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You hurt.

You just don’t feel good.

You are more tired when you get up than when you went to bed and you were tired then.

You have anxiety and have tons of stress.

You can’t lose weight.

You are bloated and puffy.

You have Gerd.

You are constipated.

You have skin problems, digestive problems, headaches, hay fever.

You feel alone.

You doctor doesn’t get whats wrong with you. He only wants to throw pills at you.

This was me 7 years ago. I found the path back to health. My book shares all the secrets that I learned. You can feel great again. This is the manual that I wish I had when I got sick.

Reduce the toxins in your life.

You will be healthier.

You should buy my book.

I teach you where the toxins are and what to replace them with.

You will thank me.


When is the last time you felt good?

Take your life back today. What are you waiting for?

My book will change your life. 

All of those symptoms are caused by inflammation.




Inflammation=autoimmune diseases, cancer, strokes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, probably autism, Type I and Type II diabetes, obesity. psoriasis, eczema. asthma, hayfever

Inflammation in your child= Type I or II diabetes, obesity, ADHD, Skin diseases, seizures, autism, and asthma

This book identifies where the toxins are in your life and what to replace them with.

There is no magic pill.  But if you own your own health and eliminate the toxins, you can change your health.


It can be done.  I did it.  This book shares all the things I learned to get back my health.

I couldn’t get out of bed 6 years ago because I had so much pain.  My doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me so I did my own research.

Ends up, I had autoimmune disease.

Toxins= Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut=Inflammation

Eliminating inflammation= return to health.

By eliminating all the toxins I could find in my life, I reversed much of my inflammation and eliminated most of my pain.

I no longer hurt, have fatigue, have headaches, am puffy, have brain fog, am constipated, have upset digestion, bad skin, annoying hay fever symptoms.  I have lost 45 pounds.

I feel great again.

These are reviews from readers:

“Amazing!  Amazing! Amazing! I first want to say thank you and (big hugs).  Your book may have saved my life.  I’m 45 years old and have been struggling with unanswered symptoms for at least 5 years and all conventional doctors want to do is wash me away with medication.  You have saved some of the best years of my life with your information.  Thank you so much.”  Lisa

“Your book and website have been very helpful guiding next steps while providing a beacon of hope for my fibromyalgia.”
With gratitude and peace,
Rachel H
I love your book I want to buy more for all my friends for Christmas! You’re an amazing writer and changing the world for the better thank you so much.  Cat

July 22, 2019   Our in-house book critics received your book It Feels Good To Feel Good from Amazon company, our direct online partner re-seller, and an independent book scout who scouted books from different publishing companies. This book has obtained positive reviews and graded A-evaluation (96.44%) from Sarah Wilson, one of our professional book critics. It is believed that your book shows so much potential and we are interested to have your book in our physical bookstore. That being said as well, this is now a highly recommended book for our upcoming events as our 5th entry out of the TOP 10 books for the Health & Fitness category.””My name is Caitlyn Hepburn of Authors Press.

“Cheryl Meyers, Thank you, Thank you. I thought I was doing well at clean eating but, after reading your book I learned so much more. I appreciate that you never wrote anything that I couldn’t understand. I love the “Big Takeaways “at the beginning of every chapter because it helped to zone in on the important topics . What blew me away was the danger in so many cosmetics. I also thank you because your readers reap the benefits of your own health challenges. Your hard work will impact so many lives. Lots of Love and appreciation.”  Vicki L.

Book Review originally published here:…

In It Feels Good to Feel Good, author Cheryl Meyer talks about how to eliminate toxins from your life, how to (hopefully) avoid chronic pain, how to burst stress and get some good night’s sleep. In short, how to live a healthier life. Cheryl Meyer knows what chronic pain is, having suffered through it herself, and wrote this guide because she wished that when she first suffered from chronic pain, a guide like this would be available to her, yet it wasn’t – so, she wrote it herself. All the tips and tricks, guidelines and information she uncovered over the years on how to live with pain, how to diminish your pain, and erase toxins, is all combined in this one book.

