Avocados, do you know how to buy them to get a perfect avocado every time?


How many avocados have you purchased, and then they were too hard when you bought them, and you go to use them, and now they are too ripe to use?
For me, It has been scores. And I hate it.
This is another tale about why you should take my FOOD QUALITY MATTERS How to get more for your organic buck class.
I bought 4 perfect avocados at the grocer yesterday so that I could make guacamole and we had taco salad last night.
And I bought 4 perfect avocados yesterday using my new found knowledge about what to look for. I used 3, and I have 1 more for today.
I wasn’t sure if they were going to be perfect or not. It was the first time I was utilizing all the tips I found. But they couldn’t have been more perfect.
There are some things to look for that make all the difference. There are some things to know about storage that will allow you to take a hockey puck of an avocado and make it perfect. I didn’t have time for that yesterday, it had to be right and ready to eat when I came in the door.
In the past, I have often bought hockey puck avocados and when I go to use them they are past their prime, so off to the garbage can they went. No more.
I have gathered this information on most of the popular fruits and veggies that we eat. I share this information in classes 8 and 9 for veggies and 10 and 11 for fruits.
When in season?
Where to buy?
How to store?
How long it will last?
How to pick out the very best one, or not buy it at all?
How many toxins on it, whether it really must be organic?
How to wash?
How to clean?
Does it have hiding bacteria or bugs?
How long it will last?
How to store it?
What not to put it near?
Can it be frozen?
When to repurpose it and how to repurpose it?
What vitamins and minerals are in it? What phytonutrients? How much protein does it have?
In the case of an avocado, we all know they are super good for us, so good that we should be eating one every day. Now I have a much better idea how to make that happen, and how not to be throwing them all into the can.
You will never look at food the same way again. I found answers to all the things that I wanted to know about my food and didn’t know who to ask.
It’s a game changer.
I can’t tell you the joy I felt in making perfect guac from perfect avocados last night. I will hopefully never throw away another ever.
Join me. The class begins May 24 and is packed with valuable information that will help you with your new healthy lifestyle and it will save you money because you will have a better idea of what you are buying.


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