Makeup and skin care products

An  oil free makeup with good coverage for old skin

Organic makeup.  I use their concealer, their blush, their powder, Love  You can buy small samples of their products.  For all of the cosmetics I have bought and hated in my life, this is brilliant.  Double Love

I use their lipsticks even though they are a  5 on Skin Deep  The rating is high but better than what I was previously using.  You can purchase this at Sprouts and Whole Foods

I use both  their mascara and their eyeliner  A unique formula that doesn’t run.  They are high, a 5 on the Skin Deep data base,  However  My eyes were the first area where my toxic alarm went off, maybe 10 years ago.  All mascaras and eyeliners bothered my eyes.  Even organic and natural.  This doesn’t bother me, so I will continue to use this.

At the same time I was struggling with mascara, I began to have a terrible problem with deodorant.  I stumbled on this product in a Glamour magazine article maybe 8 years ago.  The maker has MS, and needed to create this for herself.  Its magic.  It comes in 2 flavors, both are wonderful.  And, you can buy a small sample to try it out.

Perfumes  Throw them out.  Toxic  I use a nice smelling essential oil in a little carrier oil when I want to smell pretty.  My body thanks me.



I have tried dozens of products and finally found this fantastic line.  From skin care to body shampoo to shampoo and facial wash, this line is all a 1 on the skin care data base.  No toxins.  The owner got skin cancer and her biochemical loving husband created this line for her.

My head had been itchy for over 20 years.  Ends up, I was allergic to my shampoo.  My head and skin are super happy now.  If you buy in groups, there is a nice discount.

There are samples available for some of these items, so you can try them out.  You won’t be disappointed getting the toxins off your body and your skin.

They also make a dog skin care line.  I have a friend whose dog was suffering from a skin condition, and this did the trick.

Nail Polish


One of the most toxic items in your cosmetic tool box.  Zoya solves the issue.   Also check out their polish remover.

My  bath

I take a bath almost every night.  It is part of my primary food, and a favorite part of my day.  However, bath products are often loaded with toxins.

I use Epsom salts,  and the a capful of Argon oil (I have super dry skin and this has solved my issue.  I am sure it has helped to remove the toxins too)

EO  French Lavender Bubble Bath  It isa a 5 on the Skin Deep Data base. Most bubble baths are far worse.

I love this stuff and buy it from Thrive Market.  For a small membership fee, you can save on tons of healthy products, 25-40%  Get over $49 and they ship for fee.  I buy my laundry detergent, my dishwasher detergent, my soap to wash dishes, my Ghee (Clarified butter) that I use instead of butter and love, my bubble bath, my Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother there, and many more products.  A brilliant store.  They have started selling live food.  I haven’t ordered my vegies there yet, but sure I will down the line.

Argon Oil  This is expensive, but better for my dry skin than all the things I have tried over the course of my life.  I use ½ a capful in my bath at night.  It’s pretty amazing stuff.



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