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I married my high school sweetheart, so I never really learned how to date, and how to find the right guy.  I was in a 10 year relationship with a lovely man, but Mr. Wrong for me.  When that ended abruptly, I decided I needed to get some skills if I wanted to find Mr. Right.

Alison Armstrong

She has a lot of free information on her site.  Her dating course was invaluable for finding my current husband and sweetheart by reframing the entire dating process.  I also took her Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop and found out that many of the things I found to be rather peculiar behaviors on the part of men, were actually things that were to be understood and celebrated.  Her work is invaluable.

If you get on her mailing list, she does lots of free events as well. I strongly recommend the 2 courses that I took

Alison Armstrong was born in Laguna Beach, California in 1960, Alison Armstrong has been designing and leading transformational programs for adults for over 20 years. Since 1989, she has been training others to facilitate growth, healing and transformation. In 1995, after four years of studying men for her personal benefit, she created the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women® workshop series to share her extraordinary findings with women across the nation. With her friend Joan McClain, she founded PAX Programs Incorporated with the mission of “altering society’s culture by transforming the way women relate to men.” PAX, the Latin word for “peace” and an acronym for Partnership, Adoration and Xtasy, creates peace between the sexes by providing unique and immediately useful information to women and men.

Dr Ali Binazir

Harvard PHD, very insightful on relationships from a Tao point of view.  His Tao of Dating book was invaluable.  I love his newsletters and blog.  You can also follow him on Facebook.

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