructor in Close Quarter Combat. He earned his PhD in psychology, ran a marketing and advertising firm and has extensive work in fitness and hypnosis, including stage hypnosis. He is also a certified trainer of NLP, Executive coach and certified as a Peak Performance Mindset Master Trainer.
Certified Master Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher.
The Secret Sauce To Creating the Life You Want.
Day: 08
Mon 21st May, 2018
As an energetic, compassionate, straight-shooting professional, Cathy Brown offers tools and techniques guiding you to act in creating the life you want.
With a Master’s in Business Administration, Cathy served as a high- powered Wall Street executive for many years, developing a wealth of business building and money- making experience. She now combines this pragmatic business success with her Master Law of Attraction Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Best-Selling author designations, to share a unique growth opportunity through personal coaching, business mentoring, on-line classes, writing and speaking.
Cathy has a fun, down to earth speaking style and is a knowing teacher, a trusted mentor/coach and a believer in miracles. She has experienced the wonders of the Universal Laws and is honoured to serve you on your journey to transform your life.
Award Winning Business Coach, and Best-Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled and International Speaker.
5 Simple Steps To A Money Making Micro – Niche.
Day: 09
Tues 22nd May, 2018
Jen Hall is a Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts. She is a Multi-Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled.
Jen helps you align and fine-tune your micro-niche and get clear on what makes you unique and desirable to position yourself as the BEST option in the market.
Jen is on a fierce mission to remove the wall between you & the wildly successful because she believes we ALL have the ability to reach those heights!
Jen Hall has helped 100’s of entrepreneurs find their purpose, money-making niche and position themselves as unique desirable go-to leading experts.
She has been featured in Thrive Global, YFS and Psychologies Magazine!
Author and Founder of Pitbull Mindset and Leadership Mentor.
Unstoppable- 5 Keys To Developing A Mind Of A Champion.
Day: 10
Wed 23rd May, 2018

Marguerita Vorobioff is an author, international speaker, mindset mentor and light worker. Her passion is to empower others to reconnect with their true power and potential. She helps raise awareness and consciousness through the power of coaching and sound and energy healing.

After training as an opera singer for 15 years, she was led on an unexpected journey to discover her ability to raise peoples consciousness and help them heal through the power of her voice. Now she is a healing channel and uses her voice to help people reconnect with their divinity and power through sound healing and a variety of other powerful energy techniques.
She helps leaders and ‘leaders-in-waiting’ who want wealth and freedom to get out of their own way by clearing the limiting stories and belief systems that are telling them that it’s not safe, they’re not good enough, or they don’t deserve it. Because everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and when you change your mindset, all things are possible.
Law of Attraction Empowerment Life Coach, Certified I-Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Facilitator.
Mothers And Daughters.
Day: 11
Thurs 24th May, 2018
Beth Myers of Arrival Coaching blossomed from a small town in Maryland as the eldest of 3 girls on a dairy farm. She learned about hard work while fulfilling her mother’s wish for her girls to explore cultures through dance, singing, speaking, and to enjoy connections with people. Beth’s desire to be a ‘pioneer’ and travel all over the US and Canada in her RV (and abroad) with her soulmate was nurtured through these experiences. Her passion for teaching and learning, combined with her work ethic and the love of the diversity of cultures and people, spanned 31 years as an educator and School Counselor in her local public school system. She has impacted over 15,000 students where Beth assisted them to learn to embrace their emotions as they reframed the navigation of life’s joys and challenges as learning opportunities. She also was energized by collaborating with families and staff to educate the whole child.
Beth, a compassionate connector with people, “retiring to” her own empowerment coaching, mentoring and speaking business, to assist her clients on their journey to THRIVE and not just survive in life. As a result of her empowerment coaching and mentoring, people stand in their power with their words and their actions as they share their light to be their best selves in their relationships, especially women and girls/Mothers and Daughters.
Clients often remark that Beth’s “gentle soul and strong spirit” helps to “instantly put your fears at ease.” She holds the client’s intention to help them connect with their “REAL” and shift into their true greatness, which she terms as, “Real Empowerment Allows Love.” Clients learn to take action to approach life with gratitude, kindness, and knowing there are always multiple possibilities to approach any obstacle.
Beth Myers has a natural ability to support communication that becomes powerfully authentic, drama is released, labels are peeled back for each person daring to be REAL to THRIVE in their life and support others in their relationships. Who do you know who desires to be courageous seeker, create more REAL in their life and relationships, and be supported by a guide on their journey?
