Medicine Box


I no longer use over the counter drugs if I can possibly get away from them.

For Colds
  • I take Echinacea Goldenseal and Oscillococcinum
For Petroleum jelly replacements
  • Keys_soaps makes petroleum jelly substitutions using Avocado oil as its base.  Good by toxic Petroleum jelly
    • AvoJel
    • Heat Cool
    • Urban Shield
    • Vapor Jell
    • Zinc Care
    • Force X Insect Repellent
    • Feet and Hand Goldbond vegan alternative for dry cracking skin
    • Skin-Aid  alternative to Bactine
    • Urban Shield  alternative to triple Neem oil
For ingrown toe nails, or skin fungus

I have had a problem with ingrown toe nails for years, and it ends up that yeast on my toes makes the skin grow under the nail.  This has been what does the trick.    I used to buy the one in petroleum jelly, but now am using the straight oil sparingly.  Problem solved.  Also cured the cracked skin on my heals.  Amazing.

Sore or scratchy throat


Another great throat spray

Vitality Works Throat Ease

I have been using Vitality Works Throat Ease for scratchy or sore throats    I buy it at Sprouts.  Here is a link to buy it on line


I use Curcumin with black pepper.  Curcumin is an antioxidant, your body will flourish if you take it.  I find it works wonders for pain of all kinds.  It also helps me with inflammation.


For hay-fever, I use Quercetin  ( I was using benedryl 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM, and get the same relief from Quercetin without the potential health issues down the line from Benedryl)  Quercetin is an antioxidant so your body will love it anyway.

Essential oils

I now make a cream that is a succotash of a variety of essential oils with coconut oil as the base,  I am not a multi-level kind of girl, so I found Rocky Mountain as my essential oil company, and I find them as good as the much more expensive oils you can get from multi-level sellers.  I use essential oils in a diffuser, to clear the air, I use essential oils as my perfume.  My cream has gotten rave reviews.  Great find.