I have a particular problem in that mint is a sensitivity for me….and that eliminates most of the products available.



My amazing All Purpose Plant Enzyme Cleaner

I was using Branch Basics to clean my house, my dishes, my floors and even my hair at one point.  One of the ingredients ended up being synthetic so they took it off the market to reformulate.  They will introduce their new product in January 2017.  The old product was truly amazing.  I can’t wait until the new product comes out. It is an amazing cleaning product that uses plant enzymes.  I even acciddentially used it instead of vinegar one night in a salad dressing, and although it didn’t taste particularly good, we had no ill effects.  How is that for safe?

Get rid of ants organically

  • Diatomaceous Dirt  Its a bit of a mess, but non harmful to humans, children and animals, so this is what I use when I am being invaded by ants. (they drive me nuts when they go marching)

A friend recently suggested spraying vinegar as a first attempt, which is less messy and somewhat works.  I also understand that ants hate cinnamon.  I am yet to try that out.

Ticks and fleas

  • For animal care, ticks and fleas  This is a flea and tick non toxic spray, for your pets, that they say is child safe.  I have indoor cats, so I haven’t needed this, but I found the link on the Healthy child site 

  • Insect repellent

I use Rocky Mountain essential oils in coconut oil.  I use citronella, or Tea tree oil with lavender oil.  Since mosquito and other biting bugs love me, I can tell you that these work.  You can also put a bit of these oils on a wash cloth and then rub it on all of your exposed skin.

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