Since I have been doing many Summits, I have created several FREE handouts to support everyone’s health.  Click below and download the ones that you would like to have.


To implement you may need help and inspiration.  I do one on one coaching, and my clients will tell you, I am well worth the time we spend together. 


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Schedule your free 25 minute Feel Great Now session with me today. I want to “hear” your biggest health problem and after this powerful session,  You will have a list of positive outcomes you seek for your health, and a renewed sense of energy that you can overcome your health issue.  You will also have a list of 5 action steps that you can do Next to Feel Great again.

If I can help you in this first session, and if you are interested, I can tell you about a program that I have developed that can help you  get the results that you seek.

Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, weight, lack of sleep, lack of energy, I and lead you to solutions. If you are struggling with chronic illness, I can help you reverse the inflammation at the root cause of your illness.

I reversed my own inflammation from autoimmune disease. I will always have the disease, but I no longer have the pain. I went back to school and became a health coach because I am now passionate to help others with what I have learned.

The best part of working with me, is that I guide you to make decisions and changes that are right for you with your input. I am worth the investment of what it would cost to work with me. I can impact your health. I can impact your relationships. You will be inspired to make the sustainable changes you need to make to feel great!


The Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean 15 card


If it is on the dirty dozen side, buy organic.  There are tons of toxins on it after EWG washed and scrubbed it 4 times.


The list of GMO produce.  This had BT Toxin grown right up in it or it is sprayed with Glyphosate which is RoundUp and is now known to cause cancer.  Only buy these items organic.



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And don’t forget to stop by my store and buy my book.  I share where I found the toxins in my life and what I replaced them with.  We all need to start voting with our dollars and start eliminating toxins.  Its important for our health, the health of our families and the life of our planet.




I have made several presentations to local hospitals for cancer survivors. First the cancer patient is attacked by the cancer.  Then they are attacked by the treatment.  They can NOT afford to have toxins in their life.  My book is invaluable to any cancer survivor.

I was proud to be chosen as a speaker in the Thrive Onward and Upwards with Cancer Summit.  This is a link to my free gifts for that Summit.

This is the link to my presentation (recorded via Iphone:



Weightweight loss

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If you want to lose weight shift your focus on learning to eat for your future health.  I teach this in my Ditch the SAD )Standard American Diet, and Stop Eating CRAP class (Carbonated, refined, artificial, processed)  Food.  You will discover how to break the addiction to sugar and to the chemicals in processed food.  Processed food is what comes in a box, what is in the freezer section,  most restaurant food which they now buy in little baggies and warm up and arrange on your plate, and fast food.  I have 2 videos in my blog that I would like you to watch about what BIG FOOD has done to our food.

I will help you to discover to eat the rainbow instead from the farmacy.

This video has my most up to date philosophy about weight loss.

Videos about what Big Food has done to our food.
Information on my two courses

Courses Archives – Cheryl M Health Muse %



WORKbook (only will work for you if you buy my book.)

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I elimininated hundreds of toxins in my journey to get my health back.  If you read my book, I share what I found and what I replaced them with.  My workbook gives you a place to record the old icky toxic products you are using so that when you run out of them, you can replace them with a less toxic product.  Its all about toxic load.  It took me 5 years to clean all of these products out of my life.  Each toxin removed is one step closer to health.


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