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I discovered Branch Basics 3 years ago when I was looking for a “clean” cleaning solution that was chemical free. It was an amazing product, replaced all of my toxic solutions, did my laundry, washed my dishes, cleaned my kitchen and bathroom sinks and counters, and even my linoleum floors and to boot, I could wash my mirrors and windows with it.

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Those of you who have heard me speak, know that cleaning supplies and laundry and dishwasher soaps are amongst the most toxic things we use in our houses.

This amazing product solved the need for any of those nasty products I had previously been using. Even people with asthma, skin issues like eczema, and the very chemically sensitive could use this product without reacting.

Then all of a sudden it was gone.

I was devastated that it wasn’t available.

I love this product so much, I wrote about it in my book “It Feels Good to Feel Good” even though, at the time my book went to press, it wasn’t available on the market because they found out there were synthetic ingredients in the proprietary formula. I commented that they were reformulating it and that it would soon be available once again. I wanted you all to know that such a product existed.

I wrote to the company and offered my encouragement.

When I wrote the book, I wanted my readers to know about the product, and I wanted to follow this team until they reintroduced their new improved version.

I was chosen to be a beta tester when their new formula was ready, and I LOVE IT ( I really. really love it).

I think it is as good or better than the original, and I absolutely loved the original.

We have a new winner!!!

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These were their priorities for the new product. They are my kind of people.

“Our priority was to create a safe, versatile and effective home and body cleaner that doesn’t irritate the skin, eyes, or lungs. We began by asking formulators to make a pure soap that would be fragrance-free, leave no odor or residue, remove stains, cut grease, and not irritate. And, of course, matching performance with our original product was critical. So, in a nutshell, we wanted the formula to:

• Contain all known-to-be-safe ingredients

• Be plant and mineral based

• Contain ingredients rated a “1” by the EWG

Be Non-GMO

• Cause no irritation to the eyes, skin or lungs

• Stay clear when mixed with tap water

• Officially qualify as “fragrance-free”

• Be an all-purpose cleaner that cuts grease and removes residues

• Leave no residual odor that lingers after application

• Have a safe, natural preservative to assure the stability of the formula

• Be free of alcohol or alcohol ethoxylate surfactants

• Be affordable for our customers”

You can get a list of the ingredients in this product here:


I don’t normally use this adjective to discuss cleaning ingredients, but what this company used is nothing short of “beautiful”.

The new formula is available as of today. YIPPEE, and I want to share with you what went into the development of this product so that you understand why I want you all to try it today. (You will thank me *smile*, really you will.)

What did I do as a tester? I washed my clothes with the Branch and their new boost, I washed my dishes . (My test was on eggs which soaked and then slid right off the plate). I cleaned my tempered glass stove top which is a royal pain to clean, no problem with Branch. We washed our counters, we cleaned our floor. The product is in one word “Perfection”.

You know I have a call of action to

. “be an army of one and vote with your dollars”

Arty, an army of one to beat toxins

This is a product that I want you to support with your dollars.

Most cleaning supplies won’t even disclose what is in them, and since they are not regulated and they won’t disclose, trust me its not pretty.

Buy Branch Basics by clicking below


I recommend you buy the grouping with the oxigen boost. Its amazing too!

Lets support this company that is totally transparent and has created an amazing product.

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