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You Can’t Be Great if You Don’t Feel Great

 Interview with Claire Harris on Book Talk Radio

July 17, 2022

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Earlier Summer Options June 30. 2022

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June 1 2022 with Sarah Sparks

June 2022  Search and Replace with Joe Taylor

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November 16, 2021  Awakened Parent Project


10/21/21  And That’s When I Realized Podcast





Toxins are everywhere impacting our health. How what you eat, and what you put in your body is enormously important. Question your doctor. Do your research. And take power over your own health.

Cheryl Meyer is a “health muse” that helps people take control of their health by eliminating toxins and eating healthy. She is the author of numerous books, including It Feels Good to Feel Good and Feeling Good: Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life.

Click the play button above to listen to our conversation with Cheryl.

Highlights from Today’s Episode

  • Cheryl’s five-year health journey from pain to newfound health through functional medicine.
  • How people can take power over their own health.
  • What a toxic load and leaky gut are, and how they’re connected.
  • How a visit to a functional doctor differs from a visit to a traditional medical doctor.
  • Why GMO foods may cause long-lasting damage to your gut and overall health.
  • Some of the different toxins that can be in your drinking water, and what you can do about it.
  • How what you eat, and what you put in your body is enormously important.


Welcome to the special series of interviews with Tales from the Heart Guest Chapter Authors! These interviews are in celebration of my upcoming book, Tales from the Heart. This book features 11 Guest Chapter Authors who share their personal pet relationship stories.
I would like to introduce you Guest Chapter Authors Emily Kane, Cheryl Meyer and John Gins. Listen in and hear a bit about their personal pet relationship love stories. They also share advice on pet relationships you will not want to miss.
This special series of interviews in leading up to the launch of Tales from the Heart – Pet Relationship Love Stories coming to Amazon November 15!


In this summit I do a cooking demonstration

No matter how busy we are building our lives and our businesses, we need to eat like the future matters for ourselves, our children, our businesses and our success. I learned this the hard way when I woke up girl interrupted with autoimmune disease.
Health is everything. It is important to live and eat like the future matters. Its about eating real food of all the colors of the rainbow from a source as close to us as possible. Its about eliminating the sugar and chemicals from processed and fast food. If we continue to eat the SAD, the standard American diet, we will get standard American diseases and eventually die the standard American death. How SAD is that? Toxins are in our lives way beyond food, but food is the best place to start. Toxins are in every aspect of our lives.
I have written 2 award winning books on the subject. Its Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again, and then Feeling Good, Living Low Toxin about how I live this way in my everyday life.

This is my cooking demonstration and I talk why its so important to eat the rainbow.

May 3, 2021

This podcast was particularly juicy with me talking about my journey and how it could inspire you.


Cheryl Meyer: Eliminate Toxins | Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations #05
Cheryl’s message is simple, “eliminate toxins, heal your chronic pain. Own your own health. I got sick and didn’t want a life of pain and pills.” Eliminating toxins was a big step in reducing Cheryl’s chronic pain. Eliminating toxins was a critical step in healing her leaky gut, which is the cause of inflammation. As she regained her health, she returned to school and became a health coach to share her new knowledge with others.
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How To Live A Low Tox Life & Thrive With International Bestseller & Health Coach, Cheryl Meyer
Clean Beauty Scene
After suffering from severe autoimmune disease award-winning international bestseller, local tv host, and health coach, Cheryl Meyer, reversed her pain by eliminating hundreds of toxins. In this episode, you’ll hear all about how she healed herself and now feels better in her 70s than she did in her 50s! You will be inspired by Cheryl’s story and learn a great deal. If you are experiencing even minimal symptoms, you’ll learn what you can do to feel much better and maybe even save your life. She also shares how to mitigate the harmful impact toxins have on our children and our pets.
Cheryl is a sought-after expert on toxins who encourages you to listen to your body and to own your own health. She has written 4 books on health and toxins available on Amazon and has her own podcast, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Futureproof Your Health on Voice America. She specifically works with clients with chronic illness giving them hope and helping them find solutions. It is never too late to start healthy habits. Eliminating toxins is a crucial step to regain wellness.
To listen to this great conversation go here


Firebird Book Award Interviews


These radio shows were about my two books.  I won awards for both.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page when you click the meme.  There are two interviews that you can listen in


Allen Cardoza Show on LA Talk Radio

May 5, 2021


This is the show that I did on Monday on Talk Radio LA. It was such a great conversation, Allen has invited me to come back and cohost a show with him..