The book talks about what is causing your pain, how you can eliminate it, how you can eat healthier and avoid toxins, how to lower your stress levels, how to get a decent amount of sleep. The book is filled with valuable information that will come in handy for anyone, whether you suffer from chronic pain or not. A very valuable resource, marked down in chapters so you can easily go back to the chapters you need or the information you’re looking for.


Oct 19, 2017Jennie Rosenblum rated it it was amazing

The book is broken down into chapters on specific toxins – for example cosmetics, or cleaning supplies or canned goods, or dairy. This made it very easy to stop and start reading and go back and forth between chapters as needed. I have marked several sections to go back and re-read once I am ready for the next step. The author has researched and sourced a lot of information and if you want to read what she did there are 19 pages of end notes and additional resources. She pleasantly wove her own personal story of health throughout the book giving it a nice relatable feeling.

Whether you are a novice or been on this road for a while, this book has something for you. It Feels Good to Feel Good will be staying on my shelf to re-read as I continue to try and be a healthier person.


Aug 27, 2017Claire Perkins rated it it was amazing

What a fantastic book! Full of sensible advice for how to live a healthy life. It’s obvious that the author is passionate about her subject and has a desire to help other people.

Learn how to eliminate toxins from your life, reverse inflammation and feel fantastic -try it for yourself if you aren’t feeling on top of your game. Oh yes, it does work : )

I interviewed Cheryl Meyer for Book Talk Radio Club, you can listen to her fascinating interview here…


Aug 09, 2017John Gins rated it it was amazing
This book is fantastic. It helped me determined how to live a more toxin free life.
I have replaced plastic water bottles with glass and stainless steel.
I am more aware of the amount of meat I have in my diet.
I am reading labels and even not buying products with out labels.
I am voting with my wallet.
I have taken ownership in reducing my stress. And mirroring that to others.
I told my wife that even though I am turning 71, I feel better than I did in my 50’s.
If you want to feel good, please read this book. I have to tell you “It Feels Good to Feel Good”.


Oct 06, 2017Carmel Audsley rated it really liked it

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Removing fast foods and processed foods from our diets to achieve health does require some effort but, as we all know, effort equals gain. Acting as a health muse, the author shares what she learned when dealing with her own pain caused by inflammation. She advises that the body can heal itself if you give it proper nutrients and stay away from chemicals. The information in this book may be enough for you take ownership of your health – no one will do it for you.



It is not just about the toxic food we are eating.  It is also about the toxic cosmetics, toxic over the counter drugs, toxic kitchenware and storage, toxic cleaning supplies, toxic water in our world, and even the toxins of the mind, toxic stress, toxic anxiety, toxic lack of sleep, toxic relationships and toxic lack of movement that impact our biomes and create “dis ease.”  All of this is covered in my book with proactive suggestions to lower the toxic impact.  All these things create inflammation, and therefore create disease.

It is not a daunting task to eliminate the toxins.  When you buy the book, I provide a workbook to use as you read the book.  You print the pages of the workbook that corresponds to the chapter you are reading.  Write down what you find is toxic in your life on the workbook pages.  When you finish the chapter, put these pages into a binder.  This way when you run out of the old toxic item, you have a new nontoxic item to buy and replace it with.

It took me 5 years, but it was worth it.  It’s all about toxic load, so each toxin you replace is one step closer to health.

You need to do this for your own health, the health of your family and the health of our earth.

A quick comment about genes.  We are born with a certain disposition for disease or for health. That map is in our DNA.    However, even with the worst genes, it is now believed that how we live determines whether these genes are turned on or remain turned off. 95% of our genetics is in our microbiome. Cleaning up the toxins, and eating real food are the best things you can do to control your destiny.

These are the eye opening statistics.

