Medicine Box

 MEDICINE replacements I no longer use over the counter drugs if I can possibly get away from them. FOR COLDS Echinacea Goldenseal Oscillococcinum     FLEW AWAY by Natura   Freeze Dried Stinging Nettles Sambucol, which is elderberry SORE OR SCRATCHY THROAT Best cough drop Great throat spray Mickelberry Elderberry Tonic with Honey Mickleberry Elderberry Throat … Continue reading Medicine Box


PRESSURE COOKER Instant Pot Love this.  When I got married, decades ago, I was given a pressure cooker and then a lecture on how to not blow up the house using it.  Ha.  I never ever used it. So along comes instant Pot.  Easy to use and safe. My new favorite way to make meals. … Continue reading COOKING TOOLS


Makeup and skin care products ZuZu Luxe Oil Free Liquid Foundation (foundation) Skin Deep rating 3 An  oil free makeup with good coverage for old skin W3ll People Organic makeup.  I use their concealer, their blush, their powder, Love  You can buy small samples of their products.  For all of the cosmetics I have bought … Continue reading Cosmetics


COOKS AND FABULOUS HEALTHY COOKBOOKS Where to find great recipes that will leave you healthy, and fulfilled.  Delicious personified. No deprivation here. *smile* Danielle Walker, Against All Grain Danielle Walker is authentic and lovely.  She too almost died from something autoimmune, so she taught herself a new way to cook delicious food, while protecting her … Continue reading COOKS AND FABULOUS HEALTHY COOKBOOKS

Laundry and Cleaning Supplies

Laundry Mrs. Meyers detergent I use the lavender (No, she is not a relative.  *smile*) Seventh Generation I have a particular problem in that mint is a sensitivity for me….and that eliminates most of the products available. Dishwashing Dishwashing pods  Seventh Generation All Purpose Plant Enzyme Cleaner Branch Basics I was using Branch Basics to clean … Continue reading Laundry and Cleaning Supplies

The Master Sages that helped with my website

Webmaster Danea DiNicola Danea is a joy to work with and very patient. Very prompt.  Very helpful.  I wanted a website that would reflect me, and that I could learn to make my own changes on.  She has been a lifesaver.  Highly recommended. Danea will often send me “cheat sheet” with how to … Continue reading The Master Sages that helped with my website