These are my radio and broadcast interviews starting with the newest first.

2/6/18  Tell Me Your Story radio show with Richard Dugan

This is a great interview that I did with a radio show in Santa Barbara.  This is loaded with information and worth the listen.

tell me your story

 1/29  Talk in the Night with Paranormal Phil

This was a complete hoot to do.  Phil actually sees dead people, and his show is all about UFO’s and Psychic phenomena.  I asked Phil why he wanted to talk about my book, and he said he was fascinated by the topic and every once in a while he liked to cover different information.  It was a great interview and lots of fun to do and I got tons of hits on my website while we were on air.  This is a walk on the wild side.  *smile*  No actually its all about toxins, which is a walk on the dark side.

 paranormal phil

1/19/18  My podcast with Linda Fulkerson.

This is a podcast that I did with Linda Fulkerson who has a podcast targeted for authors.  It explains why I felt the need to write the book, and a bit about my process, my story, and why I was so passionate about toxins and health to write a non fiction book about it.linda fulkerson 1


My interview with Billionaire Brown

I can’t find the entire interview that we did, but he did post this rather hillarious excert of me teaching him how to do the 4-7-8 Dr. Andrew Weil breathing exercise.

The first clip is me talking about the foods on the Dirty Dozen


This is me teaching Billionaire Brown how to do the Dr. Andrew Weil breathing exercise to reset his parasympathetic nervous system.

Its hillarious.

1/15/18  My interview with Gary Karp

passionate talk


1/8/18  My podcast from the Mike the Gardener show

I look a bit like a balloon, I was in the middle of a mold detox when this was recorded in December.  So, ignore that.  The information that I discussed in this show is invaluable to your health.  Enjoy.

Mike the Gardner

12/19/17  Authors First Interview

artist First

1213/17  Healthy with Deanna  “Healthy and Beauty starts in the Gut “

This is the link to Deanna Lyn’s entire show and to the show notes.

Get Healthy

Necie Edwards  Fibromyalgia information


November 21, 2017

On the air with Necie.




The Summit with my interview with Necie is live on Dec 13, 2017.  There are 5 speakers about chronic pain, starting Dec 11, Monday.  Sign up here.

Necie is a survivor of Fibromyalgia.  I taped a visual interview with her for her Holiday Special, tips to survive the Holiday Season.Seasonal Solidarity #3 (LinkedIn specs)


12/5/17 was a banner day.  I did 4 podcasts in one day.  I will post them as I get the MP3’s.

This podcast was with Dr. Michael Pound, an Integrative doctor that believes in a holistic approach to health.  Its a great podcast.  Take a listen here.



11/29/17  Bedroom Radio

Not sure how to only list my part of the call, but last night, 11/29/17  I did a fun podcast out of Chicago, and we all have such a fun time, I am invited back every couple of weeks.  This podcast is great because you get a feeling for my personality.  I was the feisty grandmother on the call with them.  BUt I am on a mission to get people to “Clean up and Thrive” and have a good time doing it.





I had a phenominal interview with Necie Edwards about toxins and autoimmune disease.  We then shifted in how to reduce stress for the holidays.

This is a must listen for anyone coping with autoimmune disease.  I am very proud of this interview, and it is a pleasure to be on air with Necie.  Like me, she too has autoimmune disease and wants to get information out to anyone suffering with any of the autoimmune diseases.  We made a great team today.  11/21/2017  Click on the radio photo below to hear the interview.  This is a radio show in Illinois, and Necie is on a mission to help others return to wellness.



 With Claire Perkins after winning her award for best self help book.  11/19/17

On the air with Francesca, from Maine to Boston  Saturday 11/4/17


Live on Facebook with The Wellness Universe 11/3/17

We had connection problems but it ended up getting my message out anyway.  Wellness Universe is a great platform for healing professionals to showcase their missions.  You can find it on line on Facebook at The Wellness Universe 11/3/17 11 AM.

Pursuit of Balance Podcast Interview  Andy Armento

Airing January 2018

Andy stopped his crazy business life that was taking him away from his family week after week, and his show addresses how important Balance is in life.  We had a great talk about the things that cause autoimmune disease.

Mature Preneurs Talk: Podcast Interviews (Diana Todd-Banks)

Diana’s show is geared towards folks 50+.  We talked about how to keep them well and how they can redefine themselves later in life to find their mission.


KC ARMSTRONG  10/24/17 and 10/5/17

KC used to be a sidekick of Howard Stern, but he now has his own station and focuses on The Worlds Greatest People.  It was a honor to be on his show twice.  Unbelievablably guy.

I was invited back to the KC Armstrong show Tuesday 10/24/17 

There is an error in what I said (I got excited on air)   the lining of the stomach isn’t one cell thick, the lining of the gut is one cell thick, and when it gets punctured is when you have an issue with leaky gut.


gold mike


WMAP Radio interview with KC Armstrong  Friday October 6, 2017   5 pm.




THE AUTHOR SHOW September 22, 2017  and again on  9/26/2017

Image1 Author Show  September 22 2017



This is an interview that I did with Claire Perkins when I was in London. Claire started Book Talk Radio to showcase independent authors in their quest to get visibility.  She has been marketing her authors all over social Media.  Such fun.  Take a listen.  August 23, 2017


Watch this spot, more to come

Ideas to Books podcast  12/5/17  Live 1/19/18

evoke STRONG live with Elaine Dusetzina  Live on Facebook 2/9/18

“Other ways to do pain management without pills.” with Lisa 5/2/18