Why Ditch the SAD (Standard American Diet) and Eat the Rainbow For Your Health

I made these WHY cards to help people stay the course once they understand that they have some control over their own health conditions.

Some people will do it just to be healthy long term, but most of us get sick and tired of being sick and tired before we change.

My why cards are for you to place on your fridge and your bathroom mirror to read each morning during the period when you are committing to change, to change your diet, to eat all the colors, to return to wellness.

My why was I got autoimmune disease and with it, I got tremendous pain.  I refused to live a life in bed with pain and on pills, so I dug in.

Today, 9 years later, I still have autoimmune disease but I no longer have pain, and this is huge.  Now I want to help other discover that power we have over our health, and how to do it.

My first course on ditching the sugar and the processed food has been amazingly successful.  I  will be offering that class again in August.

I am about to roll out my course on Why Food Quality Matters, and how to get the biggest BAND for your buck.

This class is to go on an adventure with me on why its important to eat organic, where to find quality food, how to shop in season, how to cut down on food waste, how to pick the best fruit and vegetable, how many toxins are on it if its not organic, how to store it so that it lasts, what the gifts of that food are for the body, and then to share the wonders of the most prominent phytonutrients and what gifts they have for out bodies.

The place to start it still with you WHY?  If you understand your WHY you will have the motivation to learn all of this.  Food can HEAL or Food can KILL.  I want you to understand why what you feed your body and your family makes an enormous difference to your future health and even to the health of our planet.

These cards are a little fuzzy to read on here, but individually they are very clear, so if you would like any of these to encourage you to begin to clean up your diet, write to me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com and let me know which card you would like.I will email it to you and it will be much clearer.  And if you don’t see your WHY, let me know and I will make a card for you.

I just did a podcast on depression, so I need to make a WHY card for that.  Food directly impacts mood, you are what you eat, well you are also what your gut bacteria get to eat, and they send a signal up your vagus nerve to your brain this impacts your mood.

I have why cards on the following:

Inflammation (which was my issue and it is the root cause of autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease, indigestion, skin issues, mood and more)

Wanting to raise healthy children, wanting to reverse chronic illness in children (53% of our children have a chronic illness) and wanting to feed them for THEIR future health

Skin issues, acne, psoriasis, eczema, aging all impacted by diet.

Fatty Liver and Heart disease, as goes the liver goes the heart.  Fatty liver is the #1 cause of heart disease, even more than smoking.  Big Why if that is your issue.

Losing weight, this is a major one for many in America and it certainly was for me.  You will NOT permanently lose the weight until you learn to harness real whole toxin free food, and when you do its a life changer.  This is what my Ditch the SAD class is about, but that class is also about refinding your health and keeping it into your future.

If you have digestive issues, I need to do a Why Card for you.  Eating organic fruits and vegetables is the first stepping stone to correct discomfort in your gut, its eating an alkaline diet, and can be the miracle to return your gut to balance.  Gut issues can be more complicated, but starting here is crucial.

You might just want to feel better, have a clearer mind, and to feel great with more energy.  There is a why card for that.

You might want to slow the aging process.  There is a why card for that.

Or you want to look great, and improve your self esteem. There is a why card for that, and Food directly impacts how you look and express yourself.

Whatever your why is, write to me and I will send you your card.

And consider taking my two classes.  My ditch the sad class will run again in August.  Read the testimonials of people who have taken this class, and it will blow you away.  It works. And get more information about that class here

Ditch Your Diet Program Run Quarterly Class Description – Cheryl M Health Muse

And now my new class on How to Eat Organic and Save is even more mind boggling.  This class will have its maiden voyage starting on May 24  and you can read all about it here.


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