I was featured in an LA Magazine called LA Voyager as an influencer in the Los Angeles area.

voyage la


12/7/18  With LuAnna Helena on Creatively Speaking



I shared more of my own personal story and also why I want to inspire everyone to lower their toxic load.  Whether you currently are well, or if you are struggling with chronic illness, this interview will give you some insight into the root causes of getting well and staying well.





Get over it

Get Over It with Monique Chapman

I started my 12 part series on health on Moniques’ podcast.  Monique is a great listener and interviewer, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to share information with her loyal followers.

Our first episode was on Organic, vs Conventionally Grown vs GMO foods. Why you want to eat organic.  The Clean 15/ Dirty Dozen.  Why Organic is worth the cost.



Dare to be Authentic RADIO

This ended up being a great interview and it is jam packed with great information about cleaning up toxins and my book It Feels Good to Feel Good.  We also touched on how much I love to coach and help others return to wellness.

Whats the connection with being authentic? Well I have walked in my clients shoes, and told that I was going to live a life of pain and pills.  I stopped everything, owned my own health and returned to wellness.  My clients respond to how authentic I am because I know and can “feel” their pain.


dare to be authentic


11/21/18  Interview with Martin Ramos, Monrovia, CA Ambassador for his Community Group

I had the opportunity to speak last week to Martin Ramos community group. I met Martin through the Chamber of Commerce. (Monrovia, CA)  Martin is an ambassador. It was an honor to speak to his group. Its a fun tape to listen to Thank you Martin. I am passionate to help everyone discover what i have learned to be healthy and thrive.

Cheryl with Martin at Monrovia High School


Success Champions with Donnie Boivin

Donnie is a great guy and I had a wonderful time being a guest on his show. He is a great interviewer. He has a podcast that is in the top 100 on ITunes, that you should listen to. This is the link to the podcast that I did with him.

Success Champion Listen to the Podcast
Android https://bit.ly/2Af5crX
iTunes https://apple.co/2DEJ51s

success champions


Freedom from Addiction with Rev Winn Henderson

Reverend Henderson has the longest running spiritual show and usually covers addiction.  As a medical doctor, he decided to interview me about my book and toxins, and loved my passion to let the world know about where the toxins are and how they are making us sick.  We did get to cover sugar addiction, how how it lights up the brain like a pinball machine, and turns off our hormones that regulate our appetite.  It was a great show.

Freedom from Addiction Ii


11/12/18  The Annie Jennings PR GroupPODCAST


This was fun, because I had 7 minutes to do my “elevator” pitch about my book and the dangers of toxins.  Its a quick listen and well worth your time.