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Are you struggling with chronic disease?  Are you living with pain?  Do you need help navigating how to make changes to return to health?  Do you need support dealing with a loved one who has chronic pain?  Autoimmune diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, cancer, heart disease.

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Would your life be better IF YOU COULD DITCH THE PAIN?

You are about to discover lifestyle changes that you can make to return to a pain-free life


Discover My Proven Formula for Reversing Inflammation and Pain

There’s hope.

I have  unlocked the secrets to return to health. I can help you discover the steps I used transform my own wellness after discovering I felt lousy because I had autoimmune disease.

FREE HANDOUT 15 things you can do to reduce your chronic pain.

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“Amazing!  Amazing! Amazing! I first want to say thank you and (big hugs). Your information  may have saved my life.  I’m 45 years old and have been struggling with unanswered symptoms for at least 5 years and all conventional doctors want to do is wash me away with medication.  You have saved some of the best years of my life with your information.  Thank you so much.”  Lisa

I saw my Dr yesterday and she said my health history is boring,lol, I lost some weight, AND my Bp actually went down 20 points. I’m on zero meds. It’s all thanks to you coach.  Val Peterson

“Cheryl you have probably saved my husband’s life 💕 We love your book thank you so much for writing it.  Without your book I could possibly have lost my man because he was having to see a Western medical doctor.  They put him on antibiotics and steroids for his nasal blockage with no testing that would’ve meant general anesthetic.  He’s already a diabetic, 68 and smoked for 40 years, he can’t afford a functional doctor right now but we will be able to once we go with your advice on the coverage.  Your book is a lifesaver we thank you 💕so much.   I love you for your work so much.   I can’t thank you enough😀🎶❤️”  Cat Wissenback

I share the strategy I used to eliminate toxins in my world, and they were everywhere. I was able to reverse My inflammation and pain.  I can show you where the toxins are, and what to replace them with.  You won’t feel deprived using My secrets. I no longer have pain.  I feel great again.  You will too!

Change your lifestyle, Change your health

Cheryl Meyer  AKA Cherylmhealthmuse

Schedule your free 45 minute Feel Great Now session with me today. I want to “hear” your biggest health problem and after this powerful session,  You will have a list of positive outcomes you seek for your health, and a renewed sense of energy that you can overcome your health issue.  You will also have a list of action steps that you can do Next to Feel Great again.

What More of my clients have to say about me:

Testimonial 1

“Cheryl is very knowledgeable about eating and living healthy. Personally, she has helped me with understanding how to make healthy food choices and lifestyle choices. Cheryl is a perfect role model for all to follow. THANK YOU Cheryl”  Valerie Peterson January 2017

Testimonial 2

“Cheryl Meyer’s knowledge, empowerment, and encouragement has helped me to change my habits and move forward towards regaining my health and living a healthy lifestyle. Her insights and empathy has increased my understanding for the need to live the healthy lifestyle. I have not only lost close to 20lbs, I have also gained energy and methods to resolving some of our families health issues. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, throat issues, and many other chronic illnesses that have been helped with her insight and knowledge. I would highly recommend working with her in any capacity you can as she has changed mime as well as my families lives..” Sarah Ankney October 2019

Testimonial 3

“My name is John and 4, and a half years ago I was a mess. I needed help because my life was out of control. The previous 5 years had been spent caring for my dying wife, intensively for the last 6 months. My focus was entirely on her needs, and frankly, I was not paying attention to myself. I was very obese, my stress levels were very high, and since I had home care people assistance for my wife, they did the meal planning. Then all of a sudden my life went from chaos to a dead stop when my wife passed.

That was when I met Cheryl, she started by helping find my Primary Food (time with others, time for my children, time for me). From her, I started learning how to think about food. This became a journey that we both undertook. 
Then several months later I was hit with three life changing events I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, told I had sleep apnea, and diagnosed with a-fib. Because I had already learned from Cheryl how to clean up my food, eat more greens, and eat organic, I now started to watch my carbohydrates and reduced them to 36 grams a day. She encouraged my decisions and worked with me to plan my meals. Within 10 months I lost over 70 pounds, I got my  A1C to 5.6, and with a CPAP I started to get better sleep. Cheryl encouraged me to shoot for 8 hours a night.

I became aware that I need to be in charge of my own health. I am responsible for my body. With Cheryl’s continuing guidance, I have learned the importance of adding regular light exercise to my workout schedule. I now monitor and record key health indicators (blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and sleep). I also learned how to expand my community. The most important thing I learned was how to trust myself.

I would recommend Cheryl as a coach. She is very knowledgeable in health, and she taught me how to control my autoimmune disease, diabetes. Cheryl cares about others. She is overwhelmingly generous with her love and time. She loves to learn new things and to stay current with the latest thinking in health. Cheryl listens to me and gently pushes me to try new approaches to my health.
I asked her to please use my story. I hope it will encourage you in your healthy journey in life.”  John Gins, Fall 2016
Testimonial 4
Cheryl made it easy to make lifestyle changes that have helped me lose 20 pounds and feel better again.  My doctor diagnosed me with autoimmune disease right before I hired Cheryl.  She made it fun and easy, and we played “do this, not that” each session.  I didn’t know how to do any of this, and Cheryl got me on track.  As she says, It Feels Good to Feel Good.  Thank you so much.   Cheryl Barron  June 2017

I offer many packages when you choose to work with me.

  • 3 sessions, just to jump start you into action.

  • 6 sessions, with a flexible time frame, enough to get you started and to sustain the changes.

  • 12 sessions, which is enough time for you to make long-term lifestyle changes.  I can also answer all your questions about living a cleaner pain-free life.

We can work in person, on ZOOM or Skype, or over the phone.

I also plan to hold seminars, webinars, and to do public speaking in the Los Angeles area. Starting in 2020.

I also do group coaching, virtually and in my office in Monrovia.  Contact me for details.

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