 Life Inspiration Coach
Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe, International public Speaker, Life Inspiration Coach and Author.
How To Find Your J-Spot.
Day: 12
Frid 25th May, 2018
Shari Alyse is the Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe, an online community and
platform of wellness providers and the CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) of Soul
Ventures, Inc., a company focused on being a catalyst for positive change on the
In addition to building and running, The Wellness Universe with Founder, Anna
Pereira, Shari is also passionate about sharing her messages of self-empowerment,
self-acceptance, and joy as an International Public Speaker (“Joy Magnet”), Life
Inspiration Coach, Author, and Vlogger.
Motivated by her own journey through healing from childhood trauma, Shari devotes
her time creating daily inspirational videos which she share across her ‘Sharing with
Shari’ brand on youtube, FB page, website and other social media channels. It is
Shari’s mission to help be the spark to reignite the light within everyone and bring joy
back to people’s lives.
Shari believes that we all have unique gifts to offer the world and once we learn to
embrace, celebrate, and share these gifts, we truly can light up the world.
“Besides speaking, I am equally passionate about travel. My idea of the perfect life is
spent on planes, trains, and automobiles seeing the world. I have pep talks with
myself daily. It is rare that you will find me without a smile and it is rare that I’m not
trying to make you smile. I would say I have a pretty simple but extraordinary life!”
Shari lives in Los Angeles with her life partner, John and their cats, Hershey and
Certified Health and Peak Performance Coach. Founder of UK Health Coach Association.
Learning To Love The Body You Are In To Discover The Joy In Living.
Day: 13
Sat 26th May, 2018
Lyndy is a Certified Health Coach with a BA Honours in Psychology. She works primarily with individuals who are looking to address their cravings and who want a more sustained balance in their lives, healthier food choices, more energy, stress reduction and weight loss. Her specific interest is working with clients whose focus is to address ‘Emotional Eating’ and to help them create freeing, sustained behaviour upgrades. Lyndy believes that your relationship with food and your body impacts your health more powerfully than the food you eat and advocates that your thoughts and beliefs are one of your most powerful health tools.
From a young age she developed a passion for Health and Nutrition. Both as a loving mother of two and throughout her career she has seen how we often do not trust our intuition or understand how connected food is to our Health and Wellbeing. Her research has shown that what we eat impacts so many areas of our life and that there is a strong link between what we eat and how we feel but that this is only 50% of the picture when it comes to real health. As a result, she advocates an integrated approach which links nutrition to all aspects of life – health, money, love & relationships, career & connection to something greater.
Prior to Health Coaching, Lyndy spent 11 years in the City of London as a Human Resources Director and was also an HR Manager in Johannesburg (where she grew up) and Sydney, Australia. She trained at Integrative Nutrition in New York & the Health Coach Institute (HCI). She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is also certified as an NLP Practitioner.
Lyndy’s other passion is advocating for Health Coaching in the UK and in 2017 launched the UK Health Coaching Association, A non-profit to raise the profile and credibility of Health Coaching in the UK
Lyndy offers individual health and food coaching and leads talks, workshops and wellbeing retreats on Emotional Eating and Healthy Habits.


International Author.Personal Presence and Team Dynamics Specialist and Trainer. Business, Accredited Coach/Mentor.

Now to WOW-

How To Develop A Powerful Personal Presence.
Day: 14
Sun 27th May, 2018
Sylvia Baldock, Personal Presence and Team Dynamics Specialist/Trainer, Professional Speaker, Business/Personal Coach/Mentor, Presentation Skills Trainer, The Charisma Connection Accredited Partner, Talent Dynamics Global Partner, Networking Skills Trainer, Confidence Coach, ‘Time to Think’ Accredited Coach, International Author, Flow Consultant Trainer.
I unlock the hidden potential in individuals and teams by enabling you to connect with who you are at your core and to step up to be the person you were born to be.
I use powerful profiling to clarify your natural strengths and challenges and I work with you to ensure you are playing to those strengths to spend 70-80% of your working time fully in ‘flow’.
I also work with you to develop a powerful Personal Presence, which ensures you are seen, heard, heard of and remembered long after you have left the room. This in turn, impacts on your ‘Personal Branding’, raising your professional profile and keeping you at the forefront of the minds of your colleagues, clients and prospects.
Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Cheryl M Health Muse. 10 award winning Author. Business Owner.

How To Own Your Own Life, Even In The

Face Of Inflammation and Disease.
