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I am a no-nonsense, compassionate speaker, award winning author and health coach, and I inspire others to take control of their own health and be proactive to live long and thrive.  I am an award winning author of “It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again.” (12 awards)

I am passionate to speak to your group about health.

Invite me to speak to your group, your company employees or to participate in your summit.

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Reduce the toxins in your life.

Improve the health of your employees or membership.  corporate speaker big


They can make lifestyle changes that will significantly improve their health and the health of their families.  This leads to fewer sick days and higher productivity.

This link holds all the information that you need to know about me to hire me as a speaker for your group or event:

  • My Speaker One Sheet
  • My bio, short, med and long
  • My photos
  • Questions to ask me
  • Three different powerpoint presentations as examples of what I speak about
  • I also have a series on why Food Quality Matters, which could be 6 classes or condensed into one overview

I teach everyone where the toxins are and what to replace them with to lower their toxic load.

I help people discover why Food Quality Matters.  You become what you eat, and your body needs Real Food.

My focus is on toxins in our world that are making us ill. I am an autoimmune disease and chronic pain survivor.

My talks help people live healthier lives.

teach people not to need medicine


I am on a mission to help people clean up their toxic load, whether they currently suffer from chronic pain, or are currently healthy and want to stay that way. I have spoken to cancer survivors; stroke survivors, corporate lunch and learns, and church groups. I am a compassionate coach that can guide you back to health.  I believe that toxins are one of the reasons that our healthcare system is broken and our insurance has become so expensive.

My speaking style is energetic, informative, powerful and eye opening. I push limits, thinking and beliefs to encourage others to have major breakthroughs in how they eat and live.

My book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and feel great again was published April 2017. It has now won 12 awards .

I have also done 8 summits to date and I love the opportunity to educate on a variety of topics regarding toxins.

Topics that I love to speak about:

  • Future Proof your Health-  12 things to start doing today
  • Food Quality Matters-Breaking the Confusion About Food.  What SHOULD we be eating for our health and our families health?
  • If Only I Had Wonder Woman’s Super Powers, Fighting Dr. Poison and the Duke of Deception. Where are the Poisons and Toxins in our Lives?  What Can We Replace Them  With?
  •  The Top 15 DECEPTIONS We Have Been Told About Health.
  • Lose Weight Without Dieting-Count Chemicals Not Calories
  • 20 Hidden Signs of inflammation:  You are not as Healthy as  You Think 
  • Toxic Stress- Simple Exercises to Significantly Reduce it.  Short exercises You Can Use on the Spot.

I am also fluent on the following subjects:

  • Medicine is not health care.  Food is health care.  Medicine is sick care.  Its time we all see it for what it is.
  • Leaky gut and how it leads to inflammation and disease
  • Organic vs conventional vs GMO veggies and fruits
  • Sugar Blues: how to do a sugar detox.  Get the sugar out of your diet.  Sugar is addictive, and a major influence in chronic disease and “leaky” gut. Includes information on drinking soda and diet soda
  • Our drinking water, tips to clean it up
  • The perils of dairy
  • Meat or no meat, and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Sensitivities vs allergies, and how them impact our health
  • BPA, canned goods, tomato products, cooking oils
  • Keeping a “green” home and cleaning up toxic tools, food storage, cooking pots and pans, cleaning solutions, cleaning supplies
  • Toxins in Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Toxins in our medicine cabinet and what natural supplements to use instead of over the counter drugs
  • Toxic ANTs (anxious negative thoughts)
  • Toxic lack of sleep
  • Toxic relationships
  • Toxic lack of movement

 I have a 6 part series of 1 hour classes on Food Quality Matters, which can become a 12 part series of 30 minute classes.  This class will teach everyone what they need to know to navigate what the heck to eat in todays world.

I have 25 years of experience in retail management and I am an entrepreneur in my own jewelry and health coaching businesses . I have a BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley and am a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, graduating in 2017. My book It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxnis, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again has won 12 awards.  I was recently featured in an International Best Seller, Ignitions, by Farookh Sensei.  I am one of 26 world changers highlighted in his book.  I was also recently featured as an influencer  in LA Voyager Magazine Dec 2018.




What hosts are saying about me:



Hello!  My name is Linda Diane Wattley, the host of the Truth Will Set You Free Show.  I had the honor of interviewing Cheryl Meyer on my show and I have to tell you, I want her to come back because she was such a great guest.  So much was learned about improving your health and wellness.  She shared her journey and wisdom in such a way, you will see and do things differently when it comes to what you put in your body.  Cheryl keeps it simple and she also lets you know you are in charge of the future of your body.  Excellent interview! Linda Diane Wattley
Seasonal Solidarity #3 (LinkedIn specs)

Cheryl Meyer “Healthmuse” is  a real gem and passionate about wellness and educating everyone on inflammation and how to feel better.Her book It Feels Good To Feel Good, reverse inflammation is Amazing and my #1 Go to Resource for managing autoimmune conditions.  Cheryl has appeared on my talkshow The Pain Free Zone and telesummit and I was astounded by her knowledge and expertise on Nutrition. She understands first hand the challenges of living with an autoimmune condition and is very approachable, helpful, warm and engaging. She practice what she preaches on Nutrition and Wellness and her message is all about Health 4 Life and adding Life to Your Years and not just Years to Your Life !  I am blessed to have met her. Necie Edwards

