Introduction to the How To’s of a Sugar Detox



If you answer yes to any of these, its time to gain control over your diet again. 
1. Do you want to lose weight but believe you lack the willpower?
2. Do you feel hungry even after eating a full meal? 
3. Do you feel you need to (have to) have something sweet after lunch or dinner?
4. Do you “reward” yourself with sugary food?
5. Do starchy carbs (bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes) or sugary treats make you feel better if you are in a bad mood?
6. Can you eat large quantities of sweets even when you’re not feeling particularly hungry? 
7. Do you eat sugary foods until you don’t feel well?
8. Do you eat sugary foods even when you don’t really want to?
9. Do you hide sweets so others don’t know how much of them you are eating?
10. Do you eat sweets and chocolates secretly and hide the wrappers because you don’t want anyone to know? 
11. If you cut yourself one piece of cake, do you then find yourself coming back for more and more? 
12. Do you plan to eat a small portion (such as one biscuit), but end up binge-eating (demolishing the whole packet)?
13. Do you need sugar in your coffee, in sodas, in your food every day?
14. Do you crash at 3 pm every day and look for more sweets to eat? 

I am running a  sugar detox class in the Learn It Live classroom on line. February 28. 

The rewards of breaking the addiction are huge.

You no longer are hungry all the time.

You no longer crave sugary foods. They no longer call your name even when you know you don’t want them or are full.

You can start to eat real food and fuel your body with beautiful nutrients, which significantly improves your health. You end the negative effects of sugar in your body.

The difference is truly amazing, and well worth the detox.

And the big bonus is you regain food freedom.  Breaking your addiction to sugar allows you to eat for health.  Breaking the sugar addiction will give you the willpower that has always been elusive for you.

Testimonials for my 3 week sugar detox course.  This current course is the “how to’s” and only the introduction to Sugar Detoxing.

“I participated in Cheryl’s 21 Day Sugar Detox and appreciated the wealth of knowledge I gained as well Cheryl’s expertise and ongoing support. As a result, I was able decrease cravings, and hunger as well as lose weight. I’d recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their overall health.”  LuAnna Luena 1/30/19

“I wanted to become healthier in 2019 but I wasnt sure how or where to
start. I had read some articles that Cheryl wrote and took her “Detoxing
from sugar” class. Not only was the class packed full of information but
Cheryl was knowledgable about what she was presenting. You could feel
her passion for what she teaching and backed it up with her own
lifestyle. She was patient and always available to answer any questions.
I really loved that she sent reminders, something I needed with a busy
schedule. All material was made available after class for a quick
refresher if needed. Thanks to Cheryl I am healthier and I can’t wait
for another class !” Michelle Mueller 1/30/19

About the Class

Sugar is one of the most insidious things in the American diet. It messes with our hormones that control appetite, it feeds cancer, it causes hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, skin issues, and it ages our skin. It causes fatty liver, and upsets both thyroid and kidney function. But most importantly it causes inflammation which is at the root of most of our chronic illnesses.
Sugar is more addictive than cocaine, and lights up the brain like a pinball machine. Detoxing off of sugar is important to break the addiction, but it does create flu like symptoms until we come out the other end.
This class will share what you need to do to free yourself from sugar.  The net result is food freedom, your body won’t be craving “more” all the time, you will suddenly have “will power”, you won’t be as hungry all the time, it will lower your inflammation and it will allow you to heal your gut which will allow you to lower any chronic pain that you are struggling with.
Go here to register.  If you haven’t taken a class in the Learning center yet, first you need to register for the Learning Center, then you register for my class.  You can enter the classroom 15 minutes before the session begins.

This class is $25.

To break the addiction you may need support and someone to hold you accountable.

I will offer a coaching package after the class if you would like accountability to complete the detox and find success.  The coaching offer is at a special price.  It includes 2) 1 hour sessions via Zoom and 2) 15 minute phone calls to hold you accountable for the 21 days of the detox and to keep you on track.  Special price $200.