These are all recent appearances on others podcasts  Much of the information that I share is the same. 

I talk toxins, where they are, what they are doing to your health, how to research, and offer suggestions of what I use

I talk about toxic load and inflammation and how  that leads to chronic illness

eating the rainbow from the pharmacy, how to raise healthy children,

I discuss easy exercises to reduce stress twice a day

I talk about my 7 pillars of health

I also have talked on a few shows about stress, and how you can not be great in business if you don’t feel great.



June 28, 2021

Podcast with Derek Peterson

I would like to introduce you to the incredibly inspiring Cheryl Meyer.

Nine years ago, Cheryl woke up in extreme pain. She went to the doctor and ran tests but found nothing. The doctor suggested that she get mental therapy. Knowing something was wrong, she decided to dig into it a little bit on her own. She did a little bit of research and flash forward five years later, she’s now pain-free.

She has eliminated hundreds of toxins and has returned to total and complete wellness. Her discipline as you’ll hear during her story is unbelievable, but something we can all learn from.


Now she helps others with chronic illnesses make lifestyle changes that will help improve their health. She specifically works with clients with chronic illness, giving them hope and helping them find solutions. It’s never too late to start healthy habits.


In this podcast, we learn how to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and feel great again. That inflammation is the root of all of our problems. Toxins are everywhere and impacting our health and the health of our children. She also tells us how we can eliminate toxins from our everyday life.


Cheryl is over the age of 60 and is not slowing down. So please join us for this awesome podcast and you will see the abundance of energy and knowledge that comes from this woman is incredible.

June 9, 2021

I had a great conversation with Denise Stegall on her show.  Great health tips in just over 30 minutes.  You won’t want to miss our conversation.


May 3/ 2021  On Talk Radio LA



May 3, 2021

Click on the image to listen in.






On the Health, Happiness and Holistic Summit  May 2021

How what you eat impacts your happiness and health.

In order to be healthy, your body needs the phytonutrients from all the colors of the rainbow and it needs you to eat organic.  First you must break the addiction of sugar and synthetic chemicals found in processed and fast food. Those chemicals slow you down and impact your body and brain.

Then as you begin to eat the rainbow, they taste fantastic, and you begin to feel the change in your mood and the health in your body.  Eating well is a foundation of self-love.  There is tremendous joy in going to farmers markets, buying all the colors, cooking all the colors, and then eating all the colors because each color has a gift of health when they work together in the body.  They also bring you happiness, visually and physically.

Highlights of Cheryl’s episode are:

  • Why we should avoid the Standard American Diet
  • Eating well is a foundation of self-love
  • Take back your power and eat for maximum spiritual, physical and emotional health.
  • The benefits of eating the rainbow


