Weight loss

You have been deceived. (Along with the rest of us)

Get off the treadmill.  Don’t eat to lose weight.  Eat to be healthy. 


Get off the dieting treadmill.  You aren’t getting anywhere.

What does that mean?  Stop buying into the latest diet. 

Stop trying to lose it all in 1 week, you didn’t gain it in a week, you gained it over a lifetime.

At this point, you don’t even expect to win at dieting so stop it already.  I never want you to diet again.

This is the time to change your eating habits and to eat real food. 

What do I mean by real food?  Real organic veggies and fruits.  Pastured grass fed grass finished meats. Eat the good fats. Eliminate the sugar. Eat for health.  And move for health.

And, no it won’t break the bank.   And…..you are worth it!

And I bet this even resonates with you.  It did for me.  In my heart of hearts I knew this, I just didn’t do it.

Big Food, Big Agriculture and Big Pharma don’t want you to win.  They actually put fake ingredients into processed foods and fast foods to “HOOK” you to eat more than you need.  They are addictive on purpose.  SUGAR is horrible for you.  It is 8x more addictive than cocaine.


Have you been told your entire life that you need more will power?

Guess what.  That is NOT true.  You are probably addicted to sugar and you are probably addicted to chemicals in processed and fast food that make your system CRAVE More.

Scientifically, these ingredients mess around with your hormones and turn off your appestat that controls hunger.  You haven’t stood a chance.

I wish I had know this earlier. I would have been so much kinder to myself.   Now its time for you to be kinder to yourself.

You can lose weight and I can inspire you to find the path back to health.  Break your addiction to these substances, and you aren’t hungry anymore.  You regain your food freedom.  Now you can focus on HEALTH and being healthy.

This is a  recent facebook video from early Feb 2019. I have raised the price on my courses, but if you email me, I will give you a code so that you can take these courses for the price I mention in this video. Email me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com

This video has my most up to date philosophy about weight loss.




Lets reframe what you want to do. 

You will no longer concentrate on weigh loss.  You will concentrate on health gain. 

You won’t count calories because you will be eating plants and clean meat and you don’t NEED to count calories.  They are not loaded with tons of calories like processed and fast foods.

You will systematically remove toxic chemicals from your life. 

And, Ripleys Believe It or Not, you will return to a normal weight. I

I want to show you how to eat for your future health.  I have a class for this.  Its not expensive because I want to share this information with EVERYONE.  And of all the people who have gone through this class in the last 2 years, all have lost weight and won but one, and she refused to eat real fruits and veggies.  The focus is on learning to eat for your health and the weight takes care of itself.

The class will begin again in January and you can read the testimonials from my clients who have already taken it.  Get more information here

Ditch Your Diet Program – Cheryl M Health Muse

Testimonials from my Stop Eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) and Cut the CRAP (Carbonated, Refined, Artificial, Processed) Class – Cheryl M Health Muse

AND your win is so much greater than this, because you will return to health.

Your body wants to heal.  You just have to give it the right building blocks to be able to do that.

What does a return to health mean? 

A stronger immune system. 

Less pain.  Less stress.  7 hours of sleep or more.  A better mood.  A happier life. More energy  Less illness. Balanced sugar levels. A normalized weight. More joy.  Happier relationships.  A body that will allow the real you to shine.


End your chronic pain.

Reverse your chronic illness

Balance your sugar levels in your blood

Lose your weight

Get better sleep

Reduce your stress

Improve your mood

Improve your energy

Improve your relationships

Lower your anxiety

Work with me.  Show up as your best you to the world.

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Call me at 626 3992304 and Tell me your story.  We can put together a plan to get excess body weight behind you.  Its time to return to health and stop fighting this weight loss thing and all the negatives that come with it.