Primary Food Recommendations

  • Practice Gratitude.

I write down 5 things I am grateful for from the day before every morning.  It sent my mindset for the day and I start off in a positive space.  Highly recommended you practice gratitude on a regular basis.

  • Massage

Find someone with magic hands to give you a massage on a regular basis.  Its great for your body and your mind and an important part of self care.

  • Meditation

I love Kris Carr’s meditations.  She has a lovely energy, and put stage 4 cancer into remission several years ago.   Her book is Crazy Sexy Cancer, and she is worth following.

  • Breathing

Breathing is a critical part of self-care.  I use the Dr. Weil exercise.  I use it several times a day, I use it when I first get up and if I cannot sleep, I use it when I first go to bed.  It is so good for you.  See the method here.

It is not hard, and does not take up a lot of time.

This was a discovery through IIN my school.  It’s really an amazing process.

Buy a really nice journal, and when you first get up in the morning, do some automatic writing.  I write different things on different days.  Remember to also stay grateful and joyful, but let your writing direct where you go with the days writings.  Super creative, bring clarity to your dreams and intent to your process.  Highly recommended.

  • Exercise

Body and Brain Yoga

This is Korean Tai Chi.  Its whole body movement, and includes stretching, resistance, spiritual elements that work up a sweat.  They also teach belly button exercise with a wand that exercises all of the organs from our original source of life.  I do not like to exercise, and I love this.  Wonderful owners/teachers, and the other students in the class are warm, friendly and encouraging.

The Belly Button Wand

This is an amazing tool that both my husband and I use.  We have now purchased an aura machine, and can take a photo of your energy.  We show clients how the use of the Belly Button Wand can make a big difference in the balance of the colors of the chakra in their aura.

The theory is that the belly button is the beginning of our life.  By vibrating our belly button we can exercise our organs, and improve our inner health bringing warmth and healing to the body.

There is a noticable difference in the aura after 3 minutes of belly button wand use.

Highly recommended.

Dr. Emeran Mayers, executive director of the USLA Oppenheimer Center for the Neurobiology of Stress, author of the Brain But Connection,  a highly renowed Neuroscientist at UCLA is a big proponent and has done the testing to prove its results. button wand

I have an ebook on how important it is to release stress on an hourly basis by doing 1-3 minute exercises every hour on the hour for sale in my store.  This tips will release your stress, reset your parasympathetic nervous system, and improve your productivity.    Highly recommended.


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