April 9, 2021  Interview with Angele Heise



Our special guest, Cheryl Meyer, Health Coach, Award winning Internationally Best Selling Author, Podcaster shares her amazing journey to a pain free life.
Cheryl Meyer suffered from autoimmune disease.  By eliminating hundreds of toxins, she reversed her pain.  Cheryl has a BA from UC-Berkeley and is a health coach from IIN.  Cheryl is an award-winning author, international bestseller, health coach, speaker, local tv host and guest podcaster.  Cheryl has written 4 books on health and toxins available on Amazon and has her own podcast It Feels Good to Feel Good, Futureproof Your Health on Voice America.  Her website is https://cherylmhealthmuse.com She specifically works with clients with chronic illness giving them hope and helping them find solutions.  It is never too late to start healthy habits. Cheryl is available to speak about the toxins in our world that are making us ill.  She is a sought-after expert on toxins, in our food, cleaning, water, minds, including toxic stress and toxic lack of sleep.  She also talks about the impact of toxins for our children and our pet’s health.   Her signature talk is “How Not to Get Sick”. Contact Cheryl for one on one coaching at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com.  Eliminating toxins is a crucial step to regain wellness.  She has her own podcast on health https://bit.ly/cherpodcast.  You can buy her books on Amazon https://bit.ly/cherauthorpg or from https://bit.ly/heavenlytreepress. Cheryl encourages you to listen to your body and to own your own health
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I had the honor of joining Maureen Blake on her The Power of the Tribe Network podcast on Voice America TV. We were discussing my first book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great again which has won 15 awards. If you have a chronic illness, or your child has a chronic illness and you aren’t finding the help that you need, take your health into your own hands. Make changes to your life and products to return to health. Start with food. Food is Medicine. Eat organic, eat real food, cook, stay away from fast, cheap, easy and fake processed/fast foods.
I had horrible pain and autoimmune disease. I no longer have pain. My book will be invaluable for you. https://www.voiceamerica.tv/…/this-episode-is-all-about…
Listen in on our conversation. Maureen Blake is amazing.
If you are not feeling good and think that there is something wrong with your body, then this interview of Cheryl Meyer at The Power of the Tribe TV Network will give you insights on how to eliminate the toxins that can cause diseases and health problems.
Eating the right food can change your life. Improve your health because “It Feels Good to Feel Good”.
Watch here:

2/10/21  Guest on Panel Discussion on Networking and success

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2/5/21  Guest on Rebecca Hall Gruyter’s Radio Show Talking love.  Toxic love and then all my tips to find your soul mate




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Interview in the Wellness Workplace Forum  1/29/21


 Dec 5, 2020 I am a speaker in an international summit.


I was part of the TOUR OF LOVE for Chemo Buddies for Life.  Love this group and their spirit.  I did laughter yoga with them, I hosted a show with Tamara Hunter, their founder, and I was a lip sync singer in their opening number.

Although I have autoimmune disease, other chronic illnesses like cancer are also impacted by inflammation and toxins.  I rewrote my first book It Feels Good to Feel Good to include cancer and heart disease as well as autoimmune. My information is important for every body.


I was on a show from Israel and we had fun talking about stress.  My own podcast is now in 70 countries,  and I write for an international magazine called Brainz….so I love opportunities to expand my international fan base.



I was on the Kevin Gorey Show.  Kevin had double bypass heart surgery at 40.  It would have been a triple except his heart couldn’t handle it, there was too much damage.  He owned his health, he wanted to live and made significant lifestyle changes to heal his heart.  He figured out that the cure was HIM.  He is now a daddy to a beautiful baby and has everything to live for.  He will also be a guest on my show, so watch for it.  I was delighted that we could continue the conversation.

He got my name wrong and fixed it, but I didn’t grab the meme in time to store the corrected on.  What is amusing is that Miller was my Mothers maiden name.  Meyer is my first married name.  I didn’t change it because everyone knew me as Meyer the Buyer (My retail days).  Probably 40% of the time I am called Miller.  It makes me feel warmly connected to that part of my family.

I am episode 11 when you get to the link page.

11/10/20 The Hero Show

This was a really fun podcast to do, so please do take a moment to listen.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today

  • Cheryl shared her experiences in running her business, the clients she works with, and the products and services she offers.
  • How functional medicine doctors have helped us eliminate body toxins, allowing us to feel good and function optimally.
  • We talked about Cheryl’s journey as an entrepreneur. What held her from starting a business?
  • Cheryl discusses the importance of paying attention to what we put into our bodies. Why is cooking your own food highly recommended?
  • What specific skill does Cheryl have that energizes everything in her life – including her business?
  • Cheryl also discussed people who are living in blue zones. What made them live the longest, and what are their principles?
  • Learn Cheryl’s fatal flaw in her business, the things she did – and is currently doing – to rectify it.
  • What is the one thing that Cheryl constantly fights against with her clients?
  • We talked about our favorite cooking oils and what made them beneficial to the body.
  • Who are Cheryl’s own personal heroes or mentors?
  • And Cheryl’s top principles in life that she uses every day that pave her way to the success she found in her journey.


