Where to get fresh organic produce if you don’t have it in your location

I was just on a podcast and didn’t mention that there are some places that deliver organic fruits and veggies now around the country.


Misfits-  If they deliver to your state they deliver everywhere in your state.  You get a list weekly of what is available and you get to tailor your assortment and then you have a day during the week that they deliver to your doorstep.



Imperfect Foods- Not as vast an ordering geographical area but if you do have them available they are similar to Misfits.  They actually deliver to your doorstep by truck, generally in the middle of the night.

Both of these groups have a nice selection.  They buy up things that large grocers waste.  The fruit or veggie might have a hiccup, and not be a normal shape, or have a dent, or something that makes it imperfect.  These are still freshly picked and loaded with phytonutrients and nutrition.  Let your fingers do the walking to see if either of these companies serve your area.


Hungry Harvest is not in my trading area but worth checking out.





Azure Standard markets the products of thousands of farmers and local businesses by providing a one-stop shop for people who have trouble finding organic, naturally produced foods locally. Azure delivers to drop points around most of the country and ships everywhere in the U.S. Go to azurestandard.com for more information.

There are other services that are specific to different geographical areas so look for CSA boxes, or produce or farm delivery in your area when you go onto Google.


Mixed salad leaves with berries, avocado and honey-mustard dressing