About Cheryl M

Cheryl Meyer Bio

Why is Cheryl M Health Muse the perfect person to walk you back to health? She too had horrible  pain that no one understood. She woke up every morning more tired than when she went to bed.  She had brain fog and had to have 2-3 cups of coffee to function.  Every joint and every … Continue reading Cheryl Meyer Bio

Education and credentials

My education and credentials  Education BA -University of California Berkeley 1971 Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition©, NYC 2016-2017 Work History Retail    Fine Jewelry buyer at 3 different major department stores, Department Store General Manager- The Broadway Newport Beach Owner and partner 3 different jewelry manufacturing and wholesale businesses;  I did … Continue reading Education and credentials

Health Philosophy and Mission Statement

HEALTH PHILOSOPHY When I started on my journey back to health I discovered the Functional approach, also known as Root Cause medicine. What was interesting is that all of the doctors and practitioners that I started following had also been sick.  Traditional medicine, in their own practices, was not helping them get well and they … Continue reading Health Philosophy and Mission Statement

Become a Health Coach

  My book “It Feels Good To Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and feel great again”  was inspired by what I learned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN), where I received my training as a holistic wellness and health coach.  I also took their “Launch Your Own Dream Book” course, which … Continue reading Become a Health Coach