I am passionate to get to Mothers because I am so appalled that 50% of our children have a chronic disease.  Murielle Fellous was kind enough to invite me onto her show which is targeted to Moms.  She is a future guest of my show as well.

10/16/2020 Total Wellness Radio

So much fun doing interviews on my second book back at podcasts that covered my first book.  Dan has become a big supporter.  He wrote the main comment for the back of this book.  And, coming soon, I get to interview him for my show.  He is a great guy and you will enjoy listening to this.  xoxo


10/18/20  Life Lemons and Lemondrops

So much fun to do this podcast with 2 women that I adore and who are making their own mark on the world.


October 19, 2020

Tiffany Cano is an amazing Empath.  I met her when I was a speaker in the summit to earn funding for Marianne Williamsons Presidential campaign.  We have now done each other shows.  Its always a pleasure to talk with her.  I am episode 14 when you get to her podcast page.


The Donna Seebo Show  The Donna Seebo Show | Delphi Vision Broadcasting

August 31, 2020.  This was great fun and I made a new friend in Nigeria.  Tula is an amazing young man.  I liked him so much I hired him to get my own podcast onto all the platforms.  He has two young babies, and is supporting his family by…….Working from Home.

8/24/20 With Tiffany Cano.



8/21/20 G et over it with Monique

I am the Health Muse for her show, and have made multiple visits.  We talk all things health, and have a lot of fun on this show.




8/15/20  Conversation with Jess Intuitive Healer on Toxic Relationships

Jess and I had a fabulous conversation about how harmful to your health toxic relationships are.


7/28/20  Keep it Juicy was a fun show to do as well, and she is a master at marketing.  She advertised the show I was on EVERYWHERE on SOcial Media.  I appreciate her getting my message out.

6/19/20  The COuntry Doctor

I love, love, love Dr Dan and Bekka.  This is the second time I have joined their podcast and its like chatting with family about issues important to all of us.

Lunch and Learn with Mark Tolen Clients  6/30/20

I did a call with all of Mark’s clients talking about how to improve the immune system in this time of pandemics

My interview with Jane Applegath.  One of my favorite all time interviews,  Jane is a Master at getting to the heart of what I want to say.


6/9/20  Terry Wildemann is an empath and we had a wonderful conversation that you won’t want to miss.


6/8/20   Book Talk Radio with Claire Perkins

I always love doing interviews with Claire.  I adore her, and she loves books, and is so easy to talk to. This is Book Talk Radio.

7/8/20 My podcast with Clarissa was a pleasure and we discussed womans issues

If you know me, you know I love, love, love animals.  I had the pleasure of joining Suzanne Thibault on her SPiritual Straight Talk podcast.  Suzanne is an animal empath, and I loved chatting with her and I learned so much from her.  As you may know, I lost all my fur babies when I was researching toxins for my own health, and whereas my kitties had always lived well into their 20s, these guys died at 12, 14, 16.  John, who I married 5 years ago, is terribly allergic to dogs and cats, so I had kind of understood, I would no longer have pets (for the first time in my life).  Well John and I both fell in love with Suzannes book and John surprised me with 2 little orange haired short haired oriental kittens as a result.  Suzanne is very special and I am very grateful.


Great interview with a like minded podcaster.  Fun and interesting

The authors Lane on Facebook.  5/12/20

Great interview about my first book with Sheryl Mays.


An interview on 5/10/20 about my #1 Habit in the Smart Fem Edition book.  Touch it once, and get it done

.1 Habit For Sucess: SmartFem Summit Special Edition by [Steven Samblis, Lea Woodford, Chris Widener, Val Jones, Michelle Sorro, Cheryl Meyer, Christopher Salem, Brad Szollose, Jen DeVore, Lisa Guerrero]





Loved my podcast with Nancy Becher.  She is targeted to people who are housebound, many with autoimmune diseases, to help them run businesses from their homes.  We had a great conversation about how important it it to lowers the toxins in their lives.


