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When I started on my journey back to health I discovered the Functional approach, also known as Root Cause medicine.

What was interesting is that all of the doctors and practitioners that I started following had also been sick.  Traditional medicine, in their own practices, was not helping them get well and they searched for something more for themselves and for their patients.   What they have all found is additional training in a functional approach to medicine.

The basic theory is that if you are sitting on a tack, and you take pharmaceuticals, you might relieve the pain for a while, or mask the condition and feel better, it might even control symptoms, but you are still sitting on a tack.

A root cause approach stops and looks to find and then remove the tack.  They believe that by taking care of your body, healing your gut, and feeding your body nutrients, your body has an amazing ability to cure itself.

Functional doctors might still prescribe pharmaceuticals, but that would be in addition to focusing on helping the body heal its different systems to work together.  In most cases this is done by eating healthy, using herbs, and some supplements.

My approach to heal through food and clearing out toxins would be in addition to what your own doctor (functional or conventional) has prescribed for you to do and doesn’t interfere with his or her recommendations for you in any way.

Approaching my health from this perspective has been a Godsend.  I have learned so much in my own quest to heal, and I want to work with you to improve your health by helping you eat the nutrients that fuel and heal your body.

The second thing that I learned was what is being done to our food supply.  I was appalled. It doesn’t make sense to me that spraying our food with massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides can possibly be good for our bodies.  Beyond that, there are toxins everywhere in our lives; in our food, our cleaning supplies, our skin care and cosmetics, our fabrics, in our perfumes and air fresheners, beyond our homes and in our air.  Cleaning out these toxins is a critical step to health.  With the help of the EWG site, which has put enormous research into uncovering the toxins, I have been able to cut the amount of toxins in my life down substantially. 

I want to help guide you do that too. I wrote a book about all of the toxins I found and purged in my journey back to health, and if  you buy the book and write to me, I provide a workbook so that it is an easy process to eliminate these toxins and lower your toxic load.  My book is It Feels Good to Feel Good, and you can buy it on Amazon or here on my website.

All these things are impacting our lives and the lives of our children.  I am becoming an Army of One, to coin a phrase from Howard Lymann (an expert on factory farming) to bring awareness to my community and to families about what Big Business is doing to our lives, our children and our food.


I want to change the way America eats.  I believe that this will happen by sharing knowledge of what is in our processed food products, which includes boxed, frozen food products, fast food,  processed restaurant foods that are purchased in little baggies and arranged on plates.  83% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy in a new study and it is attributed directly to what America is eating.  Its why our health care system is broken and why 54% of our children have a chronic illness.  It is believed that it was also why the United States got hit so hard with Covid-19.  Our lifespan in the US is now 57th in the world.

So I want  to help as many people as I can with what I have learned about how to eat and live for health.  The old adage, do you want eat to live, or live to eat? Cleaning up your food and your environment, and dealing with your everyday stress will make an enormous difference in your health, and it can happen with some simple lifestyle changes.

There were so many things wrong with me, from years of my own neglect that I have now found solutions for.  I can be of great assistance leading you towards a healthier life.  I have personal experience to share, and am quite passionate to share it with you.  I also have the training from IIN (the Institute of Integrative Nutrition) to back my personal knowledge up with a broad educational perspective.

I want to inspire you to be your own health advocate and give you the tools to be able to do that.  We will design a program together that will resonate with you.   As your health muse, I will provide “excuse-proof’” accountability and on-going support so that you will be inspired to acquire and sustain the benefits of positive habits and shifts on a long-term basis.

You will learn how to form these habits while eating delicious food, and enjoying your life to its fullest, your way. And you will learn to take care of you, each step of the way.

All of this will be done with the highest ethics and integrity. And it will be done with compassion.  I have walked in your shoes. And it will be done with joy and laughter, which are also important components of health.

I will support you with recipes, label-reading exercises, gmo training, new ways to take care and replenish you, and a new perspective of how to view health and how to participate in your own wellness. I will open up the door to the kingdom of good health.

I want to teach you how to clean up your food, your environment, and your life for a healthier you and for healthier family.  The statistics are astonishing; the increase in diabetes, autism, cancer, and disease in children as well as adults in our county, is overwhelming.  Cleaning up your life will give you and your family a better chance for long and a healthy life.  Understanding what is happening to our food system, and learning to work around it, is critical for a healthier family.

Let me be your health muse.  Click here to set up a time when you can “tell me your story.”  I promise I will listen and I will hear you.  This is free, with no obligation.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to tell your story to a sympathetic ear and be heard?  You can decide afterwards if you want to hire me or not.  We can go from there.



What I can teach you does not interfere with your doctor’s care, and is in addition to what your doctor is recommending. As you work with me, we will find healthy solutions that are life style related. Simple changes can make an enormous difference in your health. I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician.  As your certified health coach, I can help you in different ways than those health professionals. As your health coach, I will provide the support to make the changes necessary for wellness. We won’t just talk about food, and eating clean and healthy recipes, we will talk about your food sensitivities, sleep, primary food (things you do to replenish your soul), your life balance, ANTS*, breathing, stress, and cleaning toxins out of your body, your environment, your cosmetics, and your life.  Working together we will clean up your gut, which is the gateway to health. I will listen and “hear” what you are telling me so that together we will find sustainable solutions to solve your health problems. We will spend delicious time together all about you. I will teach you to “own” your own health, and become your own health advocate.  I will teach you to enhance the care that you are getting from the other health professionals by being a fully present partner.


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