Dirty Dozen Plus/ Clean 15 List of GMOs

“Eat a healthy diet; health is multi-factional. Eat the rainbow-all the nutrients, phytochemicals, catechins flavanols, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids create a synergy to create resistance to disease and a sense of vitality.  Eat low sugar, low chemicals, no processed or fast food.   Include healthy omega 3 fats and fiber.

Eat as if you were naked on the African serengetti with nothing but a sharp spear — what could you catch, hunt, fish or gather? Because whatever you could hunt, fish, gather or pluck is likely to be very good for you.”   Quote from Dr. Jonny Bowden, Functrional Nutritionist

May be an image of text that says 'Health is multi-factorial... all nutrients, phytochemicals, catechins, flavanols, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids work together in a synergistic way to create resistance to disease and a sense of vitality. No one ingredient alone can shoulder the burden. ~Jonny Bowden www.jonnybowden.com/blog'

I realize that buying everything organic can be difficult on a budget.  I offer 2 ways to get started.  First of all, if the veggie or the fruit is on the Dirty Dozen side of this card, this is where you spend your organic budget.  These fruits and veggies have oodles of poisons on them so you are getting an unhealthy dose of toxins with every bite.


If its on the clean 15, you do not need to buy organic.


These are the GMO fruits and veggies.  These either are grown with BT Toxin right in them or are bio created to be doused in extreme amounts of Round Up (Glyphosate) which has now lost Billions in Lawsuits for being carcinogenic.  You do NOT want these toxins in your body.  BT Toxin is causing extreme allergies and continues to replicate in your gut giving you and endless supply of its toxin.  It is also killing our pollinators.

AVOID these items unless you buy them organic.  Look for the non GMO label.


Use Omega-3 oils  Avoid Omega-6 oils