What fun to do a podcast with a fellow author who is becoming a friend and is quite an influencer in Ireland.  Great interview.






I am a regular guest on Monique Chapmans Get Over it Podcast.

This is a really fun show.  I have become very fascinated about trees and have chapters in my new upcoming book about Forest Bathing and trees and our health.  This is a fun listen.

Forest Bathing A Natural Detox


11/19/19  Ralph Brogden

  May be an image of text that says 'BUSINESS INNOVATORS RADIO ATHEAM'

Cheryl Meyer: How to Lower Your Toxic Load and Eliminate Chronic Pain

8/9/19 with Kat Sturtz

The 10 Minute Mindset with Mario Porreca

These went live on 4/28/19.  We did 2 podcasts back to back.  One is a quickie on how you are what you eat.  The other is about owning your own health, expecially if you have any chronic illness.  There are lots of lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health.  Click on each meme to hear the 10 minute podcast.


10 Minute Mindset 405 Promo10 Minute Mindset 406 Promo


The Good Deeds Radio Show with Dr. Renee Sunday


dr Renee


Design Your Dream Life with Dr. Drema

Dr. Drema was in France when she interviewed me.  She believes in living your life your way, to the fullest.


design your dream life with dr. drema



3/31/19  De La Fit Podcast

DeLa Fit


A hip podcast talking about health from someone out of the fitness industry.  Great show.


3/9/19 The Art of Eating Podcast

What fun this was to do with 2 natural healing doctors.  They both read my book and got excited to find out more about toxins.  Fun interview to listen to. Ditch the weight by ditching toxins.  https://artofeatingpodcast.wixsite.com/artofeatingpodcast







podcast 2


Audition for the HerStory Womans Conference- 2 minutes



2/19/19  Read With You Presents a podcast geared toward Moms

I am particularly happy to be on Chanelle’s podcast to reach Moms about food, learning disabilities and children.  Ever since I learned that 1 out of 2 of our children already have a chronic illness that they will have for the rest of their life I want to reach Moms.  If you are a Mom, this is important information to know so that your children have a chance to grow up and thrive.




Chanelle Neilson also has a transcript available to be read, which I love.


2/18/19 Interview with The Teachers Recharge

Vegetables for Breakfast

This is pure fun.  Roland is a soccer coach and determined to make teacher’s lives easier.  I respect teachers enormously and was able to share a few health tips that might make their days easier and their bodies healthier.  Roland is high energy and we fed off of each other, making this a totally fun interview.




2/11/19  Interview with Dr. Dan in Wyoming.  The Country Doctor

This was a fun conversation with a Dr. Dan who holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a Board Certified Naturopath who is in complete agreement with my approach to health.  Energetic and great fun.  A very good listen.

Dr. Dan’s philosophy.  He learned this from Jim Rohn, a famous leadership motivational speaker.

“Success is “a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”
Failure is “a few errors in judgment repeated every day.”

This may sound simple, but take a close look at how knowing this can help you amend your philosophy on wellness. We don’t experience poor health overnight. It takes decades of doing the wrong things day in and day out to place us at ailments door. Because there is no catastrophe at the end of the first day, we unfortunately think that it doesn’t matter and we continue to make the same errors over and over.”

I speak on toxic load which is the outcome of making poor choices day after day.  When toxic load tips over the top, that’s when illness begins.

image 100







Is the Life You Live By Design?  With Rustie MacDonald

This was my second time on Rustie MacDonalds show.





I was just honored as a Spirited Woman book pick for the Month of January.


I am very honored that Nancy Mills has included me again on her Top 12 Spirited Woman author and book list for my


book It Feels Good to Feel Good. When I got Autoimmune disease 7 years ago, I eliminated hundreds of toxins from my life over a 5 year period of time, and learned that each toxin eliminated was a step back to health. My book shares where I found the toxins and what I replaced them with. I want to help others with their journey. No one should live a life of pain and pills. This has become my mission and Nancy has supported me since the day that we met.