  • 53% of our children now have a chronic illness. These are the frightening statistics.  Food can make our children well, but the standard American diet is making them sick as hell.
  • 30% are overweight
  • 16% have learning disabilities
  • 11% of our children have asthma
  • 10% of our children have ADHD
  • 8% of our children have food allergies. There are no statistics on how many of our children have

              food sensitivities

  • 5% of our children have seizures
  • 2% of our males have autism
  • 5% of all our children have autism
  • By the time our children are 5, they can have as many as 7 pounds of chemicals in their little


  • The new statistics state that millennial’s’ health peaks at 27 and then goes downhill.
  • Gen Xers make it until 37 before their health starts to decline.


  • 10% of the population currently has diabetes.
  • 33% of our population is pre-diabetics and will have diabetes in 5 years.
  • 39% of our population has or will get cancer
  • 53 million Americans have autoimmune disease, mostly females. (This includes 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males)


  • We are 37th in the world in health. We spend more on healthcare than any other country in the world. And our system is broken.  Our healthcare system cannot keep up with the expense of the rapid rise of chronic illness in our country.
  • 53% of our children are suffering from a chronic illness. 53%.  Yikes
  • Newborns are being born with more than 287 toxins in their bodies, which they are inheriting from their mothers’ bodies through the umbilical cord. Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.[i]
  • By the time a child is 5, they have eaten 7 pounds of toxins, according to Mark Hymen, MD, a leading functional practitioner. No wonder they are getting ill, their little bodies cannot handle all these toxins.
  • Childhood asthma rose 300% in 40 years (GMO’s exasperate allergies)
  • Childhood leukemia and brain cancer rose 40% in 40 years
  • Millennials health now peaks at 27 and then declines.
  • A Gen X’er makes it all the way to 37. Still totally frightening.
  • American couples dealing with fertility issues rose 20% in 10 years
  • And Boomers, my generation, accept that they should live a life of pain and pills. And they are stuck; they don’t want to change or be “deprived” by giving up what is making them sick.
  • 52% OF ORGANIC BUYERS ARE Millennials
  • Toxins are probably a big part of climate change.
  • Toxins are the reasons that our oceans are dying.

 I believe that toxins are the reason that we are all so sick and now take so many pills.



I went back to school and became a health coach to help others who don’t know what they are looking for to end their pain, and who don’t just want handfuls of pills.

Now I can’t prove that all of this is because of toxins.  But I can tell you that by cleaning up the toxins in my life, I returned to wellness.  So for goodness sake and the sake of your children join me.

Getting sick was a wake-up call for me.  When I started researching I was stunned that the toxins were everywhere.  They were in my food, my clothing, my cosmetics, my drugs, my kitchen, my cleaning supplies, my upholstery, my carpeting.  Literally they were everywhere.

I learned that I can live a relatively toxin free life, and that I can control how many toxins are in my food and in my life.  I have started buying organic and cooking my own food.  I have a plan when I am away from my house to carry my filtered water in stainless steel containers and how to get healthy non-processed food.  I eat REAL food to feed my body.  I have found amazing products in all aspects of my life that have significantly reduced my toxic load.

The most amazing thing is that our incredible bodies WANT TO KEEP US WELL; we just have to give them the building blocks so that they can do that.

Now, let me make a couple things clear.  I am not deprived.  That is the number one question I am asked when I speak to groups about toxins now.  I eat wonderful yummy food.  In fact, I was deprived when I was eating the SAD.  (Standard American Diet).

For many years I didn’t know how bad I actually felt.  When the body gets real nutrients it sings.  I hadn’t felt that way for many years before I got sick.  I didn’t even remember what that felt like until my body started to sing again.

At first I got angry that our government was allowing  companies to poison us.  And with all of the current deregulation, it’s only going to get worse.  An improved economy is going to be the result, long term, for a very sick population.

Having said that, I am not a victim.  We don’t have to be victims.  I want everyone to join me and vote with their dollars.  According to the Institute for Responsible Technology, a 5% shift in buying habits will have impact on all of the industries currently poisoning us.

5%.  We can join together and clean up what we buy to achieve that.

So, my book is a manual of where you can start to get educated.  I share where the toxins are lurking, and what to buy instead when you run out of that old toxic item.  My book shares how to research.  My book has an amazing reference library in the back so that you can continue to own your own health and continue your education.  And I save you all of the trial and error of what products I found and now use.  It’s a jumping off point, and then you can research and fine tune from there.

