Love this.  When I got married, decades ago, I was given a pressure cooker and then a lecture on how to not blow up the house using it.  Ha.  I never ever used it.

So along comes instant Pot.  Easy to use and safe.

My new favorite way to make meals.  So far, I have only done Pork in it, Kahlua Pig by Nom Nom Paleo (brilliant) and then I did Pork roast and Sauerkraut.

For Kahlua pig, You put some garlic into the meat, sea salt it, brown it right in the pot, then add water and walk away. Wowsie.  So easy.  90 minutes later, dinner is ready.  Steam a few veggies and you are ready to go.  Talk about healthy fast food.

I have also done pot roast with potatoes and carrots and onions in it.  Easy and fast.  A great meal.

Pots and Pans

  • Get rid of all of your coated surfaces.   Poison into your body and into your air
  • I threw mine out and am using all stainess steel and 2 cast iron skillets
  • I do have a small and a large enamel coated fry pan that I love.  They have to be replaced about every 8 months because they scratch and then food sticks to them, but they aren’t expensive and have replaced my Teflon coated fry pans.
  • Vitamix

A vitamix is essential.  I use mine several times a day.  Check around for price.  I bought mine from one of the shopping channels.  I use mine so much, I have bought several mixing containers in different sizes.  I make easy fast soups, sauces, breads, smoothies in mine.  Expensive, but you will use it, so it is well worth the expense

  • Cuisinart

Another essential for fast cooking.  Mine is ancient, but again used weekly.  Mincing, chopping, shredding, slicing.  Makes cooking a breeze.

  • Cuisinart mini chop

Another machine I love.  I chop garlic, onions, herbs, in this….so much easier. (I never liked chopping)  I often make small amounts of fresh salad dressing in my mini chop.


I bought a dehydrator when I was in an experimental  raw foods period.  Now that we eat Paleo, I find I rarely use it.  Other than making Kale Chips, I did not use it much. (The Kale Chips were fabulous.)



I have become an affiliate for one more product because I have recommended it to so many people and given it as Christmas presents to family and friends and every one loves it as much as I do.

Since I want you all to cook, having the right pan to do this with makes all the difference.  I own the big fry pan, the little fry pan and the soup pot.  I use the pans over and over again.  They stay on my stove top, washed and ready to go.

 Always Pan in Heat View 1

Yes, I get points if you use my link, but you also get a $20 discount.  Win Win


Affiliate link for always pan

Its my most favorite pan ever and it comes in a slew of colors.  People who follow me on Facebook have responded with how much they love it too.  Give it a try.  And COOK.

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