Sugar Detox Now available as a virtual class

Three week group class

3 Sessions

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Introduction Sugar Detox The how to’s
60 Minute Session
Session 2-Sugar Detox Group support and followup
60 Minute Session
Session 3-Sugar Detox Group support  touch base.
60 Minute Session

About the Class

Sugar is one of the most insidious things in the American diet. It messes with our hormones that control appetite, it feeds cancer, it causes hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, skin issues, and it ages our skin. It causes fatty liver, and upsets both thyroid and kidney function. But most importantly it causes inflammation which is at the root of most of our chronic illnesses.
Sugar is more addictive than cocaine, and lights up the brain like a pinball machine. Detoxing off of sugar is important to break the addiction, but it does create flu like symptoms until we come out the other end.
We are going to do the detox as a group and then meet to support each other through the process. The big benefits of breaking a sugar addiction is that its much easier to control appetite and lose weight, your body will feel much better and you will reduce your inflammation and as a result lower any pain that you have been struggling with. The first 3 weeks of a detox sometimes create flu like symptoms, so its great to have others support as we go through the process. Its well worth coming out the other side. You will feel great and you will have food freedom.  You are now ready to eat real food and lose weight.

$99 for 3 sessions

Go here to register.  If you haven’t taken a class in the WU Learning center yet, first you need to register for the Learning Center, then you register for my class.  You can enter the classroom 15 minutes before the session begins.
I strongly recommend that you also hire me to coach you to success throughout your sugar detox.  Packages available for coaching and accountability calls.
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The rewards of breaking the addiction are huge.

You no longer are hungry all the time.

You no longer crave sugary foods. They no longer call your name even when you know you don’t want them.

You can start to eat real food and fuel your body with beautiful nutrients, which significantly improves your health.

You end the negative effects of sugar in your body. The difference is truly amazing, and well worth the detox.

And the big bonus is you regain food freedom.  Breaking your addiction to sugar allows you to eat for health.  Breaking the sugar addiction will give you the willpower that has always been elusive for you.

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