Favorite Cooks and Cookbooks

Where to find great recipes that will leave you healthy, and fulfilled.  Delicious personified. No deprivation here. *smile*

Danielle Walker is authentic and lovely.  She too almost died from something autoimmune, so she taught herself a new way to cook delicious food, while protecting her health.  She was named one of the most influential women under 30 by Forbes magazine last year.  She has several cookbooks all of which are worth owning.  From healthy entrees to fabulous deserts, to gluten free crackers, her recipes never fail. She has a new cookbook, Celebrations that is about to ship.

Carrie had Hashimotos disease and learned a new way to cook.  Her recipes are delicious and healthy.  She also makes other recommendations that are great for overall health,

I love Melissa, I get her food blog every week with 5 suggestions for meals with sides.  Her Well Fed I and Well Fed 2 cookbooks are easy to use, and use interesting seasonings to enhance your meal.  What I love most is that she will take a basic recipe and then on the side, she does “Did you know….” where she makes suggestions for lamb vs beef, for pork, telling you what seasonings to change to make a different fabulous meal from the same basic recipe.  She is a contributor to Paleo Magazine with wonderful additional recipes.  She has a 3rd cookbook on its way.  Again, she got really sick with Thyroid, which set her on this path.

Michele Tam again, has recipes that are easy to use for a healthy Paleo lifestyle.  Her pressure cooker Pork is the Bomb!  I use a lot of her holiday recipes.  Her food is inspired and fun.  Her live cooking on Facebook usually has her young boys in the background doing something silly. Pure joy, cooking great food.

Paleo Magazine, loaded with lots of recipes and lifestyle tips