2/8/18  Thrive Onward and Upwards with Cancer Telesummit
cheryl erin cancer

Cheryl Meyer was an extraordinary contributor to my “Thrive Onward And Upward With Cancer: Instantly Boost Your Quality Of Life!” telesummit this past February-March 2018. Cheryl brought tremendous knowledge, insight, and wisdom to the conversation that was brilliant and very much needed. Interviewing Cheryl was a pleasure and she worked very hard at promoting the entire Summit before, during, and after it’s launch. I look forward to collaborating on future projects with Cheryl. She is just as personal as she is professional. I highly recommend Cheryl and everyone benefits by knowing her.  Erin Ley


The Art of Weight Loss Coachingmy photo for the art of weight loss summit.



Our academy had over 300 applications to be in our summit. When we read and saw Cheryl Meyer there was no question she would be chosen.  Her presentation was professional and very informative.  She was widely accepted as one of the best speakers having over 5,000 views.  I have had a successful health coaching practice for 30 years.  Cheryl is a incredible contribution in this health care industry   It has been my pleasure to get to know her and hopefully have her in my next summit.


Barbara Crosby MSW…CHC …CHP…

3/16/18  Between the lines

Review by Corine (1)

17 July 2018  Podcast 5/24/18
Dear Leaders,
It gives me great pleasure to testify that my association with Ms. Cheryl
Meyers has been nothing short of remarkable. Her spirit, willingness to
deliver and above all her commitment to helping others are traits that I
admire and endorse.
Ms. Meyers first appeared on my Online Television program called Ignition.
This is a program that focuses on achievers making an appearance to talk
about their challenges, how they overcame them and what they
currently do to help others overcome similar or other challenges. The
program is designed to inspire, motivate, encourage and elevate others
into achieving their dreams and goals.
Needless to say, Ms. Meyers touched and inspired viewers with her
infectious spirit and her commitment to helping others lead healthier and
wholesome lives. She was later chosen to write an article for a book I will
soon publish, provisionally titled “Answering the Call”. In it Ms. Meyers has
again written an inspiring piece that can only be as a result of the passion
and drive.
I recommend and endorse any project she may want to undertake.
Dr. Farookh Sensei
Director and Chief Leadership & Results Coach

5/17/18 The Conscious Crafthannah and alysse 2

“I have known Cheryl for a couple of years through our time together at nutrition school and always felt inspired by her passion and determination to make this world a better place. Because of that, it was an easy decision to ask her to be a part of our podcast to teach our listeners about toxins. My business partner and I knew that Cheryl is a wealth of information, but we were both blown away by all of the solid, well-researched information that she presented on our podcast. She was funny, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable with all of the information she was passing along to our listeners. We received amazing feedback from that podcast! So many of our listeners were shocked by all of the different areas that we find toxins in, as Cheryl was so eloquently explaining to us.  When it comes to toxins and all of the nitty-gritty details behind these little monsters, Cheryl is the ultimate resource of knowledge. She is definitely an inspiration to all of us and we’d have her back on our podcast in a heartbeat!” 
Alyssa Glaser Partner with Hannah Holiday
inspired by nature me
I just received a message from one of my lovely audience-Amanda, and would like to share with you. 
She said “I loved Cheryl’s interview. An amazing inspiring lady who profoundly reminded me of the intelligence and wisdom of my body. Taking the time to listen and nurture. So very important today!!!! “
Once again, thank you Cheryl for sharing such beautiful and inspiring message in my summit.
Jianmin Wu



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Live Speaking Events

6/21/17   7/12/17 I have spoken twice to Cancer Survivors at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.

8/3/17  lunch and learn at Mark Tolan and Associates.

8/9/17    lunch and learn to the clients of Mark Tolan and Associates.

9/27/17   lunch and learn at Holy Name of Mary Church

12/13/17  Stroke Survivors at Arcadia Methodist Hospital, and will be returning in 2018.

2/22/18  Stroke victims  California Mission Inn

6/14/18  Fresh Inspirations a womans speaking event in Burbank, CA

8/14/18 Natural Grocers Sedona, Arizona, toxins and 20 steps to healthy living

9/30/18 Food Quality Matters First Congressional Church of Long Beach


Seasonal Solidarity #3 (LinkedIn specs)

12/13/17  The Pain Free Zone with Necie Edwards On Fibromyalgia

cancer symposium

2/1/18  Onwards and Upwards with Cancer  Erin Ley

Healthy Gut Flow Summit

2/17/18  The Healthy Gut Guide Summit

The art of weight loss coaching entire even 2t

3/6/18 The Art of Weight Loss  Barbara Crosby






cheryl, living your intentions

4/15/18 Living Your Intentions in Joy and Abundance  Brendah

gut guide 1

5/21/18 Gut Guide Summit  Rosanna Lincecum

Inspired by nature

7/25/18  Inspired by Nature Summit with Jiamin  Wu

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