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Have you ever thought about all of the different colors of fruits and veggies and what gifts they offer to your body?


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This class will run sometime in the early summer.  I am rewriting this course and it will be loaded with fantastic information.



 Food Quality Matters- Eliminate Toxins from Your Food

December 17, 2018

Val P

Cheryl is a wealth of Information .
Her Video Training is AMAZING!

My Husband and I have adopted Cheryl’s Healthy eating and living habits.
We are Extremely GRATEFUL
Our health has improved so much!

Cheryl has a way of making healthy living
simple , sensible, and
It’s actually fun to be healthy!

God has blessed so many of us through her!
Cherylmhealthmuse has found her True Calling.    

Nov 26 at 09:35 am

Ruth M

Important information

Cheryl provides valuable information that you need to know about GMO food and how it can affect your life as well as learning about other toxins that inhabit our food that is produced by the big time companies. She is fun and gives you what you need to know in a lively way that keeps you interested and wanting more.

Nov 21 at 12:37 pm


 Food Quality Matters- Eliminate Toxins from Your Food

Janette S

Transformational information

Cheryl is an excellent instructor and has such great knowledge based on her research but the best thing about her is the passion and way she presents the info in an easy to understand manner. She really wants you to be healthier and gives you great ways to do so from the very first class.

About the class

Nature is amazing. Each color is loaded with nutrients and phytochemicals so that our bodies can run at an optimum. They work together synergistically to produce health. Instead of looking for another pharmaceutical drug to make you feel better, how about eating more colors and variety of real food.

Your body wants to heal and keep you healthy. You just need to give it the building blocks so that it can.

Want to learn more about the gifts of color in your food? Sign up for my 6 part class Food Matters on the Learning Center in the Wellness Universe. I just wrote the second class and it is loaded with wonderful information about the gift of color to your body and what they can do to keep you strong and healthy. And if you are sick, or have any type of chronic illness, you will learn how colors are some of the tools you need to make you healthy again.

You can sign up for my class here:

The classes are now on video and available to watch at your convenience.


The 5 classes will be $199 for all 5.  You will learn where toxins are in your food and the tools you can implement by yourself to regain your health, to stay healthy, or to raise healthy children.

I am sharing all of the research that I did to reverse my own inflammation and pain. I will always have autoimmune disease, but I no longer have pain. I promise, I will make it worth your while.
Join me. The classes are now virtual.  When you sign up, you can watch the videos at your own convenience.  They are jam packed with important information.

Class 1-Vegetables/ fruit- GMO vs Conventional vs Organic, tips for eating organic on a budget
90 Minute Session
Class 2-The gift of color-what each color veggie has to offer your body
60 Minute Session
Class 3-Processed Food/ Fast Food Why they are harming your health.
60 Minute Session
Class 4-Detoxing off of sugar, Real Sugar/ Fake sugar/ drinking soda
60 Minute Session
Class 5-Protein- Animal or Veggie/ Dairy /Canned Goods/oils
60 Minute Session

 Coming soon.