FREE EBOOK Its Not Complicated Eating Healthy What to Eat


Are you confused about what to eat for your health?


When clients join my Ditch the SAD and STOP EATING CRAP class, one of the first questions I am often asked is why should I believe you?  Everyone and their uncle has a different opinion on how to eat, what makes you think that your way is the correct way?


So my free flip book is dedicated to all the people who want a deeper conversation about why to eat real whole foods.

I lost 65 pounds by eating this way, and I regained my health from autoimmune disease.  I want everyone to know just how great it feels to feel good.


I have also now gotten tremendous results from multiple clients who have ditched the sugar and chemicals in the traditional American diet, and they have had amazing health benefits from following my program.


The longer that I am a health coach, the clearer that it has become that how to eat is truly NOT complicated.  So I did some research on how we got to be so confused.  I think you will be surprised at my conclusions.


And I am more convinced than ever that Food Quality Matters, and that the answer to our health issues as a society comes down to eating whole organic foods, from a farm as close to us as possible, and that eating the entire rainbow and as much diversity as possible is the key to living a long life and feeling GREAT.


I have articles about food in my free digital magazine, that I also recommend that you read.  And an article about children and why we must start to feed them this way.


This book answers the following questions:


  • How did we get into this mess in the first place?

  • What we absolutely shouldn’t be eating.  Some have argued that anything and everything in moderation is fine.  So let me ask you, would you tell a heroin addict that a little heroin in moderation would be just fine?  I really see what not to eat as a non-negotiable, and I make that a argument in this chapter.  The “just a little bit, in moderation” mindset keeps you hooked on the grey, fake, synthetic food filled with chemicals and little food value.

So if I am sharing what I think is non-negotiable to ditch, what do I recommend instead?  I make my argument about eating real whole organic rainbow foods and why its so important.

My mission is to change the way America eats, and then to inspire everyone to adopt the other 20 pillars of health.  You will find the full list in an article in my free magazine.

Dis-ease is not inevitable, we can control what happens to our health as we age, we just have to get past all of the gaslighting and take back our health.


I would love to get your feedback after you read my book.  Please email me at