Stop the treadmill. Lose Your Weight Without Dieting. In fact, never DIET again. WEIGHT LOSS

Don’t eat to lose weight, eat to get healthy.

Benefits of this approach
Your body will start to feel so much better.
You will be happier
You will have more energy
Your aches and pains will begin to disappear
Your inflammation is lowered
If you have chronic disease, heart disease, or cancer you will be supporting your body to fight the disease
You will be improving your immune system and ward off viruses and the cold and flu
Your skin will improve dramatically (beauty is an inside job)
Your body will begin to return to balance, your liver will heal, your lungs will get stronger, your heart will get healthier
Your brain will function better and you will have more acuity
And Ta Dah You will start to drop the weight. Like magic.
No more diet books,
No more diets,
No more counting calories,
No more counting points.
No more last suppers the night before you start a diet,
No more failures,
No more losing the pounds and then gaining it all back plus 10 or 20 more.
No more beating yourself up that you don’t have willpower.
No more putting a hold on your life because you want to lose 10, 20 or 30 pounds before you put yourself out there.
No more beating yourself up, period.
To lose the weight your body needs to start functioning the way it was designed to function. It needs to be healthy inside there. When your body is functioning properly the weight begins to drop because you don’t need it and your body will shed it.
If you are overweight, you are starving your body. Weird comment, right? I didn’t make sense of this when I first read it either. Now I understand….. if you are overweight, you are not feeding your body enough phytonutrients to function correctly so it holds on to what little it gets from the fast and processed food you are feeding it.
My philosophy on weight….. very different from what you have previously been told.

People ask me if I am deprived because I eat so healthy now.

Heck no. I feel so fantastic, I don’t intend to every go back to eating all that (excuse my language) crap again. It doesn’t even taste good if I try just a bite.
I was deprived when I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live because of my weight.
I was deprived when I felt really lousy and had gerd.
I was deprived when I woke up in the morning with pain, brain fog, was tired all the time.
I was deprived when I was popping over the counter pain killers (all the time) and they have a down side for your body too.
And I have learned how to make yummy healthier versions of things. I am still a foodie. They are just not everyday treats and frankly I don’t want them every day.
I made this tape many months ago, but my philosophy remains the same.
A couple of updates
I am still detoxing the mold in my body, but all of a sudden my body has decided to drop another 10 pounds. I am not “dieting”, I am still eating the rainbow and eating for health. And I have lost the chronic pain I had from my autoimmune disease by eating the rainbow.

I am now down 55 pounds without dieting.

Food can make you well or Food can make you sick as hell.

Do you want to be the little old woman from Pasadena?  Or do you want to be Wonder Woman?  Eat real organic food and feel the difference.

My first book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again has now won 15 awards. I also have a second book, Feeling Good, Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life that has now won 5 awards since it was published in May 2020.
There was so much I didn’t understand about food, toxins, and phytonutrients when I got sick 9 years ago, I am a perfect person to coach you through the process. I have walked in your shoes. I have felt your pain.
If you are ready to stop DIETING and eat for HEALTH and would like a coach to help you navigate the minefield of food, hire me to be your coach. The first appointment is FREE. I want to hear your story. Then we can put a plan together so that you have clear goals that you set, and how to reach them. As your coach, I am there to guide you when you hire me and to inspire you to stay on track.
It doesn’t happen overnight, but when the weight drops it’s gone. And you will start to feel SO GOOD, you won’t want to go back.

This weight loss is forever…. The health will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Email me for an appointment Or call me 626 399 2304.

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