The Master Sages that helped with my website


Danea is a joy to work with and very patient. Very prompt.  Very helpful.  I wanted a website that would reflect me, and that I could learn to make my own changes on.  She has been a lifesaver.  Highly recommended.

Danea will often send me “cheat sheet” with how to do things.  When we work together, it makes prefect sense, but often I can’t go in and do it right away so when I have the time, yikes, I dont’ remember.  Danea sends me step by steps.

I have no patience to wait to do things that I want to do, so learning how to do it myself is priceless.


  • Michael Kluch  626-482-9476  Michael Kluch <>

Michael is a peach.  Ends up we have people in common in our lives.  He was relaxed and easy and made me very comfortable for my shoot.  We did the shoot in a studio in DT LA.  Very talented and a super good guy.  He actually made me look good.  I am grateful.  Many photos over the course of my life catch me with geeky faces.  We got dozens of great shots.

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