Day: 15
Mon 28th May, 2018
My message is simple, “eliminate toxins, heal your chronic pain. Own your own health.
I got sick and didn’t want a life of pain and pills.”
Thus began an odyssey that culminated in Meyer’s writing the manual she wishes she’d had when she got sick. In her award winning book It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel Great Again, Meyer explains how she discovered she was suffering from inflammation and autoimmune disease, how she actively searched out, purged, and replaced toxins in her life, how she found the right doctor (a Functional MD), and how she finally returned to wellness.
Eliminating toxins was a big step in reducing Cheryl’s chronic pain. Eliminating toxins was a critical step in healing her leaky gut, which is the cause of inflammation. As she regained her health, she returned to school and became a health coach to share her new knowledge with others. She comments, “I wrote this book for people with autoimmune disease and inflammation, but really, it’s for everyone. Inflammation is a root cause of many of our illnesses and disease, cancer, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, Type I and Type II diabetes, possibly even autism.
Inflammation inhibits weight loss. I have given talks to people with autoimmune disease but also to people who are cancer survivors, people who are stroke survivors, moms with children with health issues, and millennials that don’t want to get sick like their parents.
Toxins are everywhere and impacting our health, the health of our children, and the health of our earth. I would like people to eliminate the toxins now and not wait until they get sick and tired of being sick and tired.” She adds, “It’s all about toxic load. Each toxin that is eliminated is one step closer to health.”
Cheryl holds a BA from the University of California Berkeley. She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Cheryl M Health Muse, and received that designation from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition©, in New York City in 2017. She is a self-employed business owner and is a member of Wellness Universe. Her book has won 10 awards to date.
Life Designer, Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Certified Coach and Host of the podcast The You-est YOU.
Get a PhD In YOU.
Day: 16
Tues 29th May, 2018
A Life Designer® with a master’s degree in Health and Wellness Coaching, is the author of Get a PhD in YOU, Host of The You-est You Podcast and the CEO of Empowered Living LLC, a Life Design Coaching and Personal Development company. She is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program, is a meditation teacher on the app Insight Timer and is a TEDx speaker. Julie works with individuals and groups both privately and in the workplace. Julie is all about helping her clients to design a life they love through powerful one-on-one coaching, group coaching sessions, and inspirational speaking engagements.


TEDx Speaker: The Two Most Liberating Words You Will Ever say. Career and Life Strategist. Experiential Learning Facilitator. Transnational Speaker and Author.
Play Your Way To Greatness.
Day: 17
Wed 30th May, 2018
Lisa Dadd is a career & lifestyle strategist, experiential learning facilitator, transformational speaker, and author of Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path between Paycheck & Passion. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine, Lisa entered the corporate world of healthcare, where she spent 15 years in sales, marketing & management roles. Five years ago, she retired from corporate life to find more meaning, purpose and fun. She shared her story in a TEDx talk titled The Two Most Liberating Words You’ll Ever Say.
Blurring the lines between work & play, Lisa uses fun, unique experiential learning principles to help individuals discover new possibilities & redefine success on their own terms. Lisa finds her own version of fabulous travelling the world, embracing a play mindset and leverages those skills and experiences in her volunteer work as Chairman of the Board of the non-profit youth leadership organization All It Takes.
‘That Gratitude Guy’Expert Speaker, Coach and Best Selling Author for over 25 years.
How Embracing Gratitude Can Enhance Your Life.
Day: 18
Thurs 31st May, 2018
David George Brooke – That Gratitude Guy, has been a speaker, coach, and bestselling author for over 25 years.
He is a former Nordstrom store manager, and has managed in the corporate world for over 30 years.
His published works include “The Brooker’s Daily Gratitude Journal”, “Happiness Starts With Gratitude”, and a number of other books on gratitude.
He recently completed a national tour with speaking engagements in Honolulu, San Antonio, Minneapolis, San Diego, and is currently conducting workshops for Special Olympics, Children’s Hospital, Vistage International, DSHS, and our US Military to name a few.
As a result of his passion for gratitude he has presented over 475 speeches & workshops in the past 5 years.
With over 750 gratitude videos posted on YouTube, thousands have seen his message, and he is now considered a leading authority on how living a life of gratitude can enhance and improve your life.
CEO and founder of Revived Living and HCI Success Coach.
How To Cultivate Mental Toughness And A Joyful Mindset With Visualization.