And yes, you can reverse your inflammation.  You can eliminate your pain.  You can have a marked improvement in your health.

My book is a place to start.  Buy it, and begin educating yourself today.

Get a free sampler of my award winning book It Feels Good to Feel Good here.  It’s really important that you reduce your toxic load little by little.  Take a look at what this book can teach you about toxins.



Start today to eliminate these toxins from your life.  It’s important for your health, for the health of your families and for the health of our planet.

If you stop pouring the “gasoline” of toxins on your fire, the inflammation can go out.  But don’t wait, start today.  If you are sick now it will help you get well.  If you are not sick, start today before you these chronic diseases take hold.

I published this book on inflammation and toxins, as a guide book to help you get well and stay well.

With lifestyle changes and purging the toxins from your life, you can control your destiny.  Each step you take will help you put out the fire of inflammation and help you  feel great again.

You can buy my book on Amazon, or directly from me.

This is the guidebook that I wish I had had when I got sick.

It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel great again.”

It Feels Good to Feel Good, Cheryl Meyer

The paperback book on Amazon is $19.99.

If you buy directly from me, the paperback book is $17.99.  Buy directly from me and save.  I ship “Cheryl Prime” which means, I pay the shipping cost.  *smile*

 You can also buy the Kindle version of my book on Amazon for $9.99.  

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There is a link to my workbook on my Free Stuff page.  This is an invaluable tool to use with the book.  If you don’t buy the book, the workbook will not be of any use to you.  For the workbook, click here.


If you would like to hire me as your experienced tour guide, to help you purge all of these toxins from your body, your food, your cosmetics, your cleaning supplies, your water, and from your mind, contact me and tell me your story.  I will listen and I will hear you.  I am a compassionate health coach, because I have walked in your shoes and I can help you feel great again.

Fill out the form below to ask me questions, or to have me contact you and set up our “tell me your story” session.  I’ll get back to you within 1-3 days to set up a time that works for both of us.


About Cheryl Meyer, aka Cheryl M Health Muse (I am the broccoli in my book art… *smile* and the author)

(Can’t you tell it’s me by the hair and the red lips *smile*)

cheryl colorfinish line_color (2)

Five years ago, Cheryl Meyer discovered she was suffering from inflammation and autoimmune disease.  She didn’t want a life of pain and pills so she actively started researching.  She found a functional MD, actively searched out, purged, and replaced toxins in her life, and returned to wellness.

Thus began an odyssey that culminated in Meyer’s writing the manual she wishes she’d had when she got sick.  In  her award winning book It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel Great Again, Meyer explains toxins are everywhere and impacting our health, the health of our children, and the health of our earth. “It’s all about toxic load. Each toxin that is eliminated is one step closer to health.”  She shares where the toxins are lurking, what to replace them with and how to research the products that you are currently using.

Cheryl Meyer holds a BA from the University of California Berkeley.  She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and received that designation from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition©, in New York City in 2017. She is a self-employed business owner and is a member of Wellness Universe. She has spoken to cancer survivors, stroke survivors, moms who want to raise healthy children, millennial’s that see their aging parents getting sick and want to live a healthier lifestyle.  Cheryl has also participated in 7 summits: Fibromyalgia 12/17, Weight Loss 3/18, Thrive Onward and Upwards with Cancer3/18, and The Healthy Gut Flow Summit 3/18., Living Your Intentions with Joy 4/18, The Healthy Gut Summit, 5/18. Inspired by nature 7/18.

I have also done over 50 podcasts which are mostly available to be listened to on my Media page.

I received my health coach training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in March 2017.


I am available for private coaching, group coaching, and public speaking. I also do corporate “eat and learn” seminars and group seminars.

I help people identify and reverse inflammation giving them relief from their pain through lifestyle change.

My newsletters and blogs will be all about living the good life pain-free without toxins and without deprivation.

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