I have been inspired by Nancy for the last year and 1/2 since my book was published. She is so heart centered. She makes one of a kind scarves that she designs and sells them as limited editions, and a portion of the profits go to different women’s organizations to help women in need. The scarves are treasures, there are women who have collected every single one, and her followers are all over the world. True Spirited Woman Power. To be on her book list means the world to me, because I believe fully in Nancy’s mission..

Please check out the Spirited woman and become a supporter. Nancy does so much good with her work. Her scarves are very special and make fantastic gifts.

And THANK YOU Nancy for honoring me again as a Top 12 book to your extensive following. Much love.



1/30/19 Get Over It with Monique Chapman

I am a monthly guest on Monique Chapman’s podcast Get Over It. I am her health expert. This week we discussed Fast Food and Processed Food This is definitely worth the listen.
Get informed and save your health and your families health. (Especially your kids)


Get over it





jen podcast adventuring the girl life


Jennifer is a coach and trainer but most importantly a Mom concerned about issues related to health.  Great interview.




1/5/19  Tamara Hunters Service Heroes


Tamara is an amazing woman who has a video show right on Facebook.  She has a cancer support group and she highlights others that she considers to be service hunter.  My friend Dr. Marlena Sherman nominated me for this show, and it was an honor to participate in a small way in Tamara’s work.

Do you want to feel good?  Check out my interview.







I was featured in an LA Magazine called LA Voyager as an influencer in the Los Angeles area.

voyage la


12/7/18  With LuAnna Helena on Creatively Speaking



I shared more of my own personal story and also why I want to inspire everyone to lower their toxic load.  Whether you currently are well, or if you are struggling with chronic illness, this interview will give you some insight into the root causes of getting well and staying well.





Get over it

Get Over It with Monique Chapman

I started my 12 part series on health on Moniques’ podcast.  Monique is a great listener and interviewer, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to share information with her loyal followers.

Our first episode was on Organic, vs Conventionally Grown vs GMO foods. Why you want to eat organic.  The Clean 15/ Dirty Dozen.  Why Organic is worth the cost.



Dare to be Authentic RADIO

This ended up being a great interview and it is jam packed with great information about cleaning up toxins and my book It Feels Good to Feel Good.  We also touched on how much I love to coach and help others return to wellness.

Whats the connection with being authentic? Well I have walked in my clients shoes, and told that I was going to live a life of pain and pills.  I stopped everything, owned my own health and returned to wellness.  My clients respond to how authentic I am because I know and can “feel” their pain.


dare to be authentic


11/21/18  Interview with Martin Ramos, Monrovia, CA Ambassador for his Community Group

I had the opportunity to speak last week to Martin Ramos community group. I met Martin through the Chamber of Commerce. (Monrovia, CA)  Martin is an ambassador. It was an honor to speak to his group. Its a fun tape to listen to Thank you Martin. I am passionate to help everyone discover what i have learned to be healthy and thrive.

Cheryl with Martin at Monrovia High School












Success Champions with Donnie Boivin

Donnie is a great guy and I had a wonderful time being a guest on his show. He is a great interviewer. He has a podcast that is in the top 100 on ITunes, that you should listen to. This is the link to the podcast that I did with him.

Success Champion Listen to the Podcast
Android https://bit.ly/2Af5crX
iTunes https://apple.co/2DEJ51s

success champions


Freedom from Addiction with Rev Winn Henderson

Reverend Henderson has the longest running spiritual show and usually covers addiction.  As a medical doctor, he decided to interview me about my book and toxins, and loved my passion to let the world know about where the toxins are and how they are making us sick.  We did get to cover sugar addiction, how how it lights up the brain like a pinball machine, and turns off our hormones that regulate our appetite.  It was a great show.

Freedom from Addiction Ii


11/12/18  The Annie Jennings PR GroupPODCAST

Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation & Feel Good Again

This was fun, because I had 7 minutes to do my “elevator” pitch about my book and the dangers of toxins.  Its a quick listen and well worth your time.