Day: 19
Frid 1st June, 2018
Samantha is the CEO and Founder of Revived Living – a health & lifestyle company, former competitive athlete, Success Coach, Curriculum Developer and Instructor for the Health Coach Institute. Over the last two years she has coached several thousand hours working with over 400 individuals to increase clarity, confidence, and the day-to-day actions required to move in the directions of their desires and make their dreams, their reality.
Personal Development Coach, Martial Arts Coach, Personal Trainer and YouTuber.
How To Take Control Of Your Emotions And Your Mind.
Day: 20
Sat 2nd June, 2018
My name is Sam and I am a personal development coach. Like a lot of people, I became a coach because I was on the other side of coaching and needed it myself. I was in a place in my life where my understanding of everything was either very limited or didn’t exist. Because of this I struggled with my emotions and then this impacted everything in my life, I couldn’t even plan goals because to be honest I didn’t know who I was so how could I plan to be the best me.
I got to a stage where I said I am no different to anyone else I could sit down for the rest of my life and just think about a better tomorrow or I could start creating a better second. I started leaning techniques that allowed me to start making sense of all the things that I though I had no control of. Then one day I realised whilst learning the process I would say things like “I think” “My thoughts” “I wonder how”. It made me realise that it was my mind and the way I think would either hold me back or drive me forward.
After I came to this realisation my learning became training and through that training I was able to highlight what I had learnt to other people and I loved the feeling it gave and that became its own therapy for me as well.
So, that is a little bit about me and I am so happy that everyone here is on a similar journey and could have the same opportunities to aid someone else in their journey.
Business Expert, ‘Behind the numbers’ Guy. Business mentor and Start-up Expert.
Behind The Numbers.
Day: 21
Sun 3rd June, 2018
After 25 years as an accountant “in industry”, working in senior finance roles for medium sized companies, I took the plunge and started my own business, initially running a small but successful accountancy practice.
Whilst in practice, I recognised that the “numbers” required for statutory or compliance purposes, were quite different from those that gave value to the business owners in the day-to-day running of their business, so I started to work with my clients to provide management information; not just financial numbers, but other ones that mattered to the owner, such as how many hours they worked per week, what was their customer or employee satisfaction level etc.
So I sold my practice, and worked as a virtual Finance Director and Mentor, helping owner managed businesses imbed the concept of numbers and measurement, into the core of their business operations and management.
But, as powerful as that is, there was a missing link, and that was how the business owners “felt” about the numbers in their business.
So in addition to the practical, external relationship with numbers, I also help business owners connect with their inner relationship to the numbers: Are you “number-blind”? What’s your attitude to money? Do your inner beliefs place a cap on your wealth?
In essence, I blend my practical accountancy background, with a powerful set of tools to access what’s really going on “behind the numbers”.
The UK’s Leading Independent Certified Strengths Consultant and Independent Consultant for Arbonne.
Being The Best Version Of Yourself.
Day: 22
Mon 4th June, 2018
Hi I am Sheena Cantar and A Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Independent consultant for Arbonne , and I help people be the best versions of themselves.
So, My story ……
Following a career in the NHS and Pharmaceuticals over 30 years, led me to a health economic strategic management position. One that took me 2 years of projects and 3 assessments centers to get. When I got it I shone so well to begin with but then started a comparison with myself and what everyone else was doing. The end of the first year, I had a partially met as my performance rating – a grade I had never had. Who wants to be partially met, for goodness sake!!
I will never forget what my manager said to me at the time when I asked him what can I do never to have this grade again. He said, do one thing and do it great! How never a truer word was said……
Later that year, we had our Gallup Strengths done as a team. My team were all strategic thinkers. And I am the action taker. Not much thinking going on at all!! Haha But to hear the feedback from everyone, as in – “while we are all thinking and talking about it, you have actually been out and done it, reporting back!“ All I can say is, this is where I finally found out that it was okay to be me. It was actually ok! By the end of that year? I was Number one in my UK team and Top 10% of the Number 1 Pharmaceutical firm globally.
And was promptly made redundant. Go figure. The life of corporate.
So I started my own business built on Strengths and vowing that everyone should have their strengths done. My thought was that if I was a millionaire, then everyone could get their strengths for free. And so I set myself out on this path! Fact is, at this time, the millionaire status is a journey and I do need to make some money to live!!
