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One on One Coaching, in my office in Monrovia, CA, by phone, by Skype or Zoom.

I am available for one on one coaching.  Fill out the form below to set up your “tell me your story” session.  This is free and there is no obligation.  It would introduce me to you and allow you to decide whether you think I could help you.


Where are you planning to live if you don’t take care of your body?

I can be the inspiration for you to reach your health goals so that you can enjoy wellness and happiness!  I will hold you accountable so that this time you WIN.


Discover how to live the life you want NOW.  You CAN have it all, and live the life of your dreams.

If you have pain, I can unlock the keys to reverse it.

If you have inflammation, I can help you put out the fire.

You do NOT have to live with the pain. 

You do NOT need to take tons of pills that cover up the pain. 

There is a better way.

You can lose weight without dieting. I can help you decode why you weigh what you weigh and what got you there. It has nothing to do with willpower.  Losing the weight depends upon you eating Real Food.  I can help you discover how to lose weight as a result of your focus on being healthy.  They work hand in hand. I am talking sustainable weight loss.  Its important to stop counting calories and start counting chemicals.

I do my best work with clients who suffer from inflammation which includes diabetes, autoimmune disease, weight, cancer, brain fog, memory loss, beginning Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, stroke recovery and more.

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  • Group Coaching, in my office in Monrovia, California or via Zoom

I can cover the same topics as one on one coaching, but you would have the added advantage of a lower group rate, and you would have the group to support you in your journey.

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  • Hire me to speak

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I teach everyone where the toxins are and what to replace them with to lower their toxic load.

I help people discover why Food Quality Matters.  You become what you eat, and your body needs Real Food.

My focus is on toxins in our world that are making us ill. I am an autoimmune disease and chronic pain survivor.

TOXINS  These are everywhere in our lives and they are making us sick. Identifying the toxins, and how to live without them.  This is the subject of my book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and feel great again.  Although the book was targeted to people with inflammation and autoimmune disease, the subject should be interesting to everyone to create a healthy future for themselves, for their families and ultimately, for the earth.

My talks help people live healthier lives.




Past speaking engagements


Sept 30, 2018 Food Quality Matters First Congressional Church of Long Beach

Aug 14, 2018 Natural Grocers Sedona, Arizona, toxins and 20 steps to healthy living

Feb 13, 2018 Stroke Survivors at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.

Feb 22, 2018  Stroke victims  California Mission Inn

6/14/18  Fresh Inspirations a womans speaking event in Burbank, CA


12/13/17  Stroke Survivors at Arcadia Methodist Hospital

Lunch and learn- Tolan, Tolan and Tolan sponsors, Holy Name of Mary church San Dimas.   September 27, 2017

August 9, 2017 Corporate Lunch and Learn  It Feels Good to Feel Good, toxins, where they are, how to purge them, what to replace them with.  Corporate clients Tolan, Tolan and Tolan  Marie Calendars San Dimas, California

August 3, 2017  Corporate Lunch and Learn
It Feels Good to Feel Good, toxins, where they are, how to purge them, what to replace them with.  Office Staff Tolan, Tolan and Tolan  San Dimas, California

July 12, 2017  Arcadia Methodist Hospital Cancer Survivors, Questions and Anwers on the Toxins in our everyday life and why it is so important to purge them.  The importance of Primary Food (the 12 elements that bring us happiness and joy)

.June 21, 2017 Arcadia Methodist Hospital Cancer Survivors, Toxins and Cancer, how It Feels Good to Feel Good applies to cancer, 11 ways that a Cancer survivor can support their bodies to become stronger. healthier and cancer free


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