Outstanding organizations to visit, utilize and support

EWG has a data base with hundreds of thousands of products and rates them on a toxicity scale of 1-10.

I have listed many of the products by category that I have found and now use in my life.  It can be a bit daunting to use the data base, but the rewards are a healthier life.

EWG publishes the Dirty Dozen and The Clean 15 every year.  If you can’t buy all your fruits and vegies organic, these lists are a perfect place to start.

They have a SKIN DEEP data base for cosmetics and skin care.  It never occured to me that my head was itchy from toxic shampoos.  My skin burned from most suncreens.  Perfumes created breathing issues for me.  Now I use healthy products.

They just finished breaking down thousands of can goods.  My rule is if a food has something in it I can’t pronounce I don’t eat it.  This can tell you what all those ingredients to do you.

Take time to peruse this site.  It is a gold mine of information.

I now follow Moms Across America on Facebook.  Started by a Mom who wants to protect her children from Monsanto, Bayer, and other pesticide and herbicides being sprayed on our food and causing HUGE health issues, first in our children, and now in our adults.  A great place to learn about the corruption in growing our foods.

Another activist group trying to protect us from being poisoned

Another group doing vast research on the effects of chemicals on our environment, our bodies, our children, our lives.

All 4 are doing tremendous work on our behalf to uncover all of the toxins being used in our food and supplies and all 4 are trying to stop the pollution of our crops, our products, our foods, our lives.

The first stage is awareness of what is happening, the second stage is to support the crusaders who want to stop the corruption and want to stop corporations from poisoning us.

A call out as well to Robyn O’Brien.  Another Mom who was astonished at what is being allowed to our Pharmaceuticals and our food.  She is the Erin Brockovich of food and drugs.  Watch her UTubes, and follow her on Facebook.  She is amazing.

Where to do at home testing for food Sensitivities

MERIDIAN Valley Labs, Seattle Washington


This company is recently found and  they offer at home tests that you send in to get food sensitivities. I had my test done with my doctor, but in lieu of that this could be a great place to start.  If you choose to do this, they offer a blood test that you self administer or a blood test that you get done at a lab.  Both are effective.  You also want to do the full array of 190 items.  If you are going to do the testing, check for everything all at once.


I joined Food Matters, and they have a remarkable library of Movies on Health as well as fabulous recipes, and other Healthy tips

Movies that will change your awareness


My favorite book is Dr. Libby Weavers book Accidentally Overweight.  This book is valuable to all, with or without a weight problem  She is a PHD Biochemist and goes body system by body system, how to know if it is now working properly, and then has an action plan at the end of each chapter.  Her premise is that the entire body has to work properly to reach your ideal weight.  Since I have been eating clean now for 3 years, and am still struggling with weight (I have lost 45 pounds and still have 40 to go)  her premise makes sense.


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