Not many people understood what Strengths is about, as I struggled to put myself on paper and into words. Especially budding entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses. My Strengths are all about action and being around people. Running my own business on my own, couldn’t be further from my Strengths. I certainly am good at what I do, but actually running a business? Well, no-one can do it all. No-one. What I realized was that We all need to be interdependent, but we all feel we have to be independent. That’s just a lonely place to be.
I decided to stay in corporate and am successful, working with Fortune 500 and 100 companies, but its still lonely behind my computer bringing business in.
And then I found Arbonne…….
Arbonne is a network marketing company and I never ever thought I would get involved in something like this, but then I realized I was just uneducated in the business model. I am a person who likes the term statistical significance and clinical significance, and I love evidence. That is my background from pharmaceutical days, and one of the reasons I chose Gallup Strengths as my coaching tool. The evidence behind Gallup is unparalled in its class. So, I did my research on Arbonne , saw the opportunity and jumped right in. Now on a daily basis I have exactly what I am good at. I create a team that I coach but not just in a once off or short term basis, I coach them through their lives and how to get their dreams. Finally, we are all working from a place were we are at our best, and all helping each other to do the same. Truly working interdependently. Having a business that’s your own, but not on your own.
I am so lucky in life that I get to do what I love, have all my dreams in line ready to achieve, and help others do the same.
I help people be the best they can be, in all areas now – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.
The UK’s No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst, Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic
Programming, and Business Mentor.
How Your Fingerprints Reveal Your Personal Success Map.
Day: 23
Tues 5th June, 2018
Helen Elizabeth Evans works with conscious small business owners who want a thriving business doing things their way.
She helps you standout with integrity from others who do what you do, tap into your unique
brilliance and get clarity on the right direction for you, so you can attract more of the clients you want on your own terms.
Helen is the UK’s No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst, a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic.
Programming, and a Business Mentor who has been running her own home office
businesses since 1996.
Helen is an engaging speaker with a warm, down-to-earth style and a real passion for her subject that she shares with delightful humour.
Author, Transformation Speaker, Life/Mastery Coach, Experiential Facilitator.
The Secret Key To Staying Aligned With Your Intentions, And What To Do If You Slip Off Your Path.
Day: 24
Wed 6th June, 2018
Fighter pilot. Software engineer. Poet. Musician. Father. Student. Teacher. These roles—and many others—add up to a LOT of life experience, which David McLeod brings to bear in his capacity as an author, transformational speaker, life-mastery coach, and experiential facilitator. With a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and a DD in Holistic Personal Coaching, David shares his wisdom, insights, personal lessons, and expertise in countless ways that help people all over the world to become true Masters of their lives.
Health Coach, Yoga Coach and Forever Living Entrepreneur.
The Importance Of Finding YOUR Happy In Life.
Day: 25
Thurs 7th June, 2018
Before I started my health and yoga coaching journey I lived a stressful life with no direction and a constant, underlying feeling that I wasn’t in alignment with how I felt my life should look.
I saw my relationship with food as more of a convenience than nutrition and fuel for my body, and as a result I was unhappy with how I looked, continuing to carry weight around my middle after the birth of my third son. My fast paced, hectic lifestyle was taking its toll not only on my mood but also my skin and my diet. I suffered with low energy and felt bloated most of the time.
Being able to let go of those challenges was enlightening, and I began to realise that my health should never be taken for granted. I began to look at all aspects of my lifestyle and as I turned 40, I experienced a huge wake-up call. Life really was for living and I had to break free from ground hog day! For me, it became incredibly important to take back the control of my own health and wellbeing, and to learn to love myself enough again to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.
My life experiences have given me the strength and courage to help others find their happy on a much deeper level and to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle. I meet with a nutritionist monthly gaining vast knowledge of how food nourishes the body, as well as pursuing continuous studies in advanced nutrition; to look and feel good on the outside the work first begins on the inside. I completed my health coaching studies along with advanced nutrition and life coaching with the Health Coach Institute and Holistic MBA where I was educated at a deeper level around the art and science of habit change so people can get real lasting results. Throughout my journey I have found a love for kundalini yoga ‘The yoga of awareness’ which has helped me to connect my body, mind and emotions and I am currently a ‘teacher in training’ and start my classes in April 2018 along with workshops combing both health & life coaching and yoga.
I have found my happy in health and lifestyle and surround myself with like-minded people. It is here and now that I feel in alignment to who I am, more energised, full of love and making healthier choices for me and my family. I’m not perfect and I do not deprive myself, but I do not judge, life is for living. What I do now is be curious as to how or what my body is saying which tends to sway more to healthier choices.