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The #1 objection I get to eating healthy is people tell me they can not afford it.  So, I put together an ebook of the 30 ways they can save on healthy food.  In all honesty, you can’t afford not to eat healthy.  I see is as pay now….or pay later.

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People are always surprised when I tell them skin is an inside job.  Your gut directly impacts your skin.  Ecema and Psorisis are both autoimmune related diseases.  If you clean up your gut, you clean up your skin.  Your skin is your largest organ so what you put on your skin also needs to be clean.  Before you start to take harsh medications for your skin issues, even acne, eat more vegetables and fruits of all the colors of the rainbow and read my book.  My clients have amazing results.

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In this ebook I explain how damaging stress is to the body and what we can do about it.    First you need to understand stress.  When you have chronic stress it lead to disease and I explain the mechanism in my ebook.  One of the reasons that I believe I got autoimmune disease was because I stopped paying attention to my body and I was not doing self care.  I have learned amazing exercises that can be done for stress, and to keep blood flowing to the brain all day long.  Best of all, most of these exercises are short and require no tools.    All types of life experiences create stress, but I believe one of the main areas that create stress is the work place.   Being an entrepreneur with my own business, I thought stress was a good thing because it made me accomplish more each and every day.  But it ends up, being chased by a tiger every day is something that the body can not handle.  I depleted my cortisol and got leaky gut, which is explained in the book.

This book could be a life savor for you.  If you follow the exercises that I outline in the book each day, it probably will help save your health.