Fun videos to get to know me

This video is not of me.  But it is for me and it is for all of you.  For anyone struggling with chronic pain and chronic illness- Reframe what you are going through, live for today and find a new lease on life.  And never give up.  You still have gifts to share, and love to give, and joy to experience, and a mission to fulfill.  This is the most inspiring thing I have seen in years, maybe ever.  Please watch.  And never give up hope.  You are still here for a reason.



I was proud to be a guest on Mommy Talk Live.  Its important for Moms to hear my message.  I am especially worried about our children and all of the toxins going into their bodies from toxic food, processed food, fast food, plastic bottled water, factory farmed meats and dairy, sugar, sugar, sugar, soda and other sugary drinks as well as all of the BPA chemicals that are making little girls develop earlier and could make little boys sterile.  We can change this by cleaning up, buying organic, cooking and teaching our children to grow up as little super heros eating food that will nourish them and make them strong and healthy.  This was an excellant opportunity to tell Moms that the time to clean up is NOW.



Between The Lines

Fun podcast with Corine La Font.  She is in the Carribean.  Wowzie.  Even though she was sick with the flu, we had a great conversation.  I love how she brought up the pages I am talking about in the podcast.





This is my video for the Weight Loss Summit


This video was done by LitBook to go with a review that they did on my book.  Its short and sweet and has great information of what my book is about.


These were done as a preview for my book,  “It Feels Good to Feel Good, available in my store, or on Amazon.

I am all about teaching you to purge the toxins in your food, your cosmetics, your drugs, you kitchen, you body (toxic heavy metals) and in your mind, ANTs (anxious negative thoughts), Stress, Toxic lack of sleep. Toxic lack of Movement and Toxic Relationships.  These are the things causing illness.  I can teach you how to get rid of them permanently from your life to be your healthiest self.













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