We are off tomorrow on an adventure…..

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What a wonderful ride I am on…..  Life is good!

I would never have imagined 5 years ago, when I got sick with autoimmune disease  and hurt all over, and then broke up from a long term relationship, that life could be this good.Sec5Ch4_LackofSleep


So much has happened in 5 years.  I met and married a wonderful man who I was truly supposed to live my life with.  He is always supportive and just wants me to be happy.  John is smart, helpful, adoring, kind and fun.  And he is technically savvy.  Bingo.  I hit the jackpot.


And, It DOES Feel Good to Feel Good…..I have learned so much and turned my health around.  Writing my book was a triumph for me.

And, I am proof that  you don’t need to accept that you hurt or don’t have energy.  You can take hold of your health and turn it around.

Tomorrow, John and I are leaving on a fabulous trip to Europe.

First stop…. london

In London, I get to go see the entire jewelry collection that is at the Victoria and Albert museum.  Since most of my life has been designing jewelry.  This will be a thrill.

And we are staying close to Harrods, so I get to see one of the most famous stores in the world.  A throw back to my department store retail management days.  Again, a thrill.

There are two other delights for our time in London and England.

First of all, we have a car that is going to take us to Bath.   I am an Engish lit major, so all of the characters in the famous novels ALWAYS went to Bath.  It looks like an amazing city and will be a thrill to see it first hand.



Then on to Stonehedge….they still can not comprehend how primitive peoples moved those huge rocks as far as 20-150 miles without the invention of the wheel 2000-4000 years ago, before written language, so no records.  They  now think, at times, people were sacrificed there.  Many animals, some from as far away as Scotland were sacrificed there.  And the way they are set is also a mystery in terms of how the rocks work with the sun.  Fascinating.  I look forward to “feeling” the energy of this astonishing place.

The other exciting thing happening in London is that I am doing a podcast from the library of our hotel on August 22.  Wowzie.  I am excited.  We are doing the podcast at 11 AM British time, but once it is done, you can listen by hitting this photo below.book talk radio

Claire Perkins Harris will be interviewing me all about my book. She loves to help Indie Writers.  And, she has 50,000 followers.  SInce I have a message that I want to reach the world, this is an amazing opportunity.
The interview is at 11 AM BST. BST is British summer time and it is 8 hours ahead of PST, 5 hours ahead of EST. You can click the Book Talk Radio photo above or below and listen while it is happening, or any time after it is completed.
Of course we will do other museums and the normal touristy things while we are there as well.

Then on Thursday, we zip through the tube to Paris, only spend one night and jump on a train to meet friends in Chartes.



We are going to do 3 castles, spend the night and then head south in their car to their home in a little village in the country.


My friends have a summer house in Auzon


I will actually get to see a little slice of French life.  How they shop every morning for their veggies grown without pesticides, and their meats that are naturally raised in pastures.  This will be an adventure of French living in a less toxic world.

I will blog about all of this when I return home.  What fun all of this will be.

Then after 4 days at our friends home, we are back on a train for Paris.

I have never been to Paris,  and can’t wait.  All of my favorite authors spent time in Paris, Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Saul Bellow, Emerson,Washington Irving, Allen Ginsberg, Sinclair Lewis, Norman Mailer, Danielle Steele, Mark Twain  Anis Nin, Henry Miller and Famous artists- Picasso, Monet, Renoir, Matisse all painted there, as well as other incredible painters.  Its a mecca of creativity and love.

My lesson in life.  The only person that stood in my way of doing what I wanted in my life was me.  And fear was my nemisis.

You too can have a healthy magical life.  Let me inspire you to get there.

When I return, Sept 9, I will be available for coaching.  The first hour is FREE.  You can tell me your story, and I will listen to you.  Then you can decide if you can work with me, and I can decide if I can help you.  It could be about autoimmune disease, it could be about any health issue, it could be about stress or lack of sleep,  it could be about weight loss, it could be about a toxic relationship,

It could be about anything that is not allowing you to be the best that you can possibly be. 

I want you to have a magical life.


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Hugs, Cheryl  Thanks for being awesome.


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