Cheryl Meyer Bio

Cheryl Meyer suffered from autoimmune disease. She did not want a life of pain and pills.  By eliminating toxins and working with a Functional MD, she reversed her pain.


Cheryl has a BA from UC-Berkeley and is a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Cheryl is an award-winning author, international bestseller, health coach, speaker, local tv host and guest podcaster. Her book, “It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again” has won 13 awards. She published “Daily Victory Journal- Celebrate Your Daily Wins and Practice Gratitude” and her third book, “Feeling Great, Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life”.  Cheryl is a sought-after authority on toxins in our lives for summits and has done 15 summits to date.  She is a contributor to two books: Ignition: Answer Your Calling (Vol Book 1)and  1 Habit for Women Action Takers: Life Changing Habits from the Happiest Achieving Women on the Planet.



Cheryl has been a guest on over 100 podcasts.  She is a frequent contributor to Smart Fem Magazine, Success Champion Magazine. Wellness Universe Blog, and Consumer Health Digest and she writes a monthly article for One Red Shoe, a women’s advocate magazine working towards No Spare Women.

Toxins are everywhere impacting our health. “I want to inspire people to discover where the toxins in their life are now and to eliminate them before they get sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  She adds, “It’s all about toxic load.  Each toxin that is eliminated is one step closer to health.” The toxins are everywhere, in our food, cosmetics, over the counter drugs, cleaning supplies, water, and our heads- chronic stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, toxic relationships and lack of movement.  She is hosting her own local TV show on local public access tv beginning in February 2020 and her own podcast on RHG TV/ Voice America starting in May 2020.  She is passionate to expose what the toxins are doing to our children because 53% of our children are struggling with a chronic condition, and to help others discover what all these toxins are doing to our pets.  She is spreading her message to help people discover why we are so ill and why our health care system is broken, in order to create a better tomorrow.

As a coach, Cheryl specifically works with clients with chronic illness giving them hope and helping them find solutions.

She encourages you to listen to your body and to own your own health. She advocates lifestyle changes that each of us can make to “futureproof” our own health.  Her website is  You can contact her at