Introduction to Cheryl M Health Muse

Where are you planning to live if you don’t take care of your body?

I can be the inspiration for you to reach your health goals so that you can enjoy wellness and happiness! 

If you have pain, I can teach you how to reverse it. 

If you have inflammation, I can help you put out the fire.

Could one conversation change your life?

 I would love for you to tell me your story, for free, no obligation.  I will just listen to you, and I will hear you.

If you feel that I can help you, then we can discuss how to move forward.

I want to help you and others, which is why I became a health coach instead of retiring.  And I can help you if you are motivated to get well and/or stay well. I have learned a lot reversing my own pain.  What I know will be invaluable to you.


My office is now open for business.

What’s new?

I am a published author on Amazon.  The name of my book is “It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel great again.”

This is the book I wish I had had when I got sick.  The book includes all of the research that I did over the last five years to help myself heal from Type II  Diabetes and Autoimmune disease.

I am still a work in progress, but I have overcome the pain, and I want to help you do the same.

You do NOT have to live with the pain. 

You do NOT need to take tons of pills that cover up the pain. 

There is a better way.

If you work with me, we will use this book for the guided tour of your get well journey.  There is a lot in this book, and I can help you with implementation and how to get over the hurdles.  And you will not be deprived doing this.  I love to eat way too much to live a life that is not full of delicious great tasting food.  I can show you the way.

Food is Medicine.  Eliminating your inflammation triggers will heal your pain.


I do my best work with clients who suffer from Inflammation which includes diabetes, autoimmune disease, weight, brain fog, memory loss, beginning Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, stroke recovery and more.

I can help you reverse your inflammation and extinguish your pain.

While I have been researching my book and healing my own body, I have worked with clients that have seen significant improvement in 3 months.

 Whether you work with me in person, or over the phone or on Skype, I can inspire you to a better life that is pain-free.



I am a compassionate health muse (coach) because I have walked in your shoes.

Even if you are healthy and just want to learn the skills to stay healthy as you grow older, I am here to inspire you.

With all of the toxins that have crept into our lives, acting now could save you from severe illness in the future, and it will protect the health of your family and of the environment.

You deserve a healthy and happy life.  We can create this working together.  I can show you a better way to live.  I will inspire you to be your own health advocate.  We will do it at your pace and with the things that resonate with you.  And we can have a heck of a good time getting there.

So grab the bull by the horns, and make a commitment to feel better, get your life in balance, remove all of the toxins, and eat right.  You will be amazed at the new you that emerges.  As your Health Muse, I am here to inspire you to succeed.

I can help you go from frazzled and sick to happy and well.

You can enjoy wellness!  I can inspire you to reach your goals.  “It Feels Good to Feel Good”  and I can lead you there.

The most important thing I have learned in life, is that I was the only person that got in my way. I was the person that blocked the things I wanted, that always seemed out of reach. Once I figured that out, my first jump off the cliff was to go out on my own in business, then I figured out my prince was not going to ride his horse up my steps, I had to go out and find him. I went out and got skills so that that could happen. It took a practice relationship first and then I found the real deal. Finally, when I got sick, I figured out that if I didn’t take care of my body, I wouldn’t have any place to live. This changed how I live my life.  I have researched all of the ways that I could impact my health through lifestyle change.  I went back to school and graduated as a certified holistic health coach.  I have listened to all of the cutting edge information available from the functional medicine community through 20 different symposiums.  I found a group of functional medicine practitioners and they have come up with innovative ways to heal me. All of this can help you get well and stay well.

Have you decided enough already?  Are you ready to get started?





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