Other fun goodies to buy

These 2 pendants have illustrations from my book on them.  They are stainless steel.

Arti says “I am an Army of One” on the back, showing that you have joined me in voting wtih your dollars buying clean products.


My jubilant broccoli pendant says” I Feel Good” on the back, celebrating the return to wellness.

They are $12 each which will include the shipping. Cheryl prime. *smile*


Arti pendant

broccoli pendant

 buy broccoli pendant



Photos to follow shortly

Key  Chains in both of my characters above.  $12.00 eath

 broccoli key chain


arti keychain

$12 each which will include the shipping. Cherylm prime. *smile*


Available now

Coffee or tea mugs with my jubilant broccoli  $20.00  includes shipping.  Cheryl M Prime  *smile*